Now with social media dependency we all are hooked to our smartphones, Pcs. Tablets either for hobby, work or just craving.Even the celebrities and most famous people try to behave like a normal people while taking their selfies, because they too have a craving to be liked on their Instagram or other social media pages. Nobody ask for autographs anymore: They want selfies. But public figures might hate it, I guess because they are no longer able to be in control of their own image.But I got shaken when I got to knew that “dermatologist can actually tell- in which hand a person holds his or her phone, in just by looking at which side of the face is most damaged”. Yes it’s true and I am sure you would also be in jolt completely while reading this statement.”Have you ever seen dull or dirty looking texture that you cannot identify on one side of your face?” Said Zein Obagi, who founded the obagi skin health institute in the US. This is what we call Electromagnetic pollution, and we all have to deal with its damage which is not only limited to our health but also damaging our skin rapidly, and there is no doubt Selfies fashion is the main murderer that is damaging the skin, speeding up ageing and promoting wrinkles. In short-working as a slow poison for our skin.   By taking too many selfies, dont you think Kim Kardashian could be making herself age quicker then others Nonetheless we says sunscreen protect our skin from many unwanted rays but this magnetic pollution interact with the membranes around your cells and damage proteins, increasing the amount of free radicals in your body and decreasing the amount of antioxidants in your system which further cause two more issues Dehydration-giving lines and wrinkles and Excess sebum-giving pimples and discoloration (I am not including dark circles associated with these devices) resulting in alteration of minerals in our skin which cannot be protected by a sunscreen alone, but if you can saturate your skin with antioxidants surely it can help and prevent DNA damage from electronic devices.The kind of life style that we all lead and the habits that we have formed, trying to avoid exposure to electromagnetic pollution is more or less impossible.So what’s the solution?No I will not talk about the natural solutions which are not at all easy ( at least not for me).Can you take a half an hour break for every two hrs. you spend on your computer?After 8 hrs. work day can you steal 30min for yourself from emails, FB and Instagram posts for daily yoga practice or sport? I know its difficult since it’s a miracle if you even manage to get those 30 minutes. Forget switching phones and computers off to go for a walk in nature.Life is hard enough! If not this What Else?Let our night time routine with good quality skin products take care of it!If technology damages our skin and health on the one hand, on the other it also helps us by contributing to the elaboration of advanced formulas for skin care products, which we can use to limit the damage caused by technology.When the sun goes down regenerate your skin with a good Serum yes you can become more beautiful while you are sleeping with your nite time skin care routine. Let your skin cells find their balance again. Make sure you keep your face moisturized not only during day but night as well.Never skip a deep cleansing before applying any serum and moisturizer.And last detox your skin with an additional glass of water, as no matter how many products you apply you cannot hydrate your skin from outside only.When you put your hand in the water for half-an-hour you see it white and crinkly, you don’t see any more hydration” You have to stimulate the skin to bring back hydration from within.” By Dr.Zein obagi.So Drink! Drink & Drink Reference     


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