1. Should Nike be held responsible for working conditions in foreign mills that it does non have. but where sub-contractors make merchandise for Nike?

Yes. but I do non believe that the house is 100 % responsible since it is the sub-contractors who operate and create conditions for workers. Low-cost fabrication is Nike’s scheme. and it is realized by outsourcing the fabrication procedure to cheap labour states. If Nike were responsible for all of working conditions of workers at sub-contractors’ mills. it would be more to do places. However. I think that Nike should supervise minimal on the job conditions so that workers will non decease from Karachi. which might be lead to a large issue.

Some people likely think that planing and marketing its merchandises is what Nike is responsible for. But outsourcing its fabrication divisions into foreign states doesn?t release Nike from the duty. During a underdeveloped procedure fabrication is one of the most of import intermediate stairss and because of that it belongs to Nike?s duties. no affair if they own the maker or non. Everybody knows that it is difficult to maintain the overview about every development phase but if you decide to set this measure into a foreign state. you have to happen a manner of taking the control. So yes. Nike should be held responsible for working conditions in foreign mills that it does non have. but of class you have to weigh how much influence a company like Nike can hold sing working conditions. Establishing an independent monitoring association like the “Fair Labor Association” ( FLA ) is a good manner to better bad labour criterions.

2. What labour criterions sing safety. working conditions. overtime and the similar should Nike keep foreign mills to: those predominating in that state. or those predominating in the United States? Nike should keep the criterions sing safety and working conditions that are predominating in that state. However. when the sweatshop workers try to digest the conditions and rewards. houses that are doing investing in that state should non step in the motion. In states around the universe. garment workers have sought to better their state of affairs by seeking to form brotherhoods. Those attempts are about crushed. Union organisers have been beaten. thrown in gaol. black listed. and even killed. In some states. such as Mexico. the authorities frequently cooperates with mill proprietors as they try to break forming thrusts.

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5. Make you believe Nike needs to do any alterations to its current policy? Is so. what? Should Nike brand alterations even if they hinder the ability of the company to vie in the market topographic point? Directly Nike has to alter their policy. because their policies are really older and hapless. For policy accommodation one scheme will be to affect international bureaus. Nike has some duty to the stockholders and betterment in competitory market place. If the new policies are that eventually acquire its concern down so it’s non good for workers. Clearly. stay change occur in its workers is formidable.

7. If sweatshops are a planetary job. what might be a planetary solution to this job? In the universe sweatshops are a large job in different houses. The houses are seeking for low cost subcontractors in every corner of the universe. So the sweatshops are a universe job. The possible solutions are alteration or modify. with minimal wage and age. The houses can acquire low cost labour and low cost of fabricating in certain states. However. low cost labours are advancing the free trade and better the quality of life.


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