The student should prepare a clear and detailed description of an organization of their choice. SQ (B) Based on the organization you have chosen in question 1 the student should prepare a comprehensive SOOT analysis of the organization to include examples . An introduction and conclusion should also be included . SQ (C) Based on the organization you have selected in IQ the student should prepare a comprehensive PEST analysis of the organization to include examples . Introduction and conclusion should also be included . This is my completed assignment 1 could you please review my work and see if it is a tankard to pass assignment one thank you 1 1 nee student snouts prepare a clear Ana telltale ascription AT an organization (company) of their choice, or one there are familiar with. This would include: a. What the organization does b. What the main functions/departments c. An overview of each function d.

An Organizational Chart (IQ(A)The organization I have chosen is Nikkei which is an American multinational corporation which is based in many countries all over the world such as America and in Ireland. Nikkei is engaged in the design, development and worldwide marketing and ailing of footwear and sports equipment and apparel . Nikkei is a global brand which is trying to become dominate in the sportswear market and is constantly designing new products for the sports market . B) Nikkei is made up of different departments which influences the success of the company these include are Human resources, Production, Information Technology. The role of Human resources in Nikkei and other companies is to cover the area of recruitment and provide training to puppies current employees also HER looks after employees relations . Len a large global company as Nikkei HER directors and HER managers may head up different departments that are each led by functional or specialized HER staff such as the training manager, the compensation manager and the recruiting manager.

Human Resources staff members are advocates for both the company and the people who work in the company. Consequently a good HER professional performs a constant balancing act to meet both needs successfully. The role of information technology is crucial in the Nikkei Company as the role of IT is significant in the company to maximize its commercial advantage by making the optimal use of IT tools also using IT helps increase the productivity in a business as

IT applications such as computer aided designing and word processing and other software programmer helps increase the level of productivity in companies such as Nikkei and other companies’-commerce has became increasingly popular in the 20th century and also has improved Nikkei income due customers being able to buy products online without the hassle of going to stores and the cost of transport is reduced also companies benefit as the cost of labor and document preparation is reduced .

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The level of Production In a company is key to success example Nikkei to improve the umber of stock which is available to be sold which inurn leads to more sales . Production managers are key to the level of production necessary for the company to succeed . The responsibilities of Production managers include reducing ten cost AT ten Item Ana Improve ten proactively level AT ten workers Dye training workers to maximize their workload for this to work the production manager has to keep workers morale high by building team sprit .

The manager in this area is also responsibly for cutting down the cost of material prices and forecasting the accurate amount of production which is needed for the company . Pick] The company I have decided to do my SOOT analysis is on Nikkei which is a global company based in Oregon in America . A SOOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses/limitations, opportunities, and threats involved in a business . T involves specifying the objective of the business venture and identifying the external and internal that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. In Nikkei SOOT is used in the marketing of the company to build detailed profiles of competitors in the market focusing on their relative strengths and weaknesses . Marketing mangers analysis each competitor such as Ideas and their cost structure and sources of profit and their resources available and other factors.

Nikkei as many strengths such as it is a brand which is known all over the world if you go anywhere in the world with the Nikkei symbol and people would recognize it which is successful due to the hard work that the marketing department do. Also Nikkei is also great at expanding their products as when Nikkei was set up it started selling sneakers now it is a dominant force in the sportswear apparel . Nikkei also has a strong grip in the Athletic world and are constantly pondering celebrities to wear their products such as Tiger woods in Golf and Rafael Nodal in Tennis this shows Nikkei are emerging as key suppliers in many sports around the world.

Nikkei is large company which is successful but also has its weaknesses such as they fail to improve working conditions for employees in many third world countries such as Vietnam by doing this and paying low wages and producing the products at a lower price Nikkei gains a bad reputation as many believe Nikkei is exploiting employees in terms of pay and working hours . Another issue with Nikkei is its high prices which their competitors are doing for cheaper which meaner

Nikkei must rely more on the quality of the product and due to their prices rules out many costumers due to lack of money from the global recession which is affecting the worlds population trying to Dread Into more sports Nikkei Is Increasing Its production cost and could lead to loss in profit in many sports such as cricket which its popularity isn’t great in many countries apart from England and Australia . Although Nikkei has its weaknesses in the future Nikkei has many opportunities and should invest more in leisurewear and apparel such as sunglasses and Jewelry which could gain a lot of new costumers who wear the brand Nikkei .

The global brand that Nikkei is its constantly watching its competitors and faces many threats such as the increasing price of its products which are forcing costumers to try other brands also different currency rates around the world are affecting Nines profits swell as some countries producing fake Nikkei equipment which may have the Nikkei logo but is not created by the Company but by market traders in the middle east and Africa.

Overall to conclude Nikkei is a company which has a steady income and is a brand which is in every corner of the world and is easily known to people even Hough Nikkei is the dominant force in the sportswear market it should try and cut costs and decrease the amount of factories which exploit workers as this leads to costumers boycotting the brand and opting to chose rival brands at cheaper brands and offer the same quality. (SQ) PEST analysis is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the market process of setting up a company in a area .

The PEST analysis is a useful tool for understanding market growth or decline, and as such the position the direction the company such as Nikkei is going to take forward into the future. Many factors influence the Market which the business will have such as the local economy and the political and social and technological factors which influence the growth of the company in the area . A factor Nikkei would consider in setting up in a new country would be the Political area . Nikkei trade mostly in their headquarters which is in America they also have a strong market in England.

The reason Nikkei would consider setting up in Europe is due to the European Union and many countries offer a low cooperate tax and a stable government which helps boost export sales as if Nikkei was setting up in a third world country such as Pakistan the overspent isn’t stable and the company receives no grants to provide employment in the area and international leaders do not like multinational companies setting up in poor countries in other to gain more profit and reduce their production costs.

For companies such as Nikkei the environmental factors affect their market Nikkei uses animal skin in many products and this intern leads to environmental groups boycotting Nikkei and increases the pressure on Nikkei to maintain good public relations in the country that the are based in . Another key factors for large multinational companies to consider when moving into new countries is the technological actor .

The technologies in the market are rapidly changing and are helping Nikkei In larger countries such as America more so than small countries which investment in IT is low . Due to online websites Nikkei is now able to offer costumers the option of buying online and allowing costumers to design their own products in certain cases .

Nikkei also has to beware of the socio cultural factors when carrying out a PEST analysis in many countries Nikkei has costumers which buy different products and are popular in more countries than others and has to keep a profile of costumers penning naiads Ana want products teen are Dulling In ten TNT century Nikkei NAS to cater for a different variety of people who prefer green products and people who want the latest fashions and people wanting kits which belong to certain teams in the case of football and people want their club being supplied by large brands such as Nikkei .

When carrying out a Pest analysis companies check to see if many competitors are based in the same country as being the largest Sport company in the world Nikkei has to expand all the time to increase profits and stay ahead of their nearest competitors and is always trying to expand its costumers profile . To conclude Nikkei is a market leader and provides value products to consumers.

However as it competes in the premium market segment it will continue to operate in a highly competitive market. The next five year plan can involve a shift in Nikkei focus from traditional division in categories like footwear, equipment etc to individual sports, selling of other assortments like sunglasses, hats and other accessories. On the other hand Nikkei strong financial performance will help it to cash on new innovation with its robust new Technology.

Apart from main focus on athletic apparel and footwear Nikkei an make further development in casual wear items. Further, Nikkei can improve its supply chain system which will help it in operating more efficiently in the market and also improve quality standards. There is also an opportunity to tap other market like Asian countries where income of people is increasing and they are becoming more brand conscious and fashion stylish.


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