On January 15, 2018 after one of couple’s child escaped from their house, and called 911 for help, and accused them for torture and abuse.  They were charged with 12 counts of torture, 7 counts of abuse of a dependent adult, 6 counts of child abuse, and 12 counts of false imprisonment. The couple’s names were Davis and Louis Turpin, age 56 and 49, and if they ever want a bail, it will take $9 million each, the judge announced.  There were 13 children found in the house, ranging from age 2 to 29. Most of them were very malnourished, and in very poor condition. They said they were rarely allowed to shower. The children also said it was not fun living in that house, and it almost felt like living in hell. They said when they miss-behaved they would get tied to their bed with a rope, as a punishment, until one of their child was able to wriggle-free. Then, they started using chains and padlocks, Riverside County District Attorney said at a press conference.When the press asked couple’s neighbours about it, they said that the children would rarely be allowed to go out, and when they were allowed, it was for mowing the lawn with David and Louise, also, if they met one of neighbours, they weren’t even allowed to talk to them except the general things. There has been 33 years since their original marriage. The couple would renew their marriage about every 10 year, and renewed their marriage 3 times after the original. The priest, from the place where they married, said that they acted and looked like a simple couple, and all of the children even had nice matching dresses every time, and it did not even look like they were getting tortured or abused.  When all the attention went to Louise’s sister, Robinette, she had  many things about the Turpins. She said that she hasn’t ever met the children in person and  hasn’t talked to them via skype for 8 year . But, she said that when they used to talk with the children, they looked fine and happy,and David would only bring maximum of three of children at a time. She also said that David and Louise are “dead to her”. After the the children recover she plans to bring them to her own house to live with her and own 5 children.


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