The man, lying face down on the ground appeared to be dead. The mugger was on the floor after a blow I gave him to the head. It was there like a log, not moving at all. There was blood rushing out like a fast flowing river. I noticed the man had a briefcase and it was slightly open. I stared at the case; I could see something bright enclosed, curiosity drew me closer, and I snatched the case. I opened it to find a goldmine. Enclosed were around ten keys of cocaine. Why would a man have an enormous amount of ‘whites’ with him? This was an opportunity of a lifetime.

Around five hundred thousand pounds worth of narcotics! I heard the sound of a distant police siren, whatever to do? I reached to get back my valuables, and belongings. The noise of the sirens come closer and closer, I just realized, my wallet is in the mugger’s hand, but his hand is under his head. I grabbed the wallet and ran, but several of my personal cards fell out. There was blood all over my hands and wallet. I crept into a compact alleyway and I had a search thorough my wallet. Everything was there, apart from my driving license and snooker club membership card.

I walked cautiously back towards the body, I grew closer and closer to see a blank space, with a red mark. It was nowhere to be seen, and neither were the cards. A pool of blood lay there, but that wasn’t the problem, he had my I. D, my name, address, and details…. What was I to do, a man, who is obviously a drug dealer, or drug user, has my details, and I have his supply of drugs. Why would a man with this much narcotics, try to mug me for, was he drunk, was he high on his own supply? He had this slick, new Gucci suit, why would he mug me for a mere twenty pound.

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He was an authoritative man, you could tell, he most likely knows the mobsters in the area! I had to leave, I had to do something, and I had to get out of London. How could a night on the town, turn into something like this? I had to run, well I had to do something, and it had to be fast. My stomach was churning with fear; my throat was as dry as the desert. I started to feel pale, not very well; I started walking towards the bus stop. I sat down, and I started to frequently feel like spitting, and then I vomited out the donner kebab I ate earlier. I felt a little better, after that but my mind was still spinning.

Who was he, why did he go for me? The number 34 bus came, and I made my way home. I reached the last top, made my way to my flat; I walked up the slippery stairs, which were covered in urine, things were too quiet, something didn’t seem right. I held my briefcase tightly, I made it to the top of the stairs, and it felt like walking a whole mile. I reached the top of the stairs; a light was already on in the house. I didn’t now if I left it on or not, so I warily got my keys out my pocket. I, at a snail’s pace put the key in keyhole and turned it, opened the door, to hear something move.

I’m not sure what it was; I turned on the light to find my tomcat Max next to a broken vase, an unbelievable relief. I couldn’t wait to get into my living room, and unwind. I switch on the television and the two o’clock news was on the television. There was a report on a gangland war in Chinatown, The triads and another mob were having a brawl, and it was not the best thing to be hearing at the moment. My hands started to tremble a lot more, my stomach felt like herd of elephants were running around in it. I had to get out of London, or even England altogether.

You hear about these people in the films like the Godfather and Goodfellas, but you never think you would meet them in real life. I mean normal working class men like me, would never have dreamed to be in this kind of situation. But I had the power, to do something to change my life. Surely if I fled to a country as huge as the U. S. A I couldn’t be caught. I could live like a king, and be at ease. I had a few friends in the U. S. A, and I’m sure they could help me. His name was Sam, Sam Tzortzi, a man I’ve have known since my early days of childhood, he was a Hollywood actor and must have known a few people.

I decided to give my father and ring, and see what he had to say on the situation, I asked him to meet me at the airport, Heathrow, was where I was going to go. I packed the bare-ness cities and a little more. If these people knew, where I lived, I had to go, I had to leave my room mate Sal a message of some sort, I wrote a quick note on the post it note, and left. I took my car near the airport, and dumped it nearby; it had to be torched, to get rid of any evidence, well it was only an A-reg Mini Metro. Worth a few tons, nothing more. I caught the tube for just the one stop and ended up in Heathrow Terminal four.

I couldn’t help thinking I was being followed, as I saw several men in black suits close by. I had two bags in my hand, and decided I had to get past customs. The men seemed to be following me, and my heart started to beat rapidly, fortunately I had close relative who was working with the conveyor belt. The men appeared to have guns under their jackets; I hurried towards Jason, who was working near check in. I handed him the bags, and waited for the plane, the men got within five meters and I started sprinting towards the boarding area.

I noticed I was producing buckets of sweat, and got towards the boarding area, I asked an airline assistant, where my gate was and she pointed out. I looked cocked eyed at the men in suits and noticed they were jogging, I ran onto my plane, and relaxed on the way to Hollywood. When I got off, I felt all my troubles were over, and I am going to be a very rich man! I took a cab to Sam’s apartment, and found he was there. It was a long time since I last saw Sam and it was moving. I told Sam the situation, and he told me he might be able to help me.

Apparently these Hollywood actors and producers, have nothing to do with their money, so they splurge it on drugs and alcohol. Now Sam’s roommate Petros, was a hobo, he didn’t work, and lived off Sam’s wages. I never liked him, but what can I do. Anyway I just did not feel safe in this whole situation and I had to sell my narcotics quickly. Sam made a few calls, and his producer; Edward Hull was very interested in this dealing. He wanted to meet up, and I thought the place would be, is in an open space We met in Bush Gardens Theme park, near the Roller coaster and sat down on a local bench. We discussed the deal, and Mr.

Hull was happy with the supply. The deal was, a five hundred grand worth of cocaine, would be sold to him at three hundred grand. I was eager to sell, he was happy with the deal. Sam and me made our way to his apartment, and we found what appeared to be red paint on the front door, we thought Petros was just fiddling about, but as we grew closer and closer, it was not red paint, is was thick blood, I kicked the door open to find Petros disemboweled, and his internal organs were lying around. But how did they find me, the only person that knew was my father and Sal, unless they got to my apartment before Sal did.

Murdered him as well? There was only one item that could have given them the address, the post-it note I left on the fridge. Either way Sam and me had to move very swiftly from the apartment. I rang Mr. Hull, told he to make and appointment, he decided the Paradise Hotel, and five o’clock. Was the money really worth all this inconvenience? Two thousand dollars is a lot of money. It was four o’clock and I decided to cruise around the streets for a while, I just did not know whether the mobsters were going to be around? Quarter to five, and I drove into the hotel, Sam and me, made our way up to room 1078, on the top floor.

Three knocks was what Edward told us to do, so we did that and the door was opened by some massive men In blacks suits. They weren’t gangsters, Edward said ‘ Just for protection’. So many hard memories came flooding back into my mind. The killings, the muggings, everything else, I did actually feel a bit safer here though, as there were some protection from the mobsters. After some gradual chitchat we sat down and discussed the deal. Edward took another sample, and was pleased, just as he was about to pay me with a briefcase of money, there was a huge noise, the police came in and started shouting with their guns, telling us to get down.

I took the briefcase and hid under the table. Then another huge bombshell, the gangsters, the Sicilians, came in with their authoritative shotguns. Everybody was aiming at each other, Hull’s men with their Uzi’s, the police with their pistols, the Sicilians with their shotguns, The Sicilians shouted that that was their coke, Hull screamed, ‘ no its mine’. Hull’s men started shooting at the Sicilians, they shot back, but then Sam was shot several times in the back. I panicked, but had to get out of there alive, the police started shooting and all hells was let loose.

I took the briefcase and crawled to the bathroom, I hid there, peeking at what was going on. The police shot one of the Sicilians, they shot at the police, Hull’s men shot at the Sicilians, and then something ghastly happened, they shot at the cocaine, and all white powder blew into the air. The Sicilians went fanatical, and went on killing everyone except one of hull’s men, who was hiding behind the mini-bar, there were now three left, two Sicilians, hull’s man, that’s all.

Hull’s man shot the two Sicilians, and I started to move my head around the corer, to see even more of a massacre. I looked with one eye to see the bloodbath, but then a policeman on the floor shot me, in the eye. I was partially blinded, but with my other eye saw the two men shoot at each other, I grabbed to suitcase and made my way out, as I heard sirens. I saw Sam on the floor, for sure he was dead, he had multiple gun shot wounds, all over his body, due to the menacing power of the shotguns.

I put a dollar in his hand and whispered, ‘ we did it buddy’ and made my way out of the room. I had left the scene of carnage, and took the back routes of the hotel, to my pink Cadillac. I drove into the sunset and decided I was going to go to the Bahamas, and live my dream, as a King, I would be like Elvis, the king, my journey was complete, and my dreams fulfilled, there was no running back from what had happened, the deaths, the murders, the lives gone, like the autumn leaves. But lives will be reborn again, which I think, makes this journey, this adventure to kingship, worthwhile.


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