Harmonizing to Akuapem ( Guan ) tradition. Kwame Frimpong-Manson Anokye ( a. k. a. Okomfo Anokye ) was the boy of Ano. a quiet and physically weak male parent. and Manubea. an energetic. chatty and sentimental female parent ( Some texts say his father’s name was Agya Annor. whilst his mother’s was Maarne Nkob ) . They were native of Awukugua. a town in the “Nifa” ( Right ) Division of the Akuapem province in Eastern Region. It is said that when Okomfo Anokye was born. he was keeping in his right manus a short white tail of a cow ( bodua ) and he besides clenched the left fist and no could open it. The adult female who went to present the laboring female parent tried to open it because she suspected there was something in it. The male parent was called in to help. and instantly the male parent came in and touched the manus of Okomfo Anokye. he opened his manus gazing at the male parent and said. “Ano… kye. ” significance in the Guan linguistic communication “Ano… expression. ” He gave what he was keeping to his male parent. and it was alleged it was a amulet. From this incident. Kwame got his name. “Anokye” .

Some other traditions province that when Kwame was born. he already had both dentitions and face fungus. and was able to talk and walk. It is besides said that one dark. when Kwame was still a kid. his parents were roused from slumber by the call of a kid. They went out and found that it was Kwame who was shouting and walking approximately in the pace. On confer withing a medical specialty adult male. they were told that the kid went out to eat. Oracular readings revealed that he was no ordinary human being but a God and there for a particular mission. Denkyira War

Much of the history of the Ashanti people’s beginnings is shrouded in fable. Harmonizing to traditional histories. in the late 1600s Osei Tutu and Okomfo Anokye of Kumasi organized a rebel group of peoples who were capable to the Denkyira. including the Bekwai. Dwaben. Kokofu. Kumasi. Kumawu. Mampon. and Nsuta. This rebel group became known as the Ashanti. from Osa nti—meaning those brought together “because of war. ” In order to win this war a really of import adult male. Ashanti adult male. head of Kumawu. volunteered himself to be sacrificed for the triumph of the Ashanti. He said the triumph of the Ashanti was more of import than his life. He was hence sacrificed and the Ashanti won the war in 1701. The Denkyirahene was subsequently captured and be-headed. Death of Okomfo Anokye

There are many narratives environing the death/disappearance of Okomfo Anokye. One of them says he went seeking for a medical specialty for decease. and while he was gone. the shooting guns and blew huntsman’s horns to admit his decease. which he had told them non to make. As a consequence. he withheld the medical specialty from adult male and disappeared. Another says he was poisoned after eating a out nutrient. given to him by an unfaithful adult female. Some of the out nutrients were fish. caprine animal meat. and dog meat.

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