Guy De Maupassant. writer of “Old Milon” . composes a short narrative. set during the Franco-Prussian War. in which Milon portrayed as a stupid. old provincial efforts to obtain his retribution on the busting Prussian oppositions. objectively showing his most distinguishable characteristic — inventiveness. Permiting his ultimate challengers. the Prussian soldier. to populate his place as a central office. uncover his cunning through dissembling his hate for the Prussians. by moving like a thoughtless. amicable civilian. Likewise. Old Milon’s devilish program was to allow the battlers to holiday at his barn. while he “quartered them to the best of his ability. ” ( 1 ) later deriving their trust. so he could non be accused of perpetrating the offense. After compeling his first slaying ; Milon takes the lifeless corpus’ uniform. leting him to camouflage himself by flashing his cunning strategy. Furthermore. he begins by seting on the Prussian solider uniform and cries. “Hilfe. hilfe! ” . and one time he wins the other fleeting troopers’ attending ; Milon kills them on the topographic point. holding no clemency.

When the soldiers stop to assist him. they consider it is merely another abandoned incapacitated cat in demand. nevertheless they do non acknowledge their life in hazard. because Milion remains so clever that he concealed up his ploy. Last. Old Milon confesses to all his offenses. cognizing he was traveling to decease either. from old age or since he was condemned to decease. his cunning allows him to win his cardinal aim ; retaliation. Furthermore. he intentionally gets himself killed. which was clever on his portion because he already completed his requital on the Prussian reserves. for his male parent and sons’ decease. stating “Eight for my male parent. eight for the boys–we are quits. ” ( 5 ) admiting that they are even now. and that his payback is complete. Yet at this point. he does non worry whether or non he survives. so he does non trouble oneself to screen himself. and merely volitionally confesses to the premises. Reasoning in a clever attack allowed Old Milon to give up. and become lackadaisical of his actions to finally be free of his heartache. which finally lead to his death.


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