In the epic “The Odyssey,” the main character Odysseus must overcome various obstacles in order to grow. Odysseus has to overcome the Lotus Eaters which, “those who ate [the] honeyed plant, never [care] to report, nor return home,” (Homer 1212). Odysseus has to force himself to not give in and eat the lotus that would cause him to not want to go home and remain with the lotus eaters. The men that do eat the lotus do not want to return home; therefore Odysseus has to tie them to a bench in order to keep them from staying on the island. Odysseus has a tough decision to make when he, “[sends] them on toward Scylla, [he] told them nothing as they could do nothing,” (Homer 1235). Odysseus has to make a sacrifice and chooses the way that less of his men will die. This makes him more appreciative of his men.

Odysseus faces his biggest challenge with Calypso because, “for seven of the ten years Odysseus has spent wandering the Mediterranean Sea, he has been held captive by the goddess Calypso on her island,” (Homer 1206). After Odysseus’ men die from all his other obstacles he is alone to fend for himself. He winds up on Calypso’s island where she holds him for seven years. The time he is there he longs for his wife, Penelope. Odysseus faces many obstacles throughout his journey. He faces obstacles as do the people in today’s society. People in today people do not face monsters but face obstacles such as death of friends or family members and problems with money. Although their obstacles are different they both force the person experiencing them to change and grow.


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