On December 10th 1843 President Andrew Jackson
issued a proclamation that disputed the states right to nullify federal laws.
This was in response to the ordinance issued by a convention in South Carolina that
declared the tariff acts of 1828 and 1832 as unauthorised by the constitution
of the United States and violate.  The
meaning of true intent. The nullifiers at the moment had the feeling the tariff
acts favoured the northerners to the southerners interests. His proclamation
led the congress to pass a motion that suggested the use of force against
states that sought to nullify federal laws such as the tariff acts. This was a
big step in establishing the power of the federal government and respect to the
federal laws. Despite the fact that in 1833 henry clay and Calhoun brokered a
compromise that eventually ended the nullification process in the south, the proclamation
has had a major effect on the relationship between the federal government and
the states. In the United States the constitution delegates some powers to the federal
government like the power to coin money and others, this proclamation has led
to the respect of devolution and the role of both the federal government and
the territorial governments.

One of Thomas Jefferson’s notable achievements what the
purchase of Louisiana from the French. Prior to the purchase the present day USA
was controlled more by France than any other European power. When Spain
secretly made and agreement with France to return Louisiana in 1801 it caused a
lot of uneasiness in the USA due to the strategic importance of Louisiana and the
fear of the unpredictable Napoleon Bonaparte. The protection Mississippi river
was a major concern. Thomas Jefferson in a statement said, “The day France
takes possession of new Orleans. We must marry ourselves to the British fleet
and country.” However in mid-1803 with the help of the American minister to France
a price of 11,250,000 was agreed upon. The agreement however was reached upon
due to the impending war between France and Britain and the financial struggles
that France was going through. In the history of the course of the nation, the
addition of Louisiana as the 18th state plays a major role.


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