is a very time-consuming career as well as having the perseverance to control a
hard situation. I understand that the role of a nurse can be very demanding and
it requires you to develop relationships with patients and their families. I
have these skills and I genuinely want to make a difference to people, to
assist them and their families through difficult times when they are at their
most vulnerable.  

have to be strong willed people, they have to be able to help other physically,
emotionally and mentally. Having a strong will is very beneficial as there will
be times where a nurse will have to handle tough situations while having to
keep a positive attitude while giving patients all the support they need. I
feel like I have the right mentality to be able to keep my patients feeling
they are in the best place as well as making them feel like they are still a
person rather than just a patient.

 While at secondary school I received a number
of bronze awards for achieving merits in many subjects, which shows I am a very
hardworking individual and enjoy taking part in team building exercises which
shows I can also be a great team leader.

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am currently enrolled as a full-time college student where I study higher
sociology, higher care and math’s. This has benefitted by helping balance
workload, assessments and assignments throughout the year. Moving onto higher
education has given me an insight to what it will be like while studying
nursing with the full amount of work and effort needed.

college, while studying care it has given me the opportunity to explore
physical, emotional and mental care. The course covers values and principles
which involves the main standards for providing care, it looks into the human
development and behaviour as well as some of the social influences that affects
people’s lives. This class has definitely peaked my interest further into the
health sector. I believe that this class has given me the skills that are
appropriate for a nurse to possess; these include empathy, compassion,
nurturing personality and many more.

 For 3 years I have been employed as a waitress
in a local hotel. This has been excellent for my interpersonal skills as it
involves talking to people that I am not familiar with. A skill that is
connected with the role of a nurse, as I face new challenges each day in my
job. I also attended a nursing event which has helped me have an insight to
what it takes to be a nurse, I took part in a series of areas in nursing such
as dementia care, trauma and basic life support, wound care, health improvement
and the role of a Nurse. Within in these I learned how to remove stitches and
how to do basic CPR. This has fueled my desire to gain entry to the nursing




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