I was lucky to be part of Fill-Pacific Apparel Corporation because they train me for who I am. I with co trainee was oriented on the first day, and they asked us one by one who wants to be in software programmer and hardware programmer. I choose hardware programmer because recently I apply 2 companies they don’t have a slot for software programmer. (l have experience on that one) and asked If I can do reformatting, installing, and If I know the basics of computer literature and I said yes so they accept me.

Sir. Sean (IT Manager) gave me a vacant computer to be my place when they are not Glenn Instructions for me to do. Sir. Sean said I can do whatever I want In that PC as long as no playing while at work and no Faceable (blocked). When I’m on my place I’m Just editing some of their creation and he called me to talk about the things a need to do. He gave me a typewriting and stated there the tasks. I thought I will going to do what he gave me In a day but I was wrong that paper will be my gulled for what will I do In he company.

And they didn’t give a temporary old for trainee they Just call us In our last name. And my first task was to install programs (provided by the company) to the reformatted PC. And in two hours I did what has been told. And after doing it and I report by saying that it is k and a signature in a piece of paper to our IT Manager and it feel so good to know that they trust me. And after leaving the company because I must be out when 3:pm strike but it is not. Always minis more before leaving.

I don’t know why but it is there protocol and it is k to be late not more than minis or I will do a waiver why I’m late. And Sir. Sean said every minute I was late it will be added when I will go home. And I was challenge because the opening time is 7:mama and my out is 3:pm. I thought my first day will be hard because I need to adjust, I just think it is a challenge for me to over with and it became simple and easy to handle. I sleep early and still woke up late, it is hard to adjust in the beginning but

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I do what my professor said that I should time management because it is different then studying alone, and I successfully did it well by not playing games after 10:pm and wake up early as possible 5:mama because I will travel for about 30-45 miss. Maximum, and as the time passed I didn’t realize that my training is going to end on Feb. 28, 2014 but it must be Feb. 26, 2014 sir. Sean requested it for me to get my certificate as fast as possible and they give It to me after 5 working days


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