The inquiry of whether the pattern of nursing is considered a profession or an business is an on-going argument. much like the on-going argument over what defines a profession. Several bookmans have outlined standards for sing an business to be a profession. Given a list of bookmans and their standards for what features define a profession. I have chosen the list formulated by Lucie Kelly. RN. PhD. FAAN. Although the scholars’ works seem to portion similar standards and any could be selected for comparing. I have chosen Kelly’s standards based on her background in the nursing profession. In add-on to being a nurse. Dr. Kelly is a author and a instructor. She compiled a list of eight features of a profession in 1981 ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . Though they were written over 30 old ages ago. Kelly’s standards are still relevant to modern nursing pattern.

Harmonizing to Kelly’s first standard. a profession should supply a service to humanity and to society as a whole ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . I believe that there is no sustainable statement against the fact that this is precisely what nurses do. Nurse provide a service by caring for persons in our society who are sick or injured. and they educate and promote health in their communities. I believe that the nursing constitution surely meets and perchance defines the demands for this peculiar criterion.

I believe nursing besides meets the 2nd criterion. which states that a profession should possess a particular organic structure of cognition that is invariably advanced through research ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . Nursing is based on scientific discipline. but what sets the profession apart is the focal point on the person as a alone being and their response to wellness jobs. Nursing is invariably being refined through evidence-based pattern. “Nursing is no longer based on test and mistake but progressively relies on theory development and research as a footing for practice” ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) .

The 3rd feature of a profession. harmonizing to Kelly. is that the service involves rational activities and that answerability is an of import characteristic of those activities ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . I believe nursing besides meets these demands through the nursing procedure. In order to supply attention for an person. a nurse must measure the job. make up one’s mind on an attack ( or program of attention ) . and implement that program. The nurse has to be able to measure the result of those actions and adjust the program consequently. Autonomy is an of import portion of this single duty. Nurses are held accountable for their single actions by their employers. patients. and the populace.

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Registered nurses today are required to run into rigorous educational criterions before using for licensure. Kelly’s 4th standard requires practicians to be educated in institutes of higher acquisition ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . Associate or baccalaureate grades are the most common instruction degrees for registered nurses. Some sheepskin plans are still being run in infirmaries. but their Numberss are steadily worsening ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 149 ) . Graduate degree plans focused on instruction. research. and advanced pattern provide chances for nurses to come on in their callings.

The 5th feature of a profession is the 1 that I think is most debated. It states that practicians are comparatively independent and modulate their ain policies ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . Nursing is independent and autonomous. Over clip. nursing has established its ain values. moralss. and protocol. However. many would reason the existent public presentation of nursing itself still falls under the way and control of doctors and decision makers.

Nursing is classically regulated in the installation in which the nurse plants by their institutional policies. Besides. many people feel that because a nurse must hold orders from a doctor. they lack autonomy ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . This argument about liberty ties in with the treatment on the 3rd standard. Nurses provide nursing attention autonomously ; they do non pattern medical specialty.

For the sixth of Kelly’s eight features. the statement made is that practicians are motivated by service and see their work an of import constituent of their lives ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . Nursing easy meets this standard. I believe the bulk of nurses. if asked why they chose nursing. would instantly react that they want to assist others or to do a difference. I believe most nurses derive their greatest satisfaction from nursing when they know they have done a good occupation. helped person in demand. or merely lightened the burden that burdens a patient. Nursing is one of the purest signifiers of selflessness as I understand it. The importance of their profession in their lives is evident ; merely inquire a nurse what they do.

The 7th and 8th features can be addressed together. The 7th feature is that a codification of moralss exists. and the eighth is that there is an organisation that supports this codification ( Chitty & A ; Black. 2011. p. 66 ) . There are a figure of professional organisations to which nurses belong. The ANA. or American Nurses Association. is the first nursing organisation in the United States. The ANA sets policies. has established the most widely recognized codification of moralss. and anterooms to advance the acknowledgment of the field of nursing ( “NursingWorld” . 2012 ) . All accredited nurses are regulated by their province board. Each province sets criterions for range of pattern.

Harmonizing to Kelly’s eight features. the field of nursing surely meets the standards of a profession with small room for argument. Over the last century. nursing has evolved from a task-oriented business to an rational profession through research. instruction. and organisation. There are some barriers to finish credence of nursing as a profession. Nurses have a duty to themselves to progress their profession both internally and in the eyes of the populace. I consider nursing to be a profession. and will go on to pattern as a professional nurse to the best of my ability.

Chitty. K. . & A ; Black. B. ( 2011 ) . Professional nursing: Concepts & A ; challenges. ( 6th ed. ) . Maryland Heights. Moment: Saunders Elsevier. NursingWorld. ( 2012 ) . Retrieved September 26. 2012 from American Nurses Association web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nursingworld. org/


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