The dictionary defines growing and development as the procedure by which human addition in size and mature in signifier and map. It can be influenced by nurture- the act of nurturing and the physical universe or nature itself. Raising affects growing when it comes to biological aspects- heredity for case. If the parents are both tall. the possibility that the offspring be tall is high. Hence. it truly affects growing. But. what about the development?

For certain. heredity is once more involved. However. nurture affects human growing particularly development. It is a immense factor in both two. It affects growing in the sense that the foods needed by a kid is dependent in fostering ways of his household most particularly the parents themselves. Parents are the agent for fostering their kid. Raising. moreover. affects development in so many ways. If the societal reading of an person is bad. possibly the merchandise is besides bad and vise versa in good. In add-on. here are some cases that raising affects development:

First. during the primary phase when the household is the immediate environment and the kid is still non capable of believing. the parents themselves influenced the individuality of this kid through the given name. whether we like it or non. we can non take what name we wanted others to name us because raising dictates it. Second. during the secondary phase. our societal construct is affected/influenced by the environment- church. school. equal group. societal scene and mass media.

If we are raised in a Christian household. possibly we tend to pattern what has been indoctrinated to us. Hence. even Socio-Economic position ( SOS ) affects one’s societal construct. Last. it is merely to state that raising dictates one’s personality. It should be normative adequate and is accepted by the society.

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