American public today is the issue of healthcare in the United States. Recently implemented, the Affordable Healthcare Act will provide healthcare for many uninsured Americans. One of the supposed “crowning achievements” of President Barack Beam’s time In office was the passing of this law. But It certainly was never easy. Opposing Republicans have tried to repeal this law entirely or have parts of It removed since the day It was passed.

While Democrats/Liberals argue that this law will help the very poor in this country no anger have to worry about the incredible costs from healthcare in the country prior to the implementation of this law. Meanwhile, Republicans/Conservatives argue that this law will hurt businesses and also forces too many Americans to rely on the government. Personally, I believe that this law will benefit the United States a lot, and helps the many poor and uninsured citizens in this country. The Affordable Healthcare Act was fully Implemented on January 1st, 2014.

Already, many Americans have signed up for their Insurance provided by the government. To be specific, nearly 0 million people now are covered by this law as of January 6th of this year [“Has Beamer really signed up 10 million people? ” Washington’s. Com. Ezra Klein. Moon. 6 Jan, 2014]. But since enrollment Into the program began, the healthcare. Gob website had many technical Issues. Conservatives argue that this poor enrollment process is evidence as to how this law will never work.

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What they refuse to realize is the fact that regardless of the enrollment process starting out very shaky, it does not change the fact that once implemented, the law would provide affordable healthcare or all Americans. Still, as of now, the whole enrollment process and website has been fully fixed, and is now enrolling and insuring so many Americans. A point that many Democrats have been arguing is that the Republicans in Congress do not actually have any concern for the law itself, but for the politics of the law. For the past few years, Republicans have been continuously arguing that this law will ruin America.

But It appears that many of their arguments present no substance, but Just ways to scare the American public Into being terrified of the law and the President himself. Liberals believe that this Is because Republicans are terrified that Americans will like the law and eventually be entirely used to it, leaving Republicans looking terrible politically. With all the slander and arguments against the law by Republicans, if the American public likes the law, theft be put in an absolutely terrible spot for the mid-term elections, and possibly lose their power over the House of Representatives.

They’ve already been extremely unsuccessful at having the law repealed. In fact they’ve voted over 40 times to have the law appealed. No other law in United States history has almost been repealed as much as this law. In fact, voting to repeal a law has a cost. It takes taxpayers’ dollars to do so, and it has been meaningless almost every single time. To be specific, the costs of these repeal bills have cost us $1. 45 million of taxpayers dollars not spent on programs to help Improve America.

Many Republicans don’t even take the repeals seriously anymore. For the 40th attempt to repeal back In August of 2013, they comically named the bill “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013” [“Beamer Repeal: Sillier and More From this information, it is clear that Republicans have no concern over helping the American people when it comes to healthcare. They would much rather have no change in the current (and broken) system than to have a new law present, especially one that would help Democrats in the next election.

And as stated in the article, “If the fact that Republicans who oppose Beamer are voting against coverage for poor people, young people, minorities, and women hasn’t been enough to make you mad, maybe this will be. Each time there’s another Beamer repeal vote, your GOP representatives are letting you know that to them, your health care Just isn’t as important as that Coo’s bonus check”. Another hotly contested part of this law is that it forces employers to provide contraception (given to them by the government) to all employees.

This is where religion plays a major role in the debate, yet it still remains a Liberal-conservative fight, even though many liberals are religious as well. The conservative point of view is that is against their religious values to force anyone to provide (free) contraception, as they oppose contraception for women. Of course this is mainly catholic men who have this view, and they believe that it is fine for hem to impose religious views on other people, while also not giving women a say in what they want.

Sandra Fluke, a young law student at Georgetown University argued that health insurers should be required to cover contraception (the liberal point of view). She also stated that due to the fact that the United States of America is not a country that has a state religion. This meaning that due to the rule that there must be a separation between church and state, no laws can have a reliance on any specific religion, nor can any law be affected by religious views. Shortly after she dad these comments, conservative analyst Rush Lumbago called this woman a “slut” for wanting contraception provided to her [“Rush Lumbago vs..

Sandra Fluke: Does Contraceptive Insurance Make You a Slut? ” slate. Com, William Salesman. 5 Mar. 2012]. Of course he later apologized, but it really reveals the thought process that many of these conservative men have. Yet these conservatives have no issue with men being provided condoms, even though it is also technically a form of contraception. So this issue has really taken a step away from religious beliefs, but to a gender equality issue. The question to be asked here is if conservative men are ready to accept the idea that women have Just as much say in this topic as men.

Yet another debate present in this whole healthcare topic is whether putting the government in charge of healthcare makes Americans too reliant on the government. As one would expect, conservatives believe it certainly is, as the whole “rugged individualism” belief is still prominent, even today. “Rugged individualism” is the belief that in a capitalist society, one must provide for themselves and for their families, and not rely upon anyone for help (ex. Latherer, food stamps, social security, etc. ). Of course the liberal belief is that there are people who need help and do not have the opportunity to improve their lives the way some do.

This meaning that the government would need to find a way to provide a kind of ‘safety blanket’ for the poorest people in our country. Unfortunately, this safety blanket has all but fallen apart over recent years regardless of the programs in place. A main reason being that none of these people could afford healthcare, and when hurt, would not have enough money to pay for the insurance, recover and work. Conservatives constantly any of these people work harder than most of us even do. For example, they work 2 or 3 extremely low-paying Jobs.

But back to the point at hand, this healthcare law helps everyone, not Just the poor. It takes the cost that employers have to pay to constantly provide healthcare for their workers, and nearly eliminates it, which actually simplifies business. Then of course it makes health insurance costs drop based on income, which really helps the poorest people in our country. Throughout this report, I have presented both conservative and liberal views on specific parts of the “Affordable Healthcare Act”. What I haven’t stated was the destruction that has been caused by Republicans refusing to give up on repealing this law.

The moment it was implemented, our country had began a government shutdown. Republicans say that this was made by the Democrats by not negotiating on reviewing this law once again (even though it had been passed over 40 times, including a review by the Supreme Court). Yet of course the government was shut down because neither party could agree on a budget, nothing to do with the healthcare law. It was Republicans who brought healthcare into the whole topic, and cost many Americans their Jobs during the shutdown, along with hurting our whole economy.


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