On the day of he graduation I contacted my family via Keep and after speaking to my wife and other children my eldest daughter finally sat In front of the computer so I can see and speak with her. She was wearing red cap and gown with a white shirt which had her school crest on the lapel, as she sat down she was smiling but as the conversation continued tears began to roll down her face then she blurts out “Dad I wish you were here”. Tears were rolling down her face smearing her make-up when she said “Dad I understand why you cannot be here but are you going to keep your remises that you made to me and grandma, about you getting your degree? I felt broken hearted Inside because I was not there but for a few seconds my mind drifted off to the morning I made my mother a promise to attend college and graduate. I can vividly recall sitting In the kitchen of my aunt’s apartment located on the North Eastern corner of building 425 Gates Avenue In the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn New York. It was the month of March 1997 and although It was still cold outside, I felt extremely warm, nervousness came over me and my alms were wet and sticky.

Am I feeling this way because of the temperature from the steam heater In the corner of the kitchen near the ugly blue refrigerator that knew that my aunt Patricia asking me to come over to her home this early in the morning was for a family intervention? But before I could have answer my own thoughts my mother, aunt and uncle entered in to the kitchen and started speaking to me about applying to a college to continue my education. I’m 23 years old, why would I want to return to school now that I’m having so much fun Just hanging out in Brooklyn?

Once again my thoughts were interrupted, when my mother touched my shoulder said “Son promise me that you will do something productive with your life by applying for college. ” Without thinking I responded “l promise I will attend college and get my degree but my plans are to Join the United States Military I can pay my college tuition. ” As I sat in the bleacher of the auditorium watching my daughter received her diploma I began to do some self-reflection and I realized that it has been over sixteen years since Vive made the promise to my mother and over four ears since I made the same promise to my daughter.

I realize that if I had stayed committed to my goal of completing five courses per year I would have achieved my bachelors in eight years. I will benefit both personally and professionally by returning to school. I intend to prove that by return to school to achieve a college degree, I will definitely gain the knowledge, have the potential for economic or career progression, professional development, builds character, and have the personal gratification of fulfilling a promise and also achieving a college education.

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My mother once told me that the knowledge I will receive by returning to school cannot be valued in dollars and sense. I will directly gain tremendous knowledge by return to school that I can apply to both my personal and professional life. I will develop the vast or even varied views in the way in which I will perceive life. It will assist me in forming a more educated opinion and develop my own point of view. Like many other American citizens I’m constantly bombarded with information on a daily basis by various media who on many occasions have their own hidden agenda that is official to understand.

I will be unable to decipher this information without the catalyst called education. A good education allows me to properly interpret things correctly and apply the gathered information in my personal life scenarios. Although I have received great information from the lessons in textbooks, my most enjoyable moments in the classrooms is when my fellow students and I share and learn from the lessons that we are taught in real life. On September 16th 2012, I was promoted too Navy Chief Petty Officer and

Command Master Chief Jones walked up to me and said “Ryan if you wish to pursue your career further you will need to return to school and complete my college degree”. A good college education gives us the expertise to both realize our career goals and also enhance their career goals. An adult may take a Job that he or she has to have but not a career that fulfills that personal gratification. Having the expertise or an in-depth knowledge about a specific field certainly can open many doors to brilliant career opportunities or career promotion.

While strong work ethics is important a good education allows that individual to be more attractable or eligible for employment in any sector of the industry. A good education will assist me in building and developing good character. It will teach me how to behave. I am of the would place great emphasis on the importance of virtue and value. Return to school helps me to learn from my experience, and helps me to be more confidence because the way in which I think analyze or even make critical decisions in life is different from that of a person without an education.


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