Babushka’s Herbal Smoking Device – An Alternative View on Marketing of Nerdish Preface Unloosed, a unique non tobacco smoking device was developed In 1982 by Means Products In Mohammedan. It was made by turning 14 herbs Into granular form and rolled In Tend leaves in the shape off cigarette. Means Products was a family owned organization, run by Mr. Babushka Sir as a birr manufacturing and marketing enterprise for about two decades. It had an annual business volume of RSI 10 lace. The Marketing Mix as of now 1) product The product Is a cigarette made from 14 herbs that are beneficial Instead of tobacco.

This has been verified by Arrived Vapidly and manuals on Arrived Medicine. Drawbacks of the product 1) The product was rolled in tend leaves, due to the fact that paper would be counter – productive to the intention of it being good for health and that the paper would get stained putting across an image of staleness. 2) As a result, the product looked more like a birr than a cigarette. This meant that the product was difficult to market to cigarette smokers. 3) Filters for cigarettes are cylindrical, while leaves are highly ungainly to be shaped into cylinders. This left a lot to be desired on the manufacturing front. ) The following figure illustrates the Pricing for Nerdish As you can see, Nerdish was priced towards the lower end of the cigarette spectrum, with a price of RSI 2. 5 per packet of 10 (as of 1986). The idea behind this was to make Nerdish accessible to a majority of the tobacco consuming population. Drawbacks 1) The segment targeted was too large to cater to by Means Products. Because of new production challenges, the output was relatively low meaning there was no way Means could enter the mass production of cigarettes. ) Place The following Flow Chart illustrates the Ideal distribution channels for cigarettes.

This however was not the case with Man Products because They were a small scale enterprise They never had the distribution network required to distribute Unloosed to the masses. Already present cigarette manufacturers controlled most of the dilutions channels. All they had was two scooters to shuttle between the shop and the manufacturing premises. All they had was a small shop In the heart of Mohammedan was Valuable Parcel Post to dispatch merchandise to various local and overseas The third son was only one man, and even his inputs alone led to an increase of almost 50 packs of Nerdish a day. ) Promotion Considering the budget that Mann Products was functioning on, the advertising was thorough. However, considering that Nerdish was meant to be a substitute for all cigarettes, it was simply not enough Things done right 1) The sales and promotions done at the shop in Mohammedan 2) Sending of pamphlets to various vendors visa a visa POP 3) Quantity Discount 4) The involvement of cine star Shook Kumar and other important celebrities 5) The accreditation from various doctors , vapidly and then promotion of the same 6) Print Magazines and Newspapers 7) Tie up with Voluntary Stop Smoking Organizations. ) What he could’ve done differently 1) Product The product needs to be marketed to the cigarette smoking population as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. This segment will not purchase Boris or anything close to the appearance of the Boris because these are considered as a product for the consumption of economically challenged segments of society. Association with Boris usually implies an association with economic backwardness. Secondly, the packaging is not at all appealing to the consumer.

Cigarette packets are aesthetic with large efforts made to make the contents of the packet appealing to consumers. This was another aspect missing in the Product vertical. Thirdly, as illustrated below, we see a consistent rise in the sale of filter tipped cigarettes Nerdish needs to be positioned as a replacement for cigarettes and not bid’s as demographics suggest people who smoke bids are not educated enough to understand the consequences and subsequently quit smoking or shift to an alternative. As per the table in exhibit Ill, we see that King Sized Popular Filter has a very strong growth trend.

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Man is doing that right by the quantity discount to wholesalers as well as maintaining a record of all previous buyers, to continuously reach out to them and ensure repeated purchases. 6) Statistics provided in Exhibit Ill can be used to convince smokers to wean off tobacco and on to Nerdish, by highlighting “cost to life ” visa a visa medical bills and also the suffering of Cancer. 4) place Nerdish does not have a large distributor network at its disposal, so they need to hanged the strategy from a high volume mass product to a low volume premium product.

They can do so by 1) Modeling their shop after a premium Arrived Medicine and Nerdish store where people can come to purchase Nerdish 2) Start a dispatch service for clientele outside Mohammedan using the POP Model they already and sell Nerdish as a product, as majority of the consumers targeted are white collared workforce. 4) The scooters can be used to transport Nerdish in and around Mohammedan to various wholesalers based on the Cash on Delivery Model.


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