My essay is on Profanity in our school. I am against disciplinary action towards profanity for several reasons. Im writing this essay because I use profanity all the time and I know other people do also, even the teachers. So my argument is going to clearly state if you do it we can do it too. The reason why we get in trouble for swearing at school is because teachers think its disrespectful. We arent aiming our cursing at the teachers. Well sometimes some of us slip.

Were just trying to express ourselves with our friends, most of the time. My first reason why we should be able to use profanity is that everyone swears, at one point in his or her life or another. I know some teachers are ok with swearing and some arent because of the way they are. But unless our cursing is directed at the teachers themselves then we arent being disrespectful. Were just having a conversation with friends and personally I think that is our business what we say to our friends and no disciplinary action should take place.

If we swear at a teacher then action can be taken I agree with that. I think swearing is a way that most teens express themselves. We grow up in an environment and we repeat things that we learn. So from our experiences we learn. In some families the parents swear. Or the older brothers and sisters swear. Therefore the young children learn and then they grow to use it. Different ways of life should be accepted. After all we live in the United States of America.

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Our countries laws clearly state that we have freedom of speech and our right to express ourselves freely to our brethren. In other instances a child was brought up in a poor environment and was cursed at. We shouldnt punish a child for something that hurts him or her to look at. We should help the child. Help the child get through past experiences that his parents bestowed upon him or her. The child can work through it with the help of teachers, students, friends and family if brought to the attention of all these people.

Im concluding that we should be able to swear in our personal conversations and if you hear it dont listen and mind your own business. Swearing is a part of our lives. Bad words are part of our vocabulary, and theyre words we know how to use to express ourselves. I think people who want them to be bad make them into bad words. When I cuss its not like Im disrespecting anyone. Im sharing my point of view with words I know. Words are words, who cares what other people say.

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