I’m against atomic power because in my sentiment it is really unsafe largely for the population that live in the country of a atomic power works. but besides for the environment and in by and large for the wellness of all the Earth. I’m against the usage of atomic power for obvious grounds such as accidents in the atomic power works so in the history had made devastation and decease. to give the two most celebrated illustrations Chernobyl ( 1986 ) and Fukushima ( 2011 ) . The radioactive dust of both this atomic power works. from Ukraine and Japan. arrived even in Italy.

The worst thing is that the amendss caused by atomic accidents are non merely in the immediate. but go on for decennaries and possibly centuries in the environment. besides damaging the agricultural economic system of the country. and in the populations. around 6. 000. 000 deceases worldwide in over 70 old ages. numbering all types of malignant neoplastic diseases attributed to the catastrophe of Chernobyl. But this is non the lone ground why I’m against the atomic power. in fact. even if fortunately. accidents do non happen. for every twenty-four hours of work a atomic power works produces kgs and kgs of radioactive waste. really unsafe waste so are traveling to busy a batch of infinite. a large cachexia of room. largely nowadays it is a really large job. Another ground is that the building cost of a atomic power works is really high. No private endeavor even conceive of to construct a atomic power works without funding from the province. In fact. the estimation cost for the building of power works. which are around 5 billion euro ( 8 one million millions dollars ) .


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