A ) What are the grounds that led you to take societal work as a profession? Discuss how your personal values. cognition of societal issues. and the professional and community experiences that have influenced your determination to come in the societal work profession. This should non be a chronology of your life. but an nonsubjective statement. You may discourse your bearer aims and personal rating. The chase of one’s ends and dreams are journeys that oftentimes take a life-time to carry through.

There are those who reach the terminal of their lives non carry throughing what they wanted to make because they were either excessively intimidated by the chance of even shiping on such a pursuit or they did non hold the right chances in life. I have been working for a figure of old ages and during that clip I have had plentifulness of clip to see my calling develop as my life passed by. Yet. there comes a certain point in one’s life when 1 must do a steadfast determination. a committedness to something much more than one’s ain personal ends.

Frequently. this means giving one for the other. There are those. nevertheless. who are lucky plenty to hold their ain personal ends and that chase for higher aims converge. This is why I have chosen to go on in the chase of my higher instruction at this university. My determination to prosecute this calling was greatly influenced by my determination to make volunteer community service work. During this clip I sort of drifted into societal work therefore motivating me to be a societal worker. As such. I have come to a point in life that many people have non.

I have made a steadfast determination to recommit myself to prosecuting my dreams. While there are those who believe that with an ounce of fortune and a ton of continuity anything can be accomplished. I believe that there is no ground to use so much energy and trust on fortune. I believe in taking clasp of my fate and carving out a hereafter for myself based on the determinations that I make in life. Life is merely excessively short and excessively cherished to be left to luck entirely. This is why I have chosen to use for this class at this esteemed academic establishment.

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My parents have ever been community oriented their whole life and have devoted much of their clip making out and assisting other people in our community. Naturally. I learned how to utilize my ability to assist the others who are in demand and how to interact with them readily and satisfactorily. My affirmatory ideas and ceaseless enthusiasm toward the other civilizations greatly affected in acquisition and accepting the new civilizations every bit good as assisting those who are less fortunate in life. Thus. I was adamantly certain that I wanted to analyze more about the planetary civilizations and increase the planetary esthesia while analyzing in the University.

The plants that I have done while I was in school such as earning those valuable awards are complimented by my societal work. Most significantly. I figured out my lifetime end. gained many relationships and learned the valuable lesson of sharing. All my parts. little or large. seemed to be really appreciated by those people and I felt proud of myself. After all those voluntaries plants and the deepness in instruction. I am now more confident about myself and I made up my head to dispute myself to acquire into this plan.

I will significantly use all that I saw. listened. and felt in the community works to my educational ends. I will seek my best to go a function theoretical account of following the proper steps for the alleviation of the minorities to supply them just chances and advantages in life. With good analyzed research informations and converting presentation. I will play an of import function as a nexus between the minorities and the protagonist. B ) Discuss your apprehension of the societal work profession. I understand the societal work profession to be much more than merely an outsize outreach plan.

I understand that to be a societal work professional 1 has to non merely understand the societal kineticss that exist but besides the best manner with which to cover with these affairs. This is apparent in one of the pressure concerns in the societal work profession which is the danger that the societal workers are exposed to. As such. societal work for me means understanding the societal clime and being able to place the jobs. In making so. one is able to make something more concrete and develop programs that will non merely relieve the jobs of others but besides provide a permanent solution.

This is what I believe the kernel of the Social Work Profession is. It is more than merely making something to assist others. It is assisting others so that you can better communities and society as a whole. C ) There are many assisting professions. We are interested in cognizing why you want to be a societal worker. What do you be after to make one time you have your obtained M. S. W. Degree? Discuss personal qualities that make you suited for the societal work profession such as accomplishments. strengths. and weaknesses. I realize that the jeopardies that societal workers are exposed to are legion so.

It has been said that societal workers perform “society’s most hard and necessary work” while non holding the necessary protection that they need. The dangers that abound in the work of societal workers come from the people that these societal workers are seeking to assist. The different patients and persons a societal worker meets during the class of work have a inclination to respond violently in certain state of affairss. As such. I besides understand that this is one manner by which I can carry through my ends in life. I have ever wanted to assist alter the universe.

As a kid. I believed that if everyone did their ain small portion in taking that excess measure to assist others. the universe would be a much better topographic point for everyone. The blunt world of it all hit me non long after that but it did non decrease my resoluteness. I figured that if so many people I knew did non desire to make their portion in altering the universe so I would likely hold to make their portion. This is where my motive to prosecute societal work comes from ; the thrust to travel the excess stat mi merely to do a difference in this universe.

I see my end in life as similar to that of Nurse Leader Mary Breckenridge in that I know that societal dramas a really of import function in the universe today. There are few occupations and professions that are every bit honoring as societal work. While other occupations may acquire more promotion. the function that societal workers play in society is extremely valued and appreciated. My motive has to make with the fact that this is one of the ways by which I am able to make something that I truly want to make in my life and that is to care and assist other people.

More significantly. I greatly feel that by taking up my MSW I will be able to do a difference in this universe much like Mary Breckenridge has done. D ) Why are you using to Kean University? Why are you using at this clip? Over the old ages. my voluntary and societal work accomplishments cultivated a sense of empathy and apprehension in me. It instills selflessness and composure while covering with jobs. I am now in a place to better trade with different people since I can be patient and more accommodating.

Combined with the preparation and instruction that I will acquire through the plan of this school. I am confident that I will be able to accomplish my short term and long term ends in life. I have besides ever been committed to community service and campus authorities. and program on go oning these of import activities. I will convey to the campus what others have considered in me an infective “joy of larning. exhilaration for the hereafter. and need for universe part. ” That is in kernel my doctrine and I believe it will be able to lend to the campus community if given the chance to make so.

While I personally believe that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and that everything a individual has in life must come from difficult work and doggedness. I besides believe in charity. I believe in assisting others who do non hold much in life. I believe in assisting people irrespective of their state. race or credo. I believe in being a better individual so I can outdo aid myself and others around me. I believe that the Kean University’s Master of Social Work Program is the best topographic point for me to turn these beliefs into worlds. Tocopherol ) Discuss fortunes that may hold had an influence on your past academic public presentation.

True. during my undergraduate surveies. I was faced with a batch of personal and household reverses which impacted negatively on my public presentation. However. I was able to set those jobs behind me and completed my undergraduate grade with a really respectable class point norm. If anything. I feel that the narrative of these experiences serves to confirm my claim that I do recognize what I need to make in life and what I aim to do of my calling. Unlike most people. I truly believe that I have been fortunate to acquire these experiences and I know that I should do the most of this alone chance.

F ) Please discourse any particular fortunes or factors which you believe will help us in our determination devising procedure. I bring to this campus a assortment of assets and committednesss. I have benefited from a multi-cultural mentoring plan in high school. As an open-minded pupil. I believe I am able to lend to non merely the cultural diverseness. but besides the planetary positions of the acquisition community. My experience and position will greatly profit those that I will be able to interact with on campus. I look frontward to the rich academic and cultural experience that this all right University has to offer.


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