Ever since I was a little kid,I’ve either had very realistic dream or nightmares.I always felt that my dreams are going happen in the real world.I am secretive person so,I really have never shared my dreams with anybody,because I can felt that they will not listen to me and trust me.In fact they will make fun of me.I actually remember the first dream I had t to be a nightmare.But most recently I had this nightmare the night before my essay task was given. This is my dream.As it starts, I stand in front of my father.My father is facing the main door,watching outside the house.I can see that his face is gloomy,sad and fatigue.He keep staring far away outside the house as he is memorising something.Because of feeling curious and wonder of what he looking at,I waving my hand front of his eyes.I have to jump a bit because my father is a very tall man.Iasked him what is he looking at.He then looked at me,then said,”I am thinking about your late mother.”I was very shocked as I heard that word. I fell down and shock for a few minutes and suddenly I feel like a film is rolling in front of my eyes.the film is about my family.From the moment my parents and I sitting at the guest room and planning for a vacation until to an accident that happened during we are on our way to a vacation,an ambulance siren,nurses bring my parents to the hospital,the grave sites,people reciting prayer.as the film tape stop rolling,I started to crying and yelling.i stand up,start throw things randomly and runs around the house and call my mum.

While I’m running around,I feel like someone is shaking my body and slapping my face harshly.I tried to stop the hand but not work.A few seconds later I was fainted because of too tired.When I open my eyes the first person I find is my mum.she was sitting in front of me,holding my body with a weird face.i hug her as I saw her.by that time my face was already tears wetted. I can’t believe that I can dream those scary thing.It is just like truly happen in my real world.I cant imagine if it really happen to me.I cant face it.Seriusly this is my worst nightmare that I will never forget for the rest of my life.I am so happy because God is still giving me chance to be with my mum for a long time..I love my mum.


I'm Niki!

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