Judith Bateman There Is not enough time My life as a student can be hectic trying to balance sports clubs and homework in a schedule My teacher Mrs.. Guatemala can also have trouble balancing her schedule between her grades and kids. She may think she can squeeze in a few extra things but it can be very tricky. My dad can struggle balancing his time at times between kids work and chores. It can slowly wear him down. As our world slowly spins and is continually progressing, our society is changing. Our ivies are becoming more hectic and faster paced.

We are Jumping from one event to another, without rest. As the pace increases, people are rising to the occasion and accepting the challenges set before them by trying to balance their current schedule, while trying to make room for even more activities. As people do this, they are running into a simple problem, which is leading to a very common complaint, “l do not have enough time”. On one hand you have your students whose days become so hectic with school, sports, and extra curricular events that they run out of time to do everything they need to accomplish.

My average day is Just one example of how chaotic a student’s life can get. My day begins at four a. M. With piles of homework, after a quick shower to wake myself up. Once I finish the homework, I get ready and head to early morning basketball practice at 5:30. Next, after I clean up from practice, the dreaded day of school begins. As the periods slowly pass, a pile of homework quickly accumulates with a one-page essay in history, 50 problems in calculus, and a thousand-word essay in English class.

Then the grueling school day comes to an end ND I begin the next part of my day by attending club meetings and after school practices for drama and sports, which ends up getting me home around nine O’clock. When I arrive home, I eat some dinner and begin working on the ton of homework I brought home until eleven. Finally, as I reach the halfway point, I decide to leave the rest to finish in the morning. Then I call it a night and crawl into my bed. As I begin to doze off thinking about how nice these three hours of sleep are going to feel, I constantly murmur to myself, “l do not have enough time”.

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There are teachers like Mrs.. Guatemala who thinks there is all the time in the school, too. Teachers are going to have to find time to grade all of the papers before grades are due. I realize Mrs.. Scuttlebutt’s life is Just as crazy as the student’s. First, every morning she not only has to worry about making herself look presentable, but she must also help her little children get dressed, finish homework, and make breakfast in an hour or two. Then she must corral them all to the car and drop them off at each school they attend. Once Mrs..

Guatemala makes it to school, she has to river lobby duty until the bell rings for first period. As the bell rings and the students start to roll into class, the stack of essays begins to form. Thirty essays in one period, 26 the next, and 34 another. By the end of the day there are three stacks all Just waiting for her to grade. As the day ends, Mrs.. Guatemala then heads out with all her essays, to pick up her children. Once they are all in the car, she heads home to grade a few essays and get ready for all her kids’ extra curricular activities. She drives to baseball practice first, then a volleyball game after that.

After the game she hits the road to pick up some fast food for the way home. Once she arrives home, she begins to fight the good fight, trying to get her children to bed. After a good hour and the clock reaches ten, her kids finally fall asleep, leaving Mrs.. Guatemala peace and quiet to grade her stacks of essays. She sits down, grabs the first one and begins to read. Then she grabs the second one, and then the third. Every seven minutes she grades one essay. She keeps this up till about one in the morning, but as she yawns her hundredth yawn, she closes her eyes and dozes off. The next morning at six a. . , she wakes up and realizes she only made it half way through the essays. She blurts out, “l do not have enough time”, and begins to speed read through her papers trying to finish, still leaving enough time for her to get ready. Once she grades her last paper she wakes her kids, gets them ready and rushes out the door. As she pulls in to school fifteen minutes late, she realizes that she has nowhere near enough time and needs a whole bunch more. Finally, there is the parent who complains that between their work, getting kids where they need to o and doing chores, they do not have near enough time.

Every morning my dad must start his day early, waking children up for school and preparing them for the day. He must get ready for his eight-hour workday as well. Once the children are completely taken care of and dropped off at school, my dad drives to work to begin the strenuous day-to-day tasks. For eight hours he works in the sun doing manual labor, building restaurants. After the eight-hours of tough manual labor, he moves to the next task of picking up children, and taking them where they need to go for their extra curricular activities.

Once my siblings and I are done with our activities, he begins to prepare dinner. After we eat dinner, and my dad has us help clear the table, he starts putting each child down for bed. Finally, after the final kid is put down for bed, my dad does the same and crawls into bed before the vicious cycle begins again the next day complaining, “l do not have enough time”. No matter if you’re a child, adult, or student, our lives today are very fast paced and hectic. Being the humans we are, we try to maximize our time and must constantly try to balance our schedules.


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