Because I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you, and that’s why! ” (Steinbeck,15). A life without anyone by your side will result in profound loneliness and agony. You will not only lose your head and experience levels of insanity, but your heart as well, for you will become bitter and cynical about life and envious of others who have friendship and love. The characters in the novel Of Mice and Men prove this to be true. Each character in the story is on their own personal Journey of either having companionship or loneliness.

Throughout the novel you really start to see how loneliness will manipulate and affect how a man lives his life. Alice 2 The character who I believe experiences loneliness and gets affected by it the most is Curler’s wife. Steinbeck portrays her in a way that the reader would create a negative disposition towards her and eventually end up hating her. She gains a reputation as a where and as a trouble maker who’s up to no good, however, if you really evaluate her character you’ll begin to feel sorry for her and understand that her complete and utter solitude is what guides her actions.

Even the simple absence of a name In her character is an example of the lack of respect she has. In the beginning of the story, Steinbeck introduces her as someone that the characters should avoid and he foreshadows that she will cause some sort of conflict. Throughout the novel Steinbeck starts to slowly give insight on why her character acts the way she does. She Is not accepted by the men who work on the ranch and she has no female friends that she can confide In. The only relationship she has Is with Curler, which Isn’t even a real relationship. She states “l don’t Like Curler. He anti a nice fell” (Steinbeck, 97).

This Is mentioned In one of her desperate attempts to have a conversation with Leonie where she also talks about how marrying Curler was a mistake and how she could’ve been someone if it weren’t for that mistake. If you’ve read the novel Of Mice and Men you already know that Curler does everything in his power to isolate his wife and on deserted in a life of misery and her reaction to it is to defy his wishes and because of her emotional pain she longs for someone to talk too so that she can get her feelings off her chest. She looks for a friend almost as a therapeutic solution to the mess that she’s gotten into.

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After countless unsuccessful attempts to find someone who will be willing to be a friend and converse with her, you begin to see the negative impact that isolation and loneliness can have on Alice 3 humanity. As a result of her own oppression and deprivation, she begins to oppress and denounce those who are weaker than her. Many people who feel betrayed by society and feel alone tend to be vindictive about it and they try to spread this negative feeling like a virus because it comforts them to know that at least they’re not alone in feeling this way.

Curlers wife does exactly this when she threatens, belittles, ND denigrates Crooks for being African American. “Keep your place, Niger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it anti even funny’ (Steinbeck, 89). Crooks is another ideal example of how desolation will ruin you from the inside out and practically make the American Dream an impossible thing for you to achieve. We’re all aware of the oppression and discrimination that has taken place throughout history and even to this day with African Americans.

This is no different in the novel and Steinbeck definitely wanted to include this type of discrimination in his story of reminders. As a human being, if you grow up feeling alone and alienated because of who you are and what you look like you will feel completely hopeless because you cannot change who you are, although, one of the negative results of feeling alone is doing your best to change yourself so that you will finally be accepted. When no one around you accepts you for who you are, you will begin to overthrow why you deserve the heartache and you will stop accepting your own self.

You will try to be something you’re not. We don’t really know if Crooks did this, but he did mention that when he as young “there wasn’t another colored family for miles around” (Steinbeck, 77) so he couldn’t play outside with the other children. After years of this type of rejection from society, Crooks became extremely bitter. When Leonie walks into Crooks workplace Crooks immediately distrusts him because it’s hard for him to comprehend that someone sincerely wanted to be in the same place as him (and not to Alice 4 insult him or to order him around, either. It’s a very common trait for someone who feels alone to have trust issues. After a certain amount of experience with rejection ND betrayal, you’ll get used to being treated that way and you’ll expect it from everyone. When Leonie enters you can see how Crooks rudely tells him that he doesn’t belong there as a defense mechanism. Mimi got no right to come in my room. This here’s my room. Nobody got any right in here but me” (Steinbeck, 88). After a little while, Crooks begins to sense that Leonie means no harm since he has a mental disability and as a result is naive and ignorant about the fact that they’re supposed to be enemies.

Crooks takes advantage of this rare opportunity and gives into the temptation of accepting his company. As he talks to Leonie he begins to share his experiences and talks about how being alone “a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets sick” (Steinbeck, 80). He expresses his lonesomeness by explaining that “a guy needs somebody to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he anti got nobody’ (Steinbeck, 80). Even the characters in the novel that aren’t necessarily experiencing extreme levels of loneliness still show that they fear it.

Isolation is something that everyone tries to avoid and fears. Candy, for example, fears letting Carlson shoot his dog because his dog had been his best friend for so long. He got attached and used to his musicianship after all those years. When he finally gave in to letting his dog go, he began to fear that the men would abandon him as well because he Oust like his dog) is very old and no longer is much help. He felt useless and feared spending the rest of his life alone since he doesn’t have any family left, either.

When he found out about Leonie and George’s plan to own land together he desperately tried to tag along and eventually Alice 5 convinced them. The fact that he now has a plan and people to pursue it with once again gives him a sense of purpose and hope. The central characters in this story re looked up too and envied by others for having something that, as they often reminded each other, most folks like them weren’t fortunate enough to have, which would be friendship, fellowship, companionship, and brotherhood. This is what kept them going.

Their friendship gave them emotional stability. They treasured each other’s company and had each other’s backs, which is something crucial for social creatures like us to have. Although in the end George made the tough decision to let go of Leonie and take his life, this is Just another example of him caring and doing what’s best for Leonie no matter how hard it is. George knew that Leonie would have had it much worse if he would’ve stayed alive, so to avoid him enduring pain and punishment he shot him. Just as the saying goes: if you love something, you goat’ let it go.

In conclusion, having someone you can count on, confide in, and make memories with is the most essential and beautiful thing a person can have. You can be the wealthiest person in the world living in a luxurious mansion; however, if that mansion doesn’t have someone you care about inside of it, what good is it? A life without companionship is empty no matter what the circumstances are. Leonie and George balanced each other out and loved one another and that’s what made their characters so charming and interesting.


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