He shows his self- inference after his blinding because even when he is blind he shouts, “open the doors, someone: show me to all the people of Thebes… ” (Knox 94), which shows that even though he is physically impaired, he has enough confidence that he can leave his home and reveal his face. Usually when a person has more power, such as Oedipus did as King, they expect to be treated differently, but Oedipus expected to be treated like a citizen would be treated for his crimes. From my personal opinion, I think that Oedipus seems completely defeated by the blinding.

On page 95 Oedipus says, “Darkness, dark cloud all around me, enclosing me, unspeakable darkness… ” Darkness has a known connotation for depression and sadness. This sentence is very negative and he uses dark words that express his sadness and guilt. Depression is normally linked with darkness and clouds, compared to sun as happy, and when he used “darkness” and “dark cloud” it is evident that Oedipus is crushed to find that what the prophets had said was true. While Oedipus has the same level of confidence, I believe, from the context, that he is distraught over the recent events. . Sophocles chose to focus his play during one day, which is strange considering all of the action that took place during this day. I like how he tied in the different parts of the story that were not mentioned such as the encounter with the Sphinx and Oedipus fatal encounter with Alias. The author does not tell everything that happened during those scenes, but he ends up looping them into the story. For example, the encounter with Alias is brought up in the story in detail when Oedipus tells Jotas about his Journey in which he accidentally killed Alias. On pages 55-57,

Oedipus describes the Journey and the minuscule events, which brings back the previous events. This allows for the reader to still understand everything, and brings a little irony into the picture. The irony about it is that the reader knows that Oedipus is Alias’ son and they know that the prophets were right in saying that he was going to kill his father and wed his mother. I think he chose to write his play in one day so that it did not drag out. If he had started from the encounters, then there would have been a long break in between that and when Oedipus is crowned King.

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The author also would have had to repeat the story about Alias’s death so that the reader could understand that irony and connection. Sophocles does a fantastic Job in making the reader have to think instead of handing out the information to the reader. If the book had started at a different scenario, it would have changed the way it was interpreted and understood. 3. I think that there are ways in which Oedipus is better and worse than world leaders today. Oedipus owned up to his actions and excepted the punishment that he received which, in my opinion, is honorable.

He did not try to put he blame on someone else, and once he realized that he was the one who killed Alias he took responsibility and got the same punishment that someone on a lower scale would have received. Many world leaders, because of their rank and authority, are offered easier punishments and some that are not as harsh as a regular citizen’s would be. This is a way that they are different. Oedipus is the same as some world leaders in a certain way. When Oedipus was first told that he was the one who killed Alias, he immediately doubted it.

This is the same with our world leaders; they do to think that some things are true or right, when in reality they are the truest. Oedipus did not want to believe what the man was saying because he did not want it to be true. Oedipus is worse than our leaders in the world today because he completely over reacted. There was no need for him to blind himself after he saw his wife/mother commit suicide. Our world leaders do not over react a lot, but Oedipus seemed to overreact frequently in this book. He overreacted when the man told him that Croon was a traitor. There are ways that Oedipus is worse and better than leaders in the world today.


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