Newspaper Topics and Study Guide. The Wall Street Journal BY statutorily Newspaper Topics and Study Guide for Chi. 26-28 Test Chi. 26 (White) Chi. 28 (red) Suggested Title: The Wall Street Journal or The London Times Topics to be covered: advancements in shipping, “annihilation of time and space,” effects of chemical dye industry on India, the boom bust cycle of world trade, Britain’s control of world finances by 1900, and improvements in cities. Suggested editorials: written by a textile worker in India, a mayor of a city praising improvements in his city.

Suggested Title: Ladies Home Journal Topics to be covered: Victorian morality, “separate spheres” of men and women, the middle class and servants, women and teaching, women and reform movements, Emma Goldman Suggested editorials: a woman seeking to ban alcohol, or prostitution, one from Suggested Title: Eel Mound or the Parisian Post Topics to be covered: labor union movement, workers and the political system, socialism and Karl Marx, nationalism and the realignment of borders, Bismarck plan to unite Germany, problems in Britain, why nationalism failed in Austria and Russia,

Tsar Alexander II Suggested editorials: one from Karl Marx and one from Bismarck or Tsar Alexander II Suggested Title: The Tokyo Times Topics to be covered: loss of Russians in Russo-Japanese war, “self-strengthening movement” in China, Outgas Japan (role of shoguns, closing to foreigners, commodore Perry) Meijer Japan (reforms, imitation of the West, Meijer Oligarchs, Oratorio’s plan for imperialism, the Boxer Uprising


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