“Man can be destroyed. but non defeated. ” This quotation mark refers to how a individual adult male can be highly mentally or physically damaged. but non crush. In the novelette. The Old Man and the Sea. the character. Santiago displays many traits of finding. doggedness. and optimism. He battled an 18 pes marlin for three yearss. Within the three yearss he was crushed with psychological and physical harm that he would finally overcome.

During Santiago’s clip contending with the 1. 500 lb monstrous fish. he experienced barbarous hurting and torment. “Fish. you are traveling to hold to decease anyhow. Make you hold to kill me excessively? ” He looked upon this animal as though it was his brother. nevertheless he had to catch. and kill it in order to do a life. The aged. gaunt adult male would set himself through anything to set down the marlin. This included lasting with small H2O on a boat for yearss. and bitching a rope with. “blood mushed custodies. ” Santiago would ne’er give up. despite holding dizzy enchantments and dizziness. “Twice. though. he had felt swoon and dizzy and that had worried him. ” When he steadfastly hooked the marlin he repudiated licking. “I could non neglect myself and decease on a fish like this. ” The old adult male said. “Now that I have him coming so attractively. God assist me digest. I’ll say a 100 Our Fathers and a 100 Hail Marys. But I can non state them now. ”

Even when the old adult male is finished with his drawn-out battle with the fish. he faces ongoing brushs with ravenous sharks. With his skiff mensurating less so the marlin. he was unable to set down it. “An hr subsequently. a mako shark arrives. holding smelled the marlin’s blood. ” The old adult male was drained and exhausted from contending legion sharks. ”The mako has taken about 40 lbs of meat. so fresh blood from the marlin spills into the H2O. necessarily pulling more sharks to assail. Santiago realizes that his battle with the marlin was for nil ; all will shortly be lost. But. he muses. a adult male can be destroyed but non defeated. ” Santiago is a character who genuinely believes he will non be conquered by any force of nature. He does return to his place land with the bare carcase that was mutilated by the sharks. Although Santiago was partly “destroyed. ” he survived. Other local fishermen changed their position of Santiago and gave him a greater sum of regard.

The old. gaunt. wrinkled adult male was non defeated. Santiago could ne’er be defeated because he to a great extent reinforces how “a adult male can be destroyed. but non defeated.

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