As a youth worker in a learning environment, I view my role as that of learning facilitator. I always follow the same format to establish boundaries for myself and the group. I encourage the learners to use a peer approach to learning. In my practice I deliver workshops to young people around participation, inclusion, self esteem, anger and conflict management, quality assurance and recruitment and selection. The young people who attend my learning workshops are there in a voluntary capacity and therefore have an interest in learning, although they have a variety of different needs and abilities.

It is important to set the appropriate boundaries for learners. The main boundaries to be set are: Behavior This applies to both teacher and learners and relates to behavior that would put either party at risk of harm. This area also promotes the integrity of the teacher. The learner is more likely to listen to a person they respect and know where they stand with them Respect No person should discriminate or belittle others in any way. All parties will recognize diversity and celebrate it. Personal Learners and the teacher should only speak about themselves if it is appropriate ND they feel comfortable in doing so.

The teacher should set an example to learners. An appropriate dress code should adhere to. Occasionally inappropriate dress could be distracting and act as a barrier to learning. A primary responsibility of any teacher is to assess current skills and measure the learning that has taken place during the learning process. This has three main objectives; 1) To establish a baseline of skills and knowledge and therefore aid in the monitoring process for effective learning and in identifying when learning has taken place. To meet the educational needs of individual learners, their skills and identify areas for further development. 3) To offer encouragement and stimulate the learners. Using appropriate assessment tools is vital. I take a creative approach to initial assessment and encourage learners to set out their strengths and weaknesses through an assessment wheel. This process is repeated midway and at the end of the course of workshops. I also encourage the learners to put together an individual learning plan based on what they personally want to learn and develop.

I firmly live that the assessment and learning process should be non threatening and constructive and I see that it my responsibility as a teacher to ensure that the process of learning is an enjoyable one As well as an assessor I understand my role to be: Planner Planning sessions and learning experiences. Communicator To articulate information to learners Mediator To explain and resolve issues where confusion could be a source of conflict. Stimulator To build on the desire to learn and to make learning a Joy not a chore. To be an example to learners and to earn respect.

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It is vitally important, for learning to take place, which a teacher adopts all of these roles. I like to think that I take on these roles when I teach young people. Past experiences and evaluations from learners, their parent’s and other professionals have told me that I have achieved this through researching new delivery methods, using those methods of delivery, evaluating the process and developing my practice over time. 555 words Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle


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