also known as National Parks Board is responsible for maintaining and enhancing
the greenery in Singapore. Besides building and enhancing the greenery in
Singapore, Nparks is also in charge of Community in Bloom, Community in Nature
projects and is the lead agency in nature conservation. With that being said,
one of the four known nature reserves under Nparks’ care is located at the
northwest part of the main island of Singapore. This nature reserve is Sungei
Buloh Wetland Reserve. However, in the 19th century, majority of the
original mangroves were cleared for the sole purpose of prawn farming. Luckily
in 1986, the Singapore Branch of Malayan Nature Society recognized the
diversity of birds present in the Nature Reserve, and decided to conserve the
area for its rich bird life. However, it was known to be a Nature Park when it
first established in 1993, but was gazetted to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to
better suit its name. With the help of various experts and the local community,
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve gradually improved and expanded; from the size of
87 hectares to 202 hectares today.  Sungei
Buloh is also situated under the National Parks, Gardens and Nature Reserves
Cluster of the NParks board. The organizational structure in Sungei Buloh are
as follows: the Director in charge, Mr How Choon Beng, followed by the Deputy
Director Ms Yang Shu Fen, Senior Manager Mr Mendis Tan, Managers Ms Chua Yen
Kheng and Mr Lim Hann Yaw, Senior Officers of Conservation and Outreach
management, and finally Officers and Assistant Officers as well. The
organizational chart can be seen from Appendix A, Figure 1. 

respect to Sungei Buloh’s vision, it is to be a wetland hub and nature learning
centre serving Singapore as well as the region. This also includes drawing upon
experienced international partners in the field to help enrich the public as
well. With that being said, a mission is also present in Sungei Buloh; to
impart a love for nature in people, training them to become ambassadors for environmental
sustainability as they work closely with nature.


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