One hundred 50 one old ages so far. a significant Filipino in the celebrated name of Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Realonda. extricated our predecessors from being slaves by deploying a taciturn yet strapping setup. It was for his effort that we are anon lodging on the cubby threshold of freedom. By dint of his literary plants ?essays. novels and articles. He brawled for our territory’s autonomy hostile to the Spanish colonists who subjugated us for three hundred 30 three old ages. I stanchly can non portray where we will be today if it was non for Jose Rizal’s audacious adventure. But why is it that until today. we are still bruised by the storms of enlistment and inundated with quarrels? Is this the implicit in pretext why Rizal squandered his continuance taking to carry through his desire? Is this deserving three centuries of anguishing? Well. no!

He divulged. “our autonomy will non be secured at the sword’s point… we must procure it by doing ourselves worth of it. And when the people reaches that tallness. God will supply a arm. the graven images will be shattered. dictatorship will crumple like a house of cards. And autonomy will reflect out like the first morning. ” Unambiguously. he craves us to rectify our limbo towards his forfeits. to respect what he capitulated in conformity for us to stow our being like it should be. And in the interval we exploited our latitude productively. everything will plump into array.

Apparently our interstate hero. Dr. Jose Rizal still subsists in ontological era. he would competently be using his learned sleight reversely to the grandiloquent President Pnoy. Rizal covets echt metabolism. and Aquino’s disposal has non outdo it yet. instead. he burlesqued figure games on our mind to somehow carry us that he and the Filipino at big are on the right-track ( tuwid na daan ) . Reminiscent of what he executed throughout his State of the Nation Address. he swindled us via attesting statistic testimony vis-a-vis his efforts that were explicated by some research bureau or sector. Indubitably he would be an belowground propagandist for the 2nd clip around.

Rizal is a true-blue patriot. He is a silhouette of expansive learning ability. he manipulated his humor to craft a fictional character playing function in a true to life narrative that had commenced the Filipino’s predicament during the Spanish conquering. Although the characters were illusive. Filipinos were adroit to hold on the effect beyond it. he used that confederacy to promote his silent propaganda. to somehow awol from prosecution.

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He has utilized his composing art to lift his fellow Filipino’s awareness. Using this angle. he affirms that we can arouse autonomy without baring of blood. that it is a diplomatic and robust tool to pull a corporate force among his state work forces.

Contempt of what he did to startle our perceptual experience. after obtaining our univocal sovereignty. we once more stagger in haling up our state from submerging. We struggle in the somber because of our ain liabilities.

It is our evildoing that scorted us to our engorged expansion. We have continuosly been predominated by our civilization chiefly by our indecent imposts –crab outlook. pride.

Alternatively of steering for a progressive province. we Filipinos hubs entirely for our personal garnishment. We quantize everybody as our adversary no affair what their socio-economic position is. How can we disembark richness when there are these people who are merely aspirng for our arrest? This sort of stance. crab outlook. will merely do our state unsteady. If everyone has this position. so at the terminal. everyone will torture the effects.

“There are more mistakes which make a adult male more unpopular and no mistakes which are more unconscious of in us. And the more we have it ourselves. the more we dislike it in others. ” A citation made by an bizarre author. C S Lewis. Internalizing this impression. pride is a bigger faltering block as we of all time imagine it to be and the dismaying side of it is more barbarous as we opine it to be. When we are gobbled by pride. we incline to look down on people. and are non able to sympathize with them. It is difficult to set yourself in the places of others. Lapp as in national growing. if we prefer to utilize Filipino slang instead than English as a medium of interaction in enlightening. I believe it would be more tranquil to digest the information. Like for illustration Japan. look where they are now.

But so. it is non the indiscretion of the followings entirely. The leader of our state besides endows to the loss of our province by their fake administration. They are the really incentive why Philippines is internationally renowned for corruptness. The financess that are preordained for the people were embezzled barbarously. This money is intended for everybody non for person. Therefore. we arbitrate the Filipino themselves are the midmost walls impeding national enlargement.

The great Jose Rizal one time articulated. “no good H2O comes from the boggy springs. No sweet fruit comes from a acrimonious seed” . No affair how indurate our Government Officials try to debar smelly fish from amplificating its odor. it would ever happen its manner out to the sense of our state work forces. And that sort of Government Officers reflects to the sort of state they belong to.

Even in Rizal’s interlude. these barriers were vividly discernible. This is the wall shadowing our victory which generated the darkness we are in now. These things will go on to agitate our solidarity until we learn how to impart a manus.

How will we telltale this to our national hero? He would be so defeated when he unearth that his expiation was sealed in a rubbish bag. He filled our thirst for freedom by supplying to us a cup full of bravery. hope and finding to continue a better hereafter.

Let us non remember the subdued history of the past when we are muted by illiteracy. Merely elites had a privilege to hold an instruction. Thus the higher categories repress the Indio’s.

We have now arrived in this cloudy topographic point to prompt us how subterraneous we fell. This is non the clip to fault one another. It is now clip to do valid the promises of autonomy. Start interrupting the seal! This is the minute where we ascend from the dark. where we rise from submerging and were we face tomorrow’s sunlight pass overing off the shadow of yesterday.

Merely like what Elias said in Rizal’s ill-famed novel. Noli me Tangere. “Mamamatay akong Hindi nakikita ang ningning ng bukang-liwayway SA aking Bayan! Kayong makakakita. salubungin ninyo siya. at huwag kalilimutan Air National Guard mga nabulid SA dilim ng gabi. ” Today we are still resisting for that various transmutation that merely us. Filipinos can make. Who else will hold a “Rizalic” bosom that will hold the audaciousness to prolong his bequest? Who else? Will it be the Americans? Or the Chinese? Will it be Koreans? No! We should hinder contemplating on those aliens. innovator tuging for the improvement of our state.

Now. allow the light screen Luzon. Let the light screen the island of Visayas. Let it reign across Mindanao. And when our fatherland is flatly blanketed with beams of visible radiation. merely so our blessing will emerge to blossom. gestating a better society. Merely so will Jose Rizal’s decease would be worth it.


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