They say that Christopher Columbus claimed to see three mermaids in the oceans near Haiti in January of 1493. He said that they were not as pretty as everybody said they were. A mermaids description entails a human upper body and a lower body resembling a fish. Some feel that they are beautiful women with a long colorful fish tail, and are always combing there hair sitting on a rock. They also live for a very long time without aging one bit. Others consider mermaids to be ugly creatures because of their human upper body and lower fish tail.

There has never been any documented or taped sightings to prove that mermaids truly exist. Even though there is a lot of speculation, people still believe mermaids exist. If anybody sees anything odd in the sea they may think it could be a mermaid. Most people do not believe in mermaids because there hasn’t been a proven sighting. There are some unknown creatures in the sea but to our knowledge are not considered to be mermaids. With all the centuries that have past since the first documented sighting there still has not been anything else recorded that could be considered a mermaid.

Mermaids are Just a myth that was past on from centuries ago to get people thinking about whether this phenomenon could exist. ” In short, the whole thing appears to be another urban myth, one of those weird tales that periodically catch the public imagination. “(Gala, Maid, Iron 343-345) Mermaids seem to be a myth started centuries ago for future generations to explore. There still haven’t been any signs that a mermaid creature or other creatures resembling it are existing in the ocean. Mermaids where documented by the ancient Greeks, without showing any evidence or proof that they exist, even Hough they are still sought after today.

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