Alias: welcome to Camelot daily news. Today I Alias Shot and Page Rabidly will be reporting this week’s news. Over to you Page with the latest weather forecast. Page: thank you Alias, the forecast for today will be sunny until the afternoon when It will become slightly cloudy In the south but for the rest of England It will stay warm. Back to you Alias. Alias: as many of you have heard there has been some astonishing news reports of a women found dead floating on a boat through the river of Camelot.

We do not know how she died or the exact place but for some more information on this incident with eyewitnesses from the actual scene, onto you Ihram. Ihram: I am currently reporting from the scene of where this tragedy had occurred. There are many police officers, as you can see, who are investigating into this matter, but for now the cause of her death remains a mystery. She was confirmed dead yesterday morning at 10:46 and was 21 years old when she died.

We have who is said to be the first eyewitness spotting the lady of Shallot’, Hallmark Abraham. Hallmark: I was walking down the river bank when saw a pale woman with red, curly hair floating peacefully In the water. At first you couldn’t tell she had died but there was a sudden rush of villagers encircling the boat she was lying In and It was then I had realized. This fatal incident gave me a terrible shock as all that time I had Just been walking; there was a person who had died floating close by me.

Ihram: thank you Hallmark, this has been quite an interesting account of what had happened. So are you telling me you hadn’t realized she had died until other villagers found out before you? Hallmark: yes, and I am certain it was one of those knights arm… Sir Lancelot was one of the main people who had lifted the body out of the boat. Ihram: well… We actually have one of the knights, Sir Lancelot here with us today. Could you tell us your observations of what happened?

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Euglena: in my view, I saw the villagers crowding around something, so I went go check It out and see if they needed any help from me. But as went there, I saw a dreadful thing had occurred, a lady was Just there, dead lying on a boat. I picked her up, gently and laid her on the riverbank, she had a very beautiful face, Indeed, but the question everyone Is asking Is where had she comes from and ho was she? Ihram: well… We are trying to find out exactly that. As you can see, her name is written on the side of the boat, the lady of shallot.

Do you know where she might have lived? Euglena: there is said to be a castle near the edge of the far end of the river, and many people said they have heard a voice singing from near there, could it be the voice of this beautiful maiden. Ihram: it could possibly be her voice, but we will get a new update on that later on in this week hopefully but now for the last witness, Ezra Dad, aged 7, who is the next predicted eye witness. Would you like to tell us about what happened on this day? Ezra: well… As playing with my friends when I saw a very pretty lady lying down Inside a boat. Her face was really white but I couldn’t see her properly but she looked Like she was sleeping. Me and my friends went to go wake her up, but she wouldn’t. I got really scared so I ran home to tell my mummy, but she TLD believe me. Then I went back to see what had happened but all the people from the village ran to the river bank and gathered up but she wouldn’t wake up? Ezra: no, I didn’t know then, I thought she was really red and didn’t want to wake up.

Ihram: thank you Ezra, now back to you Page and Alias at the studio. Page: well, this is a really different and outstanding headline compared to all the other news we have delivered to you. Many of you villagers are scared now as we do not the cause of her death but hopefully this was a one-off thing and will not happen to any of you out there, but we wish they get to the bottom of this investigation. Alias: That’s it for today and we will be back at am tomorrow, when we have new updates of the tragedy occurring yesterday.


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