Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality Development states that there is a structural theoretical account of the mind. which splits the human individuality into three cases of Ego. Superego. and ID. In Psychoanalytical Phase of Development. there are five phases: Oral. Anal. Phallic. Latency. and Genital. Even though Sigmund Freud ne’er was composing about the film _Psycho_ . theories of Freud. have a great connexion with the personality of Norman Bates. Harmonizing to Oedipus composite. by Sigmund Freud. it introduced the term for a child’s libidinal fond regard to the opposite sex parent. while sing green-eyed monster and disfavor of the same sex parent. as an look of childish gender. The character Norman Bates. in the film _Psycho_ . showed many marks of holding an Oedipus composite when he murdered his female parent and her lover.

In the relationship between Norman Bates and his female parent. Bates’s female parent ruled Norman’s life and controlled his actions. She can be perceived as a symbolic representation of the super-ego. Finally. this led Norman to go the slayer. Furthermore. matricide is the most intolerable guilt. which is the ground of his split personalities. Norman Bates has the privation to maintain the semblance of his female parent being alive and forfeits his other half to her to wipe out the offense at least in his head. The theories of Freud. have been found greatly appeal in connexion with the analysis on how Norman Bates battles to finish successfully the undertaking confronted in the Phallic Stage of Super Ego. Freud’s theory can be demonstrated through Norman Bates in the film _Psycho_ by the relationship between him and his female parent. the green-eyed monster over his female parent and the privation to maintain the semblance of his female parent being alive.

The plot line of this movie involves a immature adult female named Marion Crane. who steals $ 40. 000 from her foreman in order to be able to get down a new life with her lover Sam. On the manner. she drives to her lover. a sudden rain leads her to look into into the Bates Motel. A way between a motel and a house which symbolizes a way between the normal and the insane. and stairs lead to lunacy. She stays at the “Bates Motel” . which is run by Norman Bates and his female parent. whom the audience knows through the film merely as a shadow on a window and her conversations with her boy. Norman seems to be interested in the immature adult female. He offers her some sandwiches. milk for dinner and they have a talk in his parlour.

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Norman Bates in _Psycho_ is really gentleman-like. even a small shy. However. who can conceive of that a fine-looking immature adult male turns into a creepy liquidator. The indispensable ground leads to his insane is his fond regard to his female parent. Freud’s theories that can be applied on Norman Bates which is “Oedipus complex” . As Norman’s instance. his Oedipus complex starts from the relationship between Norman Bates and his female parent. Bates lives under the monarchy of his dominant female parent. which forms his failing in personality. His female parent ruled Norman’s life and controlled his actions. Norman’s father died when he was 5 old ages old. For 27 old ages. he lives together with his ma. Harmonizing to Dr. Simon. the Psychiatrist in the film. he says: “His female parent was a clinging. demanding woman… and for old ages the two of them lived as if there was no 1 else in the world” ( Psycho ) .

Because of the tyrannizing personally of his female parent. Norman likely ne’er socializes with other people. In The Oedipus Complex by Sigmund Freud. he writes: “In my experience. which is already extended. the main portion in the metal lives of all the kids who subsequently become mental cases is played by their parents” ( The Oedipus 918 ) . Mothers are frequently seen as promoting the Oedipus composite through genitive behaviour toward boies. In the conversation with Marion Crane. Norman tells her: “A boy’s best friend is his mother” ( Psycho ) . By the manner that Norman negotiations about his female parent to Marion. the decision that can be come up with is Norman’s female parent was commanding and tyrannizing. The lone adult female Norman loves is his female parent. As Norman grew up. he ne’er had the opportunity to research his sexual desires with other people.

Norman’s behaviour can be farther analyzed by utilizing Freud’s theory of Infantile Sexuality. In his theory of Infantile Sexuality. Freud explains that a kid has sexual inherent aptitudes. Sigmund Freud’s theory describes the thoughts and emotions which exist within the unconscious head of kids refering their desire to possess their female parents sexually and extinguish the menace of their male parents who they competed with for the attending of their female parents. Norman’s job is he is stuck in the Phallic Stage. The Phallic Stage is the 3rd phase of kid development. happening between the twelvemonth of 3 and 6. Between this clip. Norman must hold been abandoned by his female parent.

Her lover must hold been envied by Norman because all he wants is his mother’s love and attending. He felt that the other adult male was a menace to the relationship Norman and his female parent had. After experiencing abandoned by his female parent. Norman’s Oedipus complex forced him to hold a battle with his mother’s lover. which finally made him to slay the two of them after happening them in bed together. For Freud. most pent-up memories relate to gender. However. the violent deaths don’t halt with the female parent and her spouse. Norman continues to kill adult females who come to the motel that he finds attractive.

Norman engages in a treatment with Marion in the parlour where he reveals a desire to get away from his female parent. his private trap. but he can non derive the will to make so. Norman was trapped with his female parent and developed an unnatural relationship with her. He explained to Marion his trueness to his female parent. and he is a best male child that his female parent can hold. At this phase. Marion retires to her room and decides to return to her old life. In the parlour. Norman removes a picture to uncover a spy-hole. which shows that Normal develops sexual feelings towards Marion. When the female parent notices that Norman is really interested in the immature adult female. she starts cursing and attempts to deter her boy from reaching with her. He even holds conversations with himself believing he is talking to his female parent. When Marion goes to the bathroom at dark and starts to take a shower. she gets murdered by the female parent. His Oedipus composite. the desire for his female parent. makes him believe that his female parent besides desires him. And so this green-eyed monster is the ground that he. a female parent. becomes the slayer.

After the slaying of Marion. Norman disposes her in the swamp next to the house. Marion’s employer does non advise the constabulary. but hires a private investigator named Milton Arbogast alternatively. He finds the Bates Motel and wants to talk with Norman’s female parent because of leery contradictions. The detective bends to Norman to replace Marion as its chief focal point in its subjective function. When seeking to acquire in contact with Bates female parent. he is murdered. After a few yearss. Sam and Marion’s sister start to seek for the investigator. Sam distracts Norman as Lila softly walks up to the house to speak to Norman’s female parent. In the hunt. she finds Bates’s female parent has a big sleeping room with all right furniture. mirrors. statuary. a cupboard which has apparels hung in at that place. a mattress with a deep curved. All the furniture is fantastic in topographic point.

His mother’s sleeping room looks the same as it did 27 old ages ago. He creates his mother’s room to be timeless because he loves his female parent so much. and the guilt of killing possesses him. which leads him to hold a desire to maintain the semblance of his female parent being alive. Besides that. his ain room contains old playthings. dolls. stuffed animate beings. which is a room of the 5 or 6 year-old male child. As Lila explores his infantile sleeping room. she discovers a gramophone recording of Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony. The rubric itself means Heroic. Children need hero. Norman’s personal growing can be linked with the Oedipus composite. During the development of the Oedipus composite. the kid develops a strong sense and powerful impulses for sexual ownership of the opposite sex parent. The male child identifies with his male parent and the male parent becomes his function theoretical account. In Norman’s instance. the absence of his male parent has resulted in an unsolved Oedipus composite which consequences in a weak Superego.

Finally. she finds in the fruit cellar Normans mother’s dead organic structure which has been removed from its grave and preserved. At the terminal of the movie. Dr. Simon. the Psychiatrist. reveals the cruel truth. Norman’s female parent has been dead for 10 old ages. and Norman has a split personalities. as he ever plays both his ain function and the function of the female parent. The Psychiatrist explains: “When world came excessively near. when danger or desire threatened that semblance. he dressed up. even to a inexpensive wig he bought. He would walk around the house. sit in her chair. speak in her voice. He was ne’er all Norman. but he was frequently merely Mother” ( Psycho ) .

The feelings of guilt after the violent death overwhelmed Norman so he tries to wipe out the truth from his head to convey back his female parent which could be interpreted with Freud’s theory of repression. Freud used the term to depict the manner emotionally painful events could be blocked out of witting consciousness. For that he stole her organic structure and used his cognition of the taxidermy. which he had acquired through the dressing of birds to continue the organic structure of his female parent. He could convey her back merely psychically and non mentally so he splits half of his head. and begins to believe for his Dendranthema grandifloruom. speaks with her voice and wears her apparels. a wig. Norman succeeded to convert himself wholly that his female parent was still alive.

In the film _Psycho_ by Alfred Hitchcock. he used psychological elements to make horror factor. And the film is the reading of Freud’s The Oedipus Complex. Norman Bates turns into a psycho because of the love and desire that Norman has for his female parent. the green-eyed monster over his female parent and the privation to maintain the semblance of his female parent being alive. In the terminal. Norman develops a split-personality in which he struggles between himself and his imagined female parent. He is entrapped by his smothering yesteryear and is hence taken over by his ain vision of his female parent. He can ne’er be Norman once more.


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