The North American Electro-Deposited Copper Foil market is a really alone market. Copper foil is used in our mundane lives. largely unnoticed. From cell phones and TVs. to autos and iceboxs. Cu foil is the chief constituent that allows these merchandises to run expeditiously. It is the circuitry inside of these merchandises. linking a computing machine bit to a compactor to reassign signals. Copper foil is an intermediary merchandise. intending it is a merchandise that the concluding consumer doesn’t bargain. It is used in concurrence with other inputs to do a concluding merchandise. It is similar to the Ready-Mix concrete industry that we studied earlier this semester. However. Cu foil does non hold the transit issues. as did the concrete. but instead a set of its ain alone barriers. The Copper Foil market doesn’t fit the standard competitory. oligopolistic. or monopolistic markets that we have studied this semester. The markets uniqueness is due to the merchandise being an intermediary merchandise. the utmost start up costs. and limited net incomes. These factors make it hard to come in the market. Besides. Copper Foil is instead inelastic. doing the kineticss of the market even more alone.

An interesting factor for Cu foil is the size of the concluding assembly for the Electronic Good market in America. It is 2nd largest ( 24. 2 % ) where as the remainder of Asia is ( 42. 2 % ) . Most people tend to see Asia as an assembly human dynamo for electronic goods ; nevertheless. North America has a important market portion. This means that there is an efficient market size in America for Cu foil. Electro-Deposited Copper Foil is made by first fade outing bales of bit Cu. such as wire. utilizing sulphuric acid and O. bring forthing a blue colored liquid called Cu sulphate. This liquid mixture is the poured over a big Ti membranophone where electricity is applied. The result is copper foil. The procedure is really expensive due to the utmost sum of electricity that is consumed. the natural inputs. and the machinery that is used. The largest company in this market. Oak-Mitusi. owns a $ 200 million works where is produces Cu foil and assorted other electro conductive foils. Having a high start up cost. being inelastic. and being an intermediary merchandise makes this market really alone. By looking at supply. demand. equilibriums. neighbouring markets. competition. imperfectnesss. and ordinances. we can farther generalize how complex and alone the North America Electro-Deposited Copper Foil market truly is.


In North America. there is merely 1 manufacturer. nevertheless there are an extra 2 Sellerss that produce over seas but sell their merchandise in North America. numbering merely 3 providers in North America. This is and improbably little market compared to other hardworking markets in North America. The North American market is merely $ 105 million or 20 million lbs of Cu foil per twelvemonth. compared to the US Automotive industry. which is $ 424 billion per twelvemonth. The providers produce a homogenous good. Copper foil is such that no affair who makes it. it is all the same. Similar to aspirin. it has to run into certain demands to measure up as acetylsalicylic acid. Copper foil must run into certain demands to be considered a certain class of Cu foil. In this sense. two different providers doing the same graded Cu are doing a homogenous merchandise.

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Production is a really complex chemical procedure. It involves chiefly 3 basic inputs. bit Cu. such as wire. electricity. and chemicals. These chemicals include sulphuric acid. H2O. Zn. and polysiloxane. The chemicals break down he trash Cu into a liquid mixture known as Cu sulphate ( CuSO4 ) . The Cu sulphate is so poured over a membranophone. and electrified. this adheres the foil to the membranophone. which is so peeled off as foil. Because of the chemical intense procedure. entry is really difficult.

The procedure requires really precise and proficient equipment that is really dearly-won. Oak-Mitsui. the taking company in the market. has a $ 200 million production works to bring forth the foil in a 20 million lbs or about $ 105 million market size. Another barrier to entry is the transit cost. which tends to be a major cost for the companies. Owning or outsourcing transit is an expensive cost that most companies across all markets face. and Cu foil is surely a market where transit is a factor. Because there are few sites of production or importing. the foil needs to be shipped to the consumers. which are located across all of North America. This leads to transit being a dearly-won factor in the production of Cu foil. Copper foil has changeless returns to scale. When all of the inputs are increased. the end product is increased proportionately. This is due to the fact that there is no loss or reverses on the inputs during production. This besides means that the production map is additive. like Q= 2K+5L ( nevertheless with many more variables ) .

There are two chief types cost in this market. long tally and short tally. In the long tally. all costs are variable. significance that there is no fixed cost. That is in contrast to short run where at least 1 cost is fixed. In this market. short tally fixed costs would include edifices. labour. and machinery. The variable costs in the short tally would include transit. chemicals. electricity. and the monetary value of bit Cu. which comes off of the London Metal Exchange. or the LME. In the long tally. with all costs being variable. costs would include the same list as above with no distinction between fixed and variable cost.

An of import aspect to reference are the providers in the market. There is merely 1 bring forthing company in America. while 2 other foreign companies ship their merchandise to America. This is of import to observe because it creates an oligopoly. The utmost start up costs. and the size of the market do it such that there is small room for come ining competition. This besides means that net incomes are little. otherwise other companies would come in the market. Bing an oligopoly besides means that the measure that is supplied is greater than in a monopolistic market. nevertheless less than the absolutely competitory market. It besides means that the market is under bring forthing. It will non bring forth at the absolutely competitory degree.


There are many consumers for Cu foil. The bulk of the market ( approx. 60 % ) is used in Cu clad laminate. This laminate is the anchor to circuit boards ; it is the stiff stuff. or the existent board. Approximately 15 % of the market is used in printed circuit boards. similar to copper clothed laminate. but a little different procedure and usage. The staying 25 % of the market is used for other assorted markets such as. Li batteries. Electro Magnetic Interference/ Radio Frequency Shielding. and even art and trades. The demanders are both big and little. They range from multi-millon dollar companies such as Isola USA or little town avocation shops. However. most of the demanders are big companies that besides feed Electronic Goods market. These demanders are heterogenous. They have many different utilizations for Cu foil. from electronics to humanistic disciplines and trades and wireless frequence screening. While the bulk uses the foil for electronics. there are other utilizations that make it heterogenous. These differences are really discernible. For illustration. either the demander uses the foil in the procedure of doing electronic devices. or humanistic disciplines and trades. They are discernible because it is easy to state where and what the Cu foil is being used for.

Individual demand is inelastic. that is. when the monetary values alteration. the demand does non respond as responsibly. This is due to the fact that Cu foil is a normal good. When the demanders ( in this market the demanders are other companies ) income ( or net incomes ) addition. they will demand more of the foil. It is non a luxury good. where when the income of the demander additions. the demanders spend more ( proportionately ) on that good. However it is a necessity good. significance that demanders can non construct their goods without it. When companies that use copper foil make more and more net income. their ingestion of Cu foil does non increase proportionately to their increasing net incomes. This state of affairs is similar to the ready-mix concrete scenario where the concrete was a necessity good.

There are few. if any close replacements that are really executable. There is an copiousness of Cu on this planet. and is a great music director. This makes Cu such a good pick to utilize in circuitry. Silver is more conducible than Cu. nevertheless. the monetary value of Ag is so high that it is seldom used. Gold is another good music director. nevertheless. like Ag. the monetary value is excessively utmost to utilize is aggregate measures. Tin was one time used in the circuitry market. nevertheless a job known as “tin hair” caused the companies to exchange over to copper alternatively. Tin hair is when the really tin circuitry starts to turn outward. doing small hair looking togss. These hair like togss can sometimes short out the circuit board when it crosses two different lines of circuitry.

However there are regards to copper foil. the chief being laminate. This laminate is what supports the foil ; it acts as the anchor. The foil is adhered to the laminate. which is so used to do circuit boards. It is adhered by particular rosins and heated. This cures the rosins. doing a steadfast board. This is so used in photo-etching machines to do the existent circuit board. They are regards because they are used together. Companies that make circuit boards consume both laminate and Cu foil to do their concluding merchandise.

A really of import aspect of this market is to observe that the merchandise is an intermediary merchandise. intending it is non a concluding good that consumers. such as you and I would purchase. Copper foil is on the underside of the Electronic Good concatenation. feeding into circuitry markets. such as printed circuit boards. or PCB. Companies such as Dell. Apple. HP. and IBM make farther merchandises utilizing these PCB’s. The Cu foil is used on laminates. such as fibreglass. to be made into circuit boards. which is used in all electronic devices. It is of import to observe that it is intermediary because it explains why consumers like you and I are non the concluding consumer. every bit good as assisting to explicate why this market is so alone.


Over the clip period of the last 60 old ages. the equilibrium has shifted out. This is due to the addition in the electric universe. with computing machines. cell phones. and toys that require circuit boards. During 1950 merely 9 % of households had a telecasting set in their place. By 1960. about 87 % of households owned a telecasting. And by 1970 about all households owned a telecasting. Today. all TVs being produced contain some kind of computer-based circuitry. It is this immense enlargement of the electrical universe that we now live in that caused the displacement outward in demand. Like most goods. the consumer monetary value index increases annually. as did the monetary value of Cu foil. In 1990. the monetary value per ton of Cu was $ 2710. where in 2008 it was $ 7040. ( Most people will retrieve that at one point the Cu in the penny was worth more than the $ 0. 01 you could utilize it for. )

In the instance of a daze. such as a monetary value addition of any one input. the equilibrium would alter in both the long tally and short tally. In the short tally. the standard regulation is that at least 1 input is fixed. the other being variable. In contrast. in the long tally. all inputs are variable. In the short tally in the Copper Foil market. if the monetary value of bit Cu additions. there would be an addition in the monetary value. nevertheless non every bit great as seen in the long tally. This is due to the P & gt ; AVG. When the variable monetary value. in this instance scrap Cu. additions. the monetary value has to stay greater than the AVG. This leads to an addition in monetary value. However. the addition in monetary value may non be every bit great as the same consequence in the long tally. Both demand and supply will diminish somewhat as a consequence. In long tally. a monetary value addition of an input will take straight to a monetary value addition in the merchandise. That is because in the long tally. P=AC. When the input additions. the AC additions. taking a monetary value addition of the concluding good. In the long tally. both demand and supply lessening as a consequence to the addition.

Neighboring Markets

1. A strong compliment to Cu foil would be the laminate on which it is printed. 2. An indispensable input to copper foil is scarp Cu bought on the LME.

In the adjacent market of laminate. a monetary value addition would diminish the demand for Cu foil. and conversely a monetary value lessening would increase the demand for Cu foil. This is the definition of a complimentary good. When the monetary value for laminate additions. consumers in other markets will purchase less of it. which would besides intend they buy less of the Cu foil. In contrast. the antonym is observed when there in a monetary value lessening in laminate.

The input monetary value of bit Cu is straight related to the monetary value of the concluding Cu foil merchandise. An addition in the bit Cu would do an addition in the monetary value of Cu foil. Conversely. a lessening in the monetary value of Cu bit would do a lessening in the monetary value of Cu foil. This is due to the fact that bit Cu is the chief input in the production of Cu foil. While there are other inputs used. no input is every bit of import to the monetary value as Cu foil is.

The Cu foil would hold the same consequence on the laminate as the laminate has on the Cu foil. They are complimentary goods. hence when the monetary value of one addition. the demand for the other lessenings and vise versa. For illustration. a monetary value addition in Cu foil would do a lessening in the demand for laminate. This is because the consumers will purchase less Cu foil due the monetary value addition. which means they do non necessitate every bit much laminate. Conversely. the antonym is observed in there was a monetary value lessening for Cu foil.

Copper foil is dependent on the monetary value of bit Cu. nevertheless scrap Cu is non dependent on Cu foil. Therefore. a alteration in the equilibrium of Cu foil would hold no important alteration in the equilibrium of bit Cu. This is because bit Cu can/is used for many other things such as wire. currency. lodging. piping and ornaments. The Cu market is diverse. with many other utilizations than foil. Because it is so diverse. Cu foil doesn’t truly impact the market equilibrium for bit Cu.

It matters why the alterations occur because it will take to different concern accommodations. For illustration. if the monetary value of bit Cu additions due to the resource going harder to obtain. companies will hold to set their monetary values for Cu foil positively. However. if the monetary value of the laminate lessenings. so there would be an addition in demand for Cu foil. and the companies would hold to do accommodations for it. bring forthing more and more rapidly.


An oligopolistic competitory market can most competently exemplary competition in the North American Electro-Deposited Copper Foil market. This is due to the low providers. and the utmost start up costs. This besides means that there is non much net income to be made in this industry. otherwise more companies would enter. As stated earlier. the taking company in the market Oak-Mitsui. owns a $ 200 million production works incorporating expensive and precise machinery to make the foil. Transportation system is besides a concern. owning and operating trucks to transport the foil across the state is expensive. It is a cost barrier that has to be taken in history for other companies seeking the possibility of come ining the market.

The most likely drift for alteration is if a new production method that would do production much cheaper and more efficient emerges. This would travel the market towards a more absolutely competitory market. with easier entry and issue. This is because it is now cheaper. and easier to bring forth the merchandise. This alteration would impact the original equilibrium by switching supply while the demand remains the same. The supply would besides switch. due to the technological progresss. Producing Cu foil is now cheaper and more efficient. Entire measure demanded would besides increase in this state of affairs to suit the new equilibrium. Entire public assistance would increase across the board. Suppliers would be happier with the lower cost to bring forth. and consumers would profit with lower monetary values. However. this would alter the distribution. More companies would come in the market and would steal some market portion from the current companies in the market.

There is room for companies to rent-seek. The chief being duties on imports. When the 2 foreign companies compete in North America. they have to pay a revenue enhancement on importing the Cu foil to North America. If they could buttonhole duty protection. it would do importing the Cu foil easier and more efficient. This would lure these companies to increase their imports. However. the American companies would desire to buttonhole against such an act. These duties decrease their competition. doing it easier to capture most of the net incomes. However. because the market is so little. and the competition is instead weak. there is small grounds of rent-seeking. It seems that the foreign companies don’t want to seek and buttonhole when it would merely salvage them 1 % on their entire imports. Lobing would be more than paying the duty.


There is a immense production outwardness in the production of Cu foil: environmental harm. In 2001. there was a Cu sulphate spill by
Oak-Mitsui. It killed 1000s of fish along a 10 stat mi stretch along the Hoosick River is Upstate New York. There is besides environmental harm in the transportation of the goods. Air pollutants make full the sky with the usage of trucks and ships to administer the goods. A possible solution would be to happen more “green” ways to transport. such as train. Another solution would be to relocate the production workss closer and/or more cardinal to the companies they supply to. This is particularly apparent with the foreign companies that have to import their goods. and so transport them via trucks to American companies. In order for these solutions to be executable. the cost of the resettlements and train cargo would hold to be less than the environmental mulcts and cost of truck transit. Besides. the environmental mulct is non a reoccurring mulct. but merely charged when a spill occurs. A solution to the environmental hazard of a spill could include more rigorous and proficient ways of managing the Cu sulphate.


There are really few. if any specific ordinances by the authorities. There is no production cap. or choice ordinances set Forth by the authorities. However. there are ordinances set Forth by the Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits. or IPC. which acts more as a alliance. All companies in the ICP comply with these choice ordinances. run intoing certain physical properties. Another major ordinance this industry has to follow with is the Universal Commercial codification. or UCC. The UCC is a ordinance that all concern in America has to follow with. It is a set guideline for gross revenues. rentals. bank sedimentations. letters if recognition. and much more.

The end of the UCC is to hold ordinances that are standard across all 50 provinces. so that something made in New York meets the demands to be sold in Arkansas. If the UCC made it more hard to sell or transport copper foil to all 50 provinces. the monetary value would hold to increase. This would besides diminish the demand. due to the increased monetary value. Entire public assistance would diminish as the industry is under bring forthing. Manufacturers would free demand. and consumers would lose the ability to devour the efficient sum. Government gross may increase if a revenue enhancement was implied. nevertheless. it depends where those grosss went to see if it would impact the same demanders and consumers positively. I would non back up such a alteration. Trade limitations are ne’er good in the eyes of an economic expert. They can be politically good in some instances such as warfare. nevertheless it is non economically efficient to curtail free trade.


Finding a market that fits the standard absolutely competitory. oligopolistic. or monopolistic is really rare. In the North American Electro-Deposited Copper Foil market. that is surely apparent. We use copper foil in our every twenty-four hours lives. most of the clip without detecting. It is in our cell phones. computing machines. pressmans. TV’s. autos. and much more. The market can most competently be described as an oligopolistic. nevertheless that does non explicate the whole state of affairs. This market faces small competition with the utmost start up costs and limited net income. Besides. two of the providers for this grade produce abroad. and import their merchandise to America. This makes this industry more alone. Additionally. because of the procedure. Cu foil experiences changeless returns to graduated table. which is good for manufacturers. Furthermore. the merchandise is and intermediary merchandise ; it is used in the procedure of doing other merchandises. We besides see small ordinance in this market.

There is non direct ordinance from the United States authorities. nevertheless there are clauses that the companies in the market comply with. These clauses are good for all. doing the market a just market. Over clip. the market has expanded dramatically. With the enlargement of the computing machine universe. Cu foil has emerged as a necessity in the Electronic Food Chain. There will go on to be an enlargement in this market every bit along as the Electronic Goods market continues to turn. which despite the “Great Recession” in 2007. is in instead good form. Following clip you use your computing machine. cell phone. digital ticker. or Television you have an penetration with the procedure and market of the Cu foil inside of those merchandises.


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