1. 1 Background of the Study

Online Billing and Reservation System is one of the most in-demand systems all over the universe. It’s because of the grossing industry of hotels and resorts. There are many advantages in this system like security for the proprietor. easy to utilize. and gives convenience to the clients.

Security helps the proprietor and its crew to guarantee that the clients will non blow their clip in reserving some installations and proprietors can do programs in front of clip. It is besides easy to utilize because it is user-friendly. The signifiers are clear and easy to understand. Besides. this gives convenience to the clients because they don’t need to travel in the topographic point merely to reserve a twenty-four hours or event. The system has the information about the company but there is a hotline so that the clients can reach them for farther information. Reservation is the most of import portion in hotels and resorts. This helps the constitution to cognize the capacity of the invitees. when it will be held. the suites and the things needed in a peculiar event.

Manual reserve is a hazard. Why? Anytime. the 1 who is acquiring the information of the invitees may hold some mistake and this will be a down to the concern. Making this manual reserve to an automatic manner is a large impact to the concern. This will decrease mistakes ; avoid fake invitees and particularly. a more convenient manner to the invitee and besides for the proprietor. Geting information from the invitees through phone may ensue in mistakes. This may go on if the 1 who got the information misheard or bury any information. So. in automatic reserve. the invitees will input their information in an on-line signifier and all the information will be sent to a database on the company. This may avoid acquiring mistakes and losing informations. This will besides assist avoid bogus clients because the company can reach the invitee with the full information they inputted in the signifier. This is more convenient for the invitees and the proprietor because they don’t need to compose manually all the information about the reserve because it is fast and more secured than any manual procedure.

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This survey is for the 5k Resort in Buncal. Laguna. It is owned by The Jordan Family chiefly Mrs. Marites B. Jordan. It is likely to be a modern holiday topographic point that gives a loosen uping atmosphere to all the invitees.

The resort was foremost planned to merely be a remainder house of the household. Mrs. Jordan’s hubby knew the topographic point because of his friend. They bought a batch in Buncal and planned to do a remainder house for them to bask in holiday. The clip came when they thought of doing a concern alternatively because the house will be used merely one time in a twelvemonth. So. after a month. they renovated the remainder house program to a resort to do it profitable. It is a 3-floor modern house with and eternity pool. The eternity pool have 12 shot fountains. falls. 4 bed benches and pool visible radiations that is lit by dark. It has 3 air conditioned suites and 2 air conditioned household room that is suited for group of individuals. It has other comfortss like videoke. billiards. and summerhouse. There are 2 function countries: the Terrace Function Area and the Pavilion. The Terrace Function Area has bars. tabular arraies. chairs and disco visible radiation but is used by dark clip. This country can be occupied by 50 individuals and best to utilize for simple meetings and assemblages. The marquee can be occupied by 100 individuals and is best for nuptialss. introductions and other events that need more infinite.

5k resort was finished last December 2011 and the household used it foremost. They opened it to the populace by January 2012 until now. The 5k Resort’s mission is to give clients a clip for them to bask but will non allow them blow large money merely to acquire or see the luxury of being with others while loosen uping.

1. 2 Statement of the Research Problem

Based on the researched conducted. the research workers found out that the company has merely manual reserve which led them the trouble to place if the client had back out from the reserve that had been made. The resort has been dependent on phone calls and walk-ins to garner adequate information from the clients who want to do a reserve in the resort.

The job of the survey is that the manual reserve of 5k Resort is prone to mistakes or inaccurate information because the information is written in a paper or reception can be overwritten. Customers who made reserves through the line would sometimes non demo up on the reserved day of the month. which is unpredictable because of holding inaccurate information from reserves. Another job is the handiness of suites is non prompt when a client checks it. It is non efficient and costs much clip on the portion of the client. The resort besides has the trouble in advising the clients who made reserves because of the deficiency of information because the client can merely do reserves through the phone or walk-in. Last. the resort has low security in maintaining the information from a client. When a client made a reserve. the inside informations are non stored in a system which means the resort can’t maintain path of the informations and might hold the possibility to be lost.

Problems considered:

* Time monitoring
The resort can’t maintain path of the check-in and check-out clip of the client because it hadn’t been stored in a system so the staff needs to make it manually. * Inaccurate service
The staff of the resort had the inaccurate of service in footings of being able to instantly give the handiness of suites and monetary values when a client ask for it. * Lack of information

The clients who are from Manila or farther who wants to hold an early reserve can merely acquire through the telephone. This consequences to miss of information about the resort because the client can’t see/view the resort’s installations and comfortss. * Trouble in seeking and recovering files

The records or files are non stored online which meant the resort don’t have a database which can backup files when a job occurs. Because of this. a possible loss of record may happen. * Inconvenient for the client

By holding manual reserve. the clients could merely travel to the resort to look into the resort’s installations. It is truly inconvenient for the clients if they were from Manila or further from the resort’s location.

1. 3 Statement of Aims

1. 3. 1 General Objective
To develop and plan the bing web site for the usage of 5k resort to ease on-line charge and reserve for client convenience and satisfaction. and to advance the resort online. 1. 3. 2 Specific Aims

1. 3. 2. 1To assess the bing installations of 5k Resort necessary for the design of the web. 1. 3. 2. 2To make the company more competitory and productive. particularly in footings of suiting clients by suggesting an on-line reserve system. 1. 3. 2. 3To kind all the information about the services and installations of 5k resort in order to plan a web site that will provide the on-line charge and reserve system.

1. 4 Significance of the Study

The researched survey aims to do the manual reserve more accessible and efficient by altering it into an on-line reserve. Besides. this survey will assist work out the issues or jobs that occur.

* To the company. The researched survey will assist the company lessen the clip consume during manual reserves. It will besides pass less clip in seeking and recovering the files that had been recorded. Last. it will be easier to cognize the handiness of suites.

* To the owner/manager. The researched survey will assist the owner/manager of the company to hold more net income because people will be entice to do a reserve because it is organize and is easier to entree.

* To the employees of the resort. The researched survey will assist the employees keep path of the records that had been made by a client. It will enable them to hold accurate records of the reserves that had been made.

* To the client. The researched survey will assist the client have an easier entree to the resort and less clip devouring in look intoing the handiness of suites before doing a reserve.

* To the advocates. The researched survey will assist the advocates have a broader experience and cognition in doing a reserve system for a company. Besides. it will function as their mention for future system developments.

* To the hereafter research workers. The researched survey will function as a mention for the hereafter. 1. 5 Scope and Restrictions of the Study


This survey is chiefly focused on supplying on-line reserve and charge reserve merely for room. map suites and comfortss. It included reserve of clients for suites. monitoring of reserve and generalisation of studies for the direction. The clients could reserve their coveted suites or usage of the comfortss before a hebdomad for their reaching. The direction has no reserve fee required. The Down Payment depends on the clients. The standard rates would merely be in peso value. The manner of on-line payment is thru recognition card and for walk-in reserve the resort merely accepts hard currency as payment. For clients who want to call off their reserve. the 50 % of payment is refundable if the reserve is done a hebdomad before the reserved day of the month. but if it is done a hebdomad after the reserved day of the month. the 50 % payment is non- refundable. For rescheduling. the clients can name over the resort a hebdomad before the reserved day of the month. If the client want to reserve venue’s for a large event. it could be transacted straight with the direction for formality. Any staying history of your stay will be due at clip of cheque in. No late cheque – out is permitted if person is look intoing in on your twenty-four hours. There will be a charge of Php 500. 00/hour applied for all late cheque outs. There are promos and price reductions offered particularly during showery yearss for clients.

Restrictions of the Study

The survey did non concentrate on the paysheet of employees. calculation of profile. gross revenues and stock list of points. selling and occupation application of the resort.

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature

The undermentioned literatures about on-line charge and reserve system were compared with the proponents’ proposed system. Each contains information about the flow of the system and its maps and how it became similar to the proponents’ proposed system. This besides serves as a footing for doing the proposed system more customized. improved and competitory.

2. 1 Local Literature

2. 1. 1 Online Billing and Reservation System for Kalipayan Incorporated
By: Josefine Ramos and Joseph Ramos 2007

The on-line charge and reserve system of Kalipayan Resort Incorporated was developed by Ella Marie A. Ramos and Kinsky P. Ramos. Obrski is a to the full function online system that covers the procedures for scheduling. monitoring and charge of hotel including the other trade goods that are reserved. The survey besides added the inputs needed for dealing grosss for on-line charge and reserves. and the security and privateness of the resort was besides included. The users’ history were merely limited to four. the forepart desk officers takes attention of reserves. the clip of look intoing out and look intoing in of invitees. compute and prints the guests’ measures. The resort’s waiters besides have a limited entree. The restaurant’s teller is merely allowed to input the full value of the pending measure and the tip given. However. the hotel director can execute every action performed. Guests are besides limited in having comfortss and services that are still available in the resort.

It gave the advocates the thoughts of security and entree on users’ history of the system develop. By including this on the system. the information that the client will input if he/she will be made into confidentiality.

2. 1. 2 Online Reservation and Billing System for Alpha Pack Travel and Tours
By: Angela. Ambid. Irene. Rosas. 2007

The on-line reserve and charge system for Alpha Pack Travel and Tours was developed by Ms. Jenina Rousse P. Ambid. Roma Kristina M. Columna. and Rizalyn C. Rosas. The system’s intent is for domestic flights. hotels. Tourss. and tour bundles reserves. The on-line reserve and charge system is besides the official web site of the bureau. Its system is focused on garnering information and inside informations from the clients. These clients are the 1s who want to do a reserve petition online. The system besides allows one bundle to take. For illustration. a client can take to reserve a flight merely or a combination for a hotel and circuit. The computed measure of the reserve made by the client will be given as end product. The Online Reservation and Billing System for Alpha Pack Travel and Tours is a dealing system that accepts informations inputs from the user so saves the inputted informations for treating the client’s reserve to the database. The system is besides used for supervising the operations of the bureau. Besides. a confirmation codification is given to a client when a reserve had been made. This alone codification will be used by the client when he verifies. wages. and claims his ticket.

The proponents’ proposal is similar to the Online Reservation and Billing System for Alpha Pack Travel and Tours that accepts informations inputs from the user and saves it in a database. In this instance. the information from the user will be saved in the database so it will non be overwritten at some point.

2. 1. 3 Philworld Online Cavite Billing Reservation ( POCBS )
By: Bolotano. Rozelle C. . 2000

Philworld Online is an internet service supplier that is based in Cavite. The company is presently utilizing a manual charge reserve. The POCBS is an automated of the charge system that is presently used in Philworld Online. POCBS has improved the manner the undertakings are done. POCBS is similar to online and charging reserve in footings of charge capablenesss.

It gave the advocates thoughts to better the security and presentation of the billings’ of the clients.

2. 1. 4 Grotto Vista Resort Room Reservation and Billing System
By: Angcanan. Lozano. Oligario. Padulia. 2001

The Grotto Vista Resort Room Reservation and Billing System is focused on the reserves made for hotel and apartelle suites in the resort. The system starts with a security system where the authorized user will input his/her username and watchword. This is for the protection of the records and the privateness of the reserve the client made. The system is required to reply the customers’ enquiry on suites that is available for his/her preferable day of the month. It is besides capable of bring forthing studies on day-to-day operations.

The proponents’ proposal is similar to Grotto Vista Resort Room Reservation and Billing System that has an effectual security system wherein merely an authorised individual can see or pull off the records. There will be a alone username and watchword. The intent of the security is for the confidentiality of the records that was saved.

2. 2 Foreign Literature

2. 2. 1 GPRS – Based Cinema Reservation System
By: Balan. 2007

The intent of this MSC undertaking is to make a location-aware service for GPRS-enabled Mobile devices which is called Cinema Ticket Reservation System. This can find the user’s current location ; allow users to seek films in a given scope at their current location. or reserve/ purchase tickets. Users can pay for tickets utilizing credits cards that are saved in a secure billfold which is included in the application. e-money are received as refund for canceled tickets. An hallmark mechanism based on the Needham-schroeder protocol is implemented. A user-centered design is considered. Workshop and interviews are conducted with existent users to construct and measure different low and hi-fi paradigms. GPRS is used as a web bearer for all client-server petitions. J2ME. J2EE. Bouncy Castle cryptanalytic libraries. and postgreSQL DB are chosen as execution engineerings. The selling schemes for establishing this service are analyzed. The proof-of-concept paradigm shows of a web service. and how several engineerings can be merged together to make a successful web site.

2. 2. 2 Purpose to utilize Internet Reservation System by Persian Airline Passengers By: Manzari. 2008

The intent of this survey is to place factors impacting purpose to utilize the cyberspace reserve system by the Persian air hose rider.

2. 2. 3 UUM – Based Computer research lab Reservation System

Demong. Rochin 2003

Online computing machine research lab reserve system is a system that has been implemented to many instruction establishments particularly at university degree. This develop system is implemented utilizing web- based application because it gives many benefits. The increase of the computing machine research lab user’s. it generates deficient computing machine distribution among the user in the computing machine research lab. Therefore. the intent of this paradigm computing machine research lab reserve system through web is to work out this job and in add-on it besides will ease the direction in updating the reserve record. The methodological analysis used to develop the system is Object Modeling Technique ( OMT ) that consists five stages viz. analysis. system design: object design. execution and testing. Database used to develop the system MySQL with PHP programming linguistic communication. Apache Server will be utilize a a waiter to run the system and Internet Explorer 6. 0 as a web browser of the system. The chief benefit of the paradigm system is the user can see the handiness of the Personal computer through cyberspace usage at anytime and from anyplace during reserve. This system is enabling save clip and cost. Advocates comprehend the significance of the web – based construction thru the said system. Although they use a different method. it instructs the advocates to better their programs in developing the system on how to relieve the administration/ direction in updating the paperss.

2. 2. 4 Develop a Campground Reservation System for Parks Canada
In Early 2004. tri- media’s synergistic arm ( so known as a commatrix. com ) was awarded a joint contract. valued to more than $ 10 million. to develop a national campsite reserve system for Parkss Canada. Using our suite if digital selling and ecommerce solutions. we developed the necessary engineering of power the system. We besides house the system’s technological substructure. “The undertaking was developed in response to demands from campers for a national campsite reserve system that would let them to reserve campsite online” . said Andrew Campbell. information direction and main information officer. Pars Canada. The system will supply visitants with a new manner to be after their trip to a national park of Canada. by sing the web site to bask the breathtaking scenery. outstanding wildlife screening and fantastic recreational chances they provide.

National Campground has besides encountered jobs ; this system helps the advocates on how to guarantee the reserve in a good mode. Knowing the net income of an efficient reserve system carry out an encouragement to prosecute the advocates to develop a precise Online Reservation and Billing that will assist advance the company.

In these 8 literatures. we knew that computing machines and engineering truly helps us in our mundane life. Technology is given to us so we should utilize it as our advantage and non with bad motivations. It is besides a large impact in concern like hotels and resorts. This can assist the concern to entertain many clients any twenty-four hours and any clip without any trouble. This can besides avoid informations mistakes and can salvage clip.

Chapter 3

Theoretical Model

3. 1 Statement of Premises

3. 1. 1. Analyze the serviceability of the on-line charge and reserve system of sample users.
3. 1. 2. Suggest betterment by implementing the proposed online system.
3. 1. 3. Analyze the current job utilizing informations flow diagram. 3. 1. 4. Analyze besides the bing online system of the 5k resort through the observation and Inquisition. 3. 1. 5. Test the proposed system and behavior preparation to the users and besides to implement the installed system.

3. 2 Operational Definitions

3. 2. 1 Definition of Footings

1. Accommodation – something that meets a demand of the client ; a convenience.

2. Comfortss – any characteristic that provides comfort. convenience. or pleasance.

3. Availability – the current stock list of suites. installations and sheds that can be reserved or used.

4. Charging – the procedure of directing histories to clients for goods or services.

5. Cash – refers to money in the signifier of currency. such as bills and coins.

6. Database – structured aggregation of records or informations that is stored in a computing machine system.

7. Down Payment – the sum paid by the clients whereby the payment is the initial upfront part of the entire sum due.

8. Asking – the term used to seek information by inquiring a inquiry.

9. Security – freedom from hazard or danger.

10. Manual Reservation – it is where person physically makes the engagement on the system ( be that a spreadsheet or in book ) . as opposed to a system whereby an machine-controlled procedure completes the booking harmonizing to a preset algorithm.

3. 2. 2. Definition of Procedure

1. Asking – the client will see the web site to see what the available services of the resort are.

2. Fill-out Forms – the signifiers that will be signed by the client. This includes the personal information. contact inside informations and what sort of event he/she will reserve.

3. Checking the handiness – the client will look into if the comfortss. bundles and day of the months that he/she wants to reserve are available.

4. Registering the Customer – the forepart desk will now salvage the signifier of the client and reserve the points.

5. Charging – the client will pay a down payment to finalise his/her reserve. This besides includes the comfortss. nutrients. bundles and the entire measure.

6. Update of Rooms/Rates – the update of suites and rates. Example if its extremum season the resort may increase their rates.

7. Extra Amenities – the resort may add other comfortss to do the resort more pleasing to the client. 8. Report the Reserved Items – the forepart desk will now describe the reserved points to the director so that the director can duplicate look into it.

9. Update of Reservation – if the client wants to alter the day of the month. event. or comfortss. he/she needs to reach the resort 2 yearss before the reserved day of the month.

10. Checking-In – this is the clip that the client will travel to the resort in the reserved day of the month. Here. he/she can now see the characteristics of the resort.

3. 3. 3. Theories used in the System

Database direction system

A database direction system ( DBMS ) is a package bundle with computing machine plans that controls the creative activity. care. and usage of a database. It allows organisations to handily develop databases for assorted applications. A database is an incorporate aggregation of information records. files. and other objects. A DBMS allows different user application plans to concurrently entree the same database. DBMSs may utilize a assortment of database theoretical accounts. such as the relational theoretical account or object theoretical account. to handily depict and back up applications. It typically supports question linguistic communications. which are in fact high-ranking scheduling linguistic communications. dedicated database languages that well simplify composing database application plans. Database languages besides simplify the database organisation every bit good as retrieving and showing information from it. A DBMS provides installations for commanding informations entree. implementing informations unity. pull offing concurrence control. and retrieving the database after failures and reconstructing it from backup files. every bit good as keeping database security. hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Database_management_system


The Internet is a planetary system of interrelated computing machine webs that use the standard Internet protocol suite ( frequently called TCP/IP. although non all applications use TCP ) to function one million millions of users worldwide. It is a web of webs that consists of 1000000s of private. public. academic. concern. and authorities webs. of local to planetary range. that are linked by a wide array of electronic. radio and optical networking engineerings. The Internet carries an extended scope of information resources and services. such as the inter-linked hypertext paperss of the World Wide Web ( WWW ) and the substructure to back up electronic mail.

Most traditional communications media including telephone. music. movie. and telecasting are reshaped or redefined by the Internet. giving birth to new services such as Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) and Internet Protocol Television ( IPTV ) . Newspaper. book and other print publication are accommodating to Web site engineering. or are reshaped into blogging and web provenders. The Internet has enabled and accelerated new signifiers of human interactions through instant messaging. Internet forums. and societal networking. Online shopping has boomed both for major retail mercantile establishments and little craftsmans and bargainers. Business-to-business and fiscal services on the Internet affect supply ironss across full industries. hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Internet


Database standardization is the procedure of forming the Fieldss and tabular arraies of a relational database to minimise redundancy and dependence. Normalization normally involves spliting big tabular arraies into smaller ( and less excess ) tabular arraies and specifying relationships between them. The aim is to insulate informations so that add-ons. omissions. and alterations of a field can be made in merely one tabular array and so propagated through the remainder of the database via the defined relationships.

hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Database_normalization

Entity–relationship theoretical account

Entity – Relationship theoretical account ( ER theoretical account for short ) is an abstract manner to depict a database. It normally starts with a relational database. which shops informations in tabular arraies. Some of the informations in these tabular arraies point to informations in other tabular arraies – for case. your entry in the database could indicate to several entries for each of the phone Numberss that are yours. The ER theoretical account would state that you are an entity. and each phone figure is an entity. and the relationship between you and the phone Numberss is ‘has a phone number’ . Diagrams created to plan these entities and relationships are called entity–relationship diagrams or ER diagrams. This article refers to the techniques proposed in Peter Chen’s 1976 paper. However. discrepancies of the thought existed antecedently. and have been devised later such as supertype and subtype informations entities and commonalty relationships ( an illustration with extra constructs is the enhanced entity–relationship theoretical account ) .


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