The article talks about “What was sold to the American people as the greatest reform of the U. S. Healthcare system in our history is turning out to be the biggest contributing factor destroying the greatest economy in the history of the planet. ” In addition the article is talking about how employers are being forced to cut full time people and make them part time.

Also it talks about how that it is not the employers fault it is Just that some corporations Just have to many employees to where they Anton afford to insure everyone so that being said many employers are cutting people from full time to part time which is better than laying people off and keeping less employees and provide them with health insurance. Personally I dislike this entire Beamer idea it is narrowing the amount of Jobs that teens are able to have even smaller.

Also I am currently working at Meijer in Portage and I have been trying to keep up with the news and about a few weeks ago after Beamer started to take effect in businesses I realized that they had starting cutting everyone’s hours at my lace of employment. After I noticed that I started to spread the word to my fellow employees because some of them have families and have to support them with their job, so after I told them many of the workers searched for different Jobs.

Also I have been hearing a lot of talk about how that there will be no middle class and that there will be only an upper and lower class. People don’t realize that the Beamer plan is increasing that gap tremendously because it is causing people with good Jobs to make less because their employer cannot afford to insure them with the Beamer. In addition while people are being part time it is cause people to go out and get Jobs that they are way over qualified for Just to support their families.

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Since Beamer is a national government order that has taken place the promotion and marketing of it is phenomenal. Even though I consider it to be pretty terrible, the way that it has been marketed that it was going to be this great plan that would help people that didn’t have health care was great. It got people excited but them not knowing what it would cost them in the long run.


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