All through history, sports and athletics have brought nations together and been a source of nationalism. One example of this is the Olympic Games. The Olympics involve many different sports and countries from all over the world. One sport is swimming. Swimmers from different countries train and prepare, and then compete in the Olympic Games. An Olympic swimmer from the USA is Michael Phelps, who won several medals. Fans of each swimmer come together to cheer for and support the swimmer. In this way, whole nations join together to cheer on the representative from their country.

A second part of the Olympic Games is gymnastics. Gymnasts from all over the world train and compete to qualify for the Olympics. Then, they travel to the games and compete for medals. Each country that makes it to the Olympics cheers on their representative to score higher than other nations. One Olympic gymnast from the USA is Shawn Johnson. A third part of the Olympics is figure skating. Representatives from many different countries practice and train to qualify for the Olympics. Figure skaters can compete individually or in pairs.

They must memorize whole routines and perform them in front of thousands of people. This also brings nations together to support the representatives of their country. In conclusion, the Olympic Games enhance nationalism and bring people from the same country together. But, opposing athletes or teams can also cause nations to have rivalries. Each sport in the Olympics has a fan base that joins together to support their team or athlete. The Olympics is a historical event that is exciting for everyone and increases nationalist pride.

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