Nursing as a Career. Vocation. or Job?

Nursing as a Career. career or merely a occupation is a inquiry that may have many different replies. In my ain personal sentiment. I think that Nursing could be all three for different people or even all three things for the same individual. Is it so difficult to believe that someone’s occupation is their calling. and even that the individual is lucky plenty to hold a career/job as their career in life? I think non. A occupation is something that one gets paid for. makes a populating off of it and takes pride in their work. A calling is a womb-to-tomb committedness to a occupation or line of work. You get paid for it. you sometimes acquire benefits and even acquire to retire. A career is a naming in life. It is God’s chosen country for one to work in or make. It is a particular endowment. “Individual nursing pattern is determined by the calling way selected and is dependent upon instruction. experience. work scene and geographical location. Nurses may follow their personal and professional involvements by working with any group of people. in any scene. at any clip. There is no profession which offers as many chances for diversified functions as does nursing. ” ( Sigma Theta Tau. 2014 )

“Using Blum’s theoretical account of careers it is argued that such businesss are socially expressed within patterns incarnating traditions. norms and a scope of significances: industrial. societal. personal and moral. Vocational workers are those who identify in certain ways with these traditions. norms and significances. ” ( PubMed. 2002 ) “Nursing as a occupation requires non merely handling patients who are ill and injured. but besides offering advice and emotional support to patients and their households. taking attention of paperwork ( tonss and tonss of paperwork ) . assisting physicians diagnose patients and supplying advice and follow-up attention. ” ( Snagajob. 2014 )

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