Baby can reach the toy from sitting. Knees when held in a standing position. Evaluation: | 12. If the toy is dropped, the baby will | 13. If a toy falls out of sight, | 14. Baby kicks strongly. | 19. Baby can sag at the The aim of this observation was to observe AC, a six – month – old baby boy, in order to assess his physical development. I believe AC is within the norms for his age. During the observation AC could lift the head and chest of the mat by supporting on outstretched arms while lying in the prone position.

Also he rolled over from front to back. However, every time AC was in this position, he rolled himself into a sitting position. He was making no attempt to crawl in the prone position, which – according to Beaver and Brewster (1999) – some babies of his age may do. In supine position AC lift his head up to look at his feet and kicks strongly. He raises his arms requesting to be lifted and start crying. If pulled to sit, AC can grab the hands and pull himself into a sitting position. While sitting, AC enjoys very much looking around. He sits with a support.

When standing he is not bearing and bouncing up and down, he does not sag at the knees. According to Flood (2010), some babies enjoys bearing and bouncing up and down. AC does not sit without support, which is in the line with development norms for six – months – old babies. In terms of fine motor skills, AC is using palmary grasp to grab wanted toy, he is exploring toys, using one or both hands, UT does not transfer from hand to hand. During the observation, he couldn’t hold his bottle, it was Just not observed at this time. However, he can grab wanted toy, while sitting.

If the toy is dropped, AC will watch where it falls, if it is within sight. If a toy falls out of sight, he does not look for it. At this age, babies are using whole hand to pick everything in his reach with one or to hand, turns it over and takes it to his mouth (Flood 2010). In summary, AC physical development in terms of gross and fine motor skills seem to have reached most of development norms for his age. Personal Learning Gained: From observing AC this week, I have learned more about stage of development for six – months – old babies.

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I also learned about carrying out observation. Recommendation: I hope that planning activities for babies is essential for child – care workers. I think that would be useful for AC playing more time in prone position. His spine and arm’s muscles would become stronger so that he could begin to crawl. In order to stimulating fine motor development I would recommend provide bricks to transfer from one hand to another – adult will courage the baby to copy the action.


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