Now that we got off the wrong note on the Roman Empire, let us remember the amazing achievements we made. Our art, engineering, architecture, and latin language are the best you will ever see. I will tell you more about these in depth so first up is Roman art.       Let me tell you a little secret. Our art was actually influenced by the Greek civilization and all we did was add our own little blend to it. In my opinion, Roman sculptures can make some very good lifelike structures. Wealthy families enjoyed decorating their homes with murals and mosaics. Mosaics are basically pictures that are made up of small pieces of tile, glass, or even colored stone. They also made paintings called frescoes. Frescoes are a type of wall painting used to show a three-dimensional landscape. I think something really artistic about Roman artists is how they could add a sense of luxury to everything they drew. For example, they would show a glass of wine as a pile of grapes which is pretty creative. Another type of art form was the cameo which is a carved decoration showing a portrait or scene. One popular type of sculpture is the bust. A bust is a sculpture of the head. Wealthy Romans would put the busts of their ancestors in their homes. This was a way for people to show off their family roots.     Next off comes Roman architecture.  Romans used the arch, vault and dome to build the greatest buildings I have ever seen.  An arch is the base for a structure. The vault’s job is to support a ceiling or roof. When it comes to the dome, us Romans invented it. A dome is a vault in the shape of a semi-sphere that rests on a circular wall. Some domes structures we have made so far are the Pantheon and the Colosseum. The Pantheon is a temple we made located in Rome while the Colosseum is a stadium we made with tunnels designed for the spectators to reach their seats. Another one of our famous innovations is the Triumphal Arch. According to measurements from our Roman mathematicians it is approximately 615 feet long and and 510 feet wide. The stadium is so huge it can fit a capacity of  people. We used the Colosseum for gladiator games, mock battles, and the best part, drama. With all this information, you can see Roman architecture is fascinating.     When it comes to Roman engineering, some of the things we have made are aqueducts and roads. Aqueducts are a raised channel that we used to store and carry water over a long distance.  This was able to bring water from up to 60 miles away to places like the city’s public baths and fountains. Our second engineering achievement is the most impressive one.  This is because we invented the method of using travel by road which ended up being the fastest way to travel. We made our roads with layers of sand, cement, and water for it to harden.      Us Romans decided to make a system of laws to make sure everything in the Roman Empire was in control. We even had a philosophy influenced by the Greeks called Stoicism. Stoicism was the belief that a divine intelligence ruled over nature. Living in the right way meant living in a way that agreed with the ways of nature. Stoics believed it was important to have a very good character and personality. Stoics are well known for being able to bear pain and suffer through pain very silently. Anyone in the Roman Empire who behaves this way is a true Stoic. The Roman law covered many things like marriages, inheritances. The Roman law was carved and written down on tablets. These XII tablets of law was based on the idea that there was a universal law of justice that came from mother nature. They believed that every person had rights. But, the Romans didn’t always live up to their ideals. Romans treated the rich better than they treated slaves and the poor.  Laws were made by citizens who voted on it who were members of the assemblies. The people who enforced laws were called the Praetors. They are the second highest ranked official in the Roman government.         


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