Selendang Ayu. a Malayan bottom broke in half in Unalaska Island. It was in December 8. 2004 when 336. 000 gallons of oil and 66. 000 dozenss of soya beans cover the oceans of the Aleutian concatenation. Six crew members died and State and federal bureaus take an immediate action to forestall the harm that it will convey to the marine ecosystem. Those gallons of oil and Diesel will truly endanger all the lives bing in the ocean. It will destruct the marine ecosystem.

Even though bureaus are taking immediate action to forestall the devastation. what happened on that twenty-four hours will still impact all the life animals of the ocean. Animals such as sea king of beastss. seals. and over 70 different sorts of birds are located in Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. and this is now threatened by the Selendang Ayu oil spill happening. The Unalaska Island is ever visited by sea ducks. sea birds. water bird and even bird of Joves. Corvus coraxs and foxes who feed themselves by oiled-birds on the shore.

Thousands of birds are besides feared of eating oil-killed fish and other animate beings therefore will besides kill them. Today. different species of birds are found either dead or can still be saved through rehabilitation. Research workers say that the existent figure of dead animate beings has reached 20 to 30 times. intending about 30. 000 dead animate beings because of the catastrophe. Oil spill happening besides affected tonss of households particularly those who depend their life in fishing.

Fishs such as salmons. sixpence crab. and halibut are at hazard because they feed on the countries where oil is distributing. When this happens. people in the community will besides be on high hazard of taking in oil-affected fish. Selendang Ayu is genuinely a annihilating event of all time happened on the ocean. It will non merely kill 1000s of animate beings. it besides threatens human life. This sort of incident should be prevented from go oning once more.

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