it is truly common that numerous crimes are caused by young people. Sometimes,
those crimes have terrible consequences in society. This is a complicated issue
because authorities have to apply the law to someone. And this problem gets
worse when people, who are searching to blame someone, want to be responsible
to the parents for the crimes committed by their children. Other people agree
that parents should be held responsible if their children commit crimes under
certain circumstances. For instance, children who are under twelve years old or
in case of those children who have a mental disorder. Even though the circumstances
already gave can be justifiable, this is unfair to parents because they will be
punished for a crime that they do not commit. Although it is true that parents
have the responsibility to raise and educate to their children, I believe that
parents should not pay for the crimes of these teens do, due to children know
what they are doing and the crime is committed by children, no parents.

first and most significant reason to support that parents should not be held
responsible for the crimes of their children commit is that young people are
rational as to know what they are doing. According to the official website Private
Writing (2017), “Children know when they are committing a crime and doing
something wrong. It has nothing to do with their parents.” So, while some people
think that these adolescents are solely making a mistake, children are still lucid
and know perfectly what they are doing. For that reason, children should pay
for their own crimes as adults do.

A second reason to support that parents
should not be blamed for the crimes of their children is that the crime is not an
act of the parents, it is an action of the child. The official website Private
Writing (2017), affirms that “If a kid gets in trouble, it’s easy to blame the
parents, attribute the mishap to how they were raised (…), but that is what is
wrong with this country” So, it is true that parents are responsible to
inculcate their children a right behavior, however, this not means that parents
should pay for their children’s actions. In addition, sometimes parents impart
children a moral education but most teens prefer to imitate the actions of
their peers than their parents. What is more, sometimes unruly young people do
the contrary adult’s order, and most especially in the adolescence.

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summarize, Parents should not pay for their children’s crimes because two
important reasons. Firstly, children are human beings who have judgment as
adults to know what is correct or incorrect. And secondly, despite parents have
to raise their children, they are not the same person, the crime is committed
by the child, no parents. I disagree that parents should be responsible for the
crimes committed by their minors. In my consideration, each person should be
responsible for their own actions and crimes regardless of age. In case of
minor children, I think they should be guilty of his/her crimes, in this way,
they will not have the freedom to do what they want and will be more careful.



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