Build, fuel and accelerate the power of the Nikkei portfolio by creating innovative, “must have” and sustainable products, building deep personal consumer connections, and delivering compelling consumer experiences at retail and online. Strengths: Opportunities: Strong global brand equity Proven market leader Unmatched brand visibility Innovative and compelling products Authenticity Ability and meaner to focus Divestiture of Umber and Cole Han Leader in sustainability

Reduce negative impact of manufacturing on the environment and communities Expand on differentiated product lines Niche retail stores, e. G. Nikkei Running in NYC Migrate from mature to young markets Capitalize on global target consumers BRICE long term market growth Upcoming major sporting events e. G. World Cup and the Olympics Direct to consumer sales Online and Nikkei stores Complementary technology products Data analytical products e. G. Fleabane, Nikkei+ weaknesses. Lack AT expertise In new markets Ana technology E. G o . S Atwater technology flop Slow response to market volatility Over expansion into differentiated products Dilution of brand Market saturation Threats: Competitor entrance E. G. Under Armor “l Will” campaign Macroeconomic slowdown Product centralization Athlete reputation challenges Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, A-Rod Section 1: Nick Bazaar, Jesse Lambert, Jorge Magna, Car McKenna, Jan Tomahawks, Karen Ghana Study Group


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