On-line game dependence is no longer merely a concern of an American-chubby-child’s female parent. but the concern of many parents in Cambodia and other less flush states. Recently. more adolescent Cambodians were addicted to online games. in order to fulfill their phantasy of being heroes or warriors. Kampuchean teens would instead eat less or even skip repasts merely to salvage money for the on-line games. Other than passing money. they besides wasted their clip. Harmonizing to Chheng Roth Donior. a Kampuchean adolescent. he usually spends three to five hours a twenty-four hours in cyberspace coffeehouse. even under the menace of his female parent.

It might hold sounded unusual to you. since Cambodia is non a affluent state and most of the urban teens do non hold cyberspace at place. and why would they be addicted to online games? One of the grounds is more and more internet coffeehouse have opened up. and Web entree is turning quickly these old ages. Another ground would be the adolescents in fact do non cognize they’re addicted to the on-line games or its harmful effects. The effect of on-line game dependence could be serious. for illustration. last twelvemonth in South Korea. a adult male died after playing on-line games for five yearss directly.

For certain. the adolescents would blow all their money and clip on those internet coffeehouse. They would hold less incentive to work or analyze since the satisfaction gained from the games is far more than those they could derive in their day-to-day lives. It would besides harm the gamers’ wellness ( e. g. with poorer seeing and less exercising ) and would take down their face to confront communicating accomplishments. Subsequently. they may non be able to separate between the world and the created universe.

Adolescents are the hereafter of the state. steps must be taken every bit shortly as possible to control the dependence. First. publicity from the authorities is really important. The adolescents may non understand the harmful effects of on-line game dependences. authorities should publicize the harmful consequence and possible effects through mass media. i. e. Television advertizements. intelligence paper. wireless etc. Posters should besides posted in school. streets and particularly the cyberspace coffeehouse. merely like a warning note must besides included on the bundle of coffin nails.

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For why the adolescents would hook to online games. is that they could derive a sense of satisfaction by crushing down their created enemies. Therefore. the instructors and parents of the adolescents should assist them construct their assurance. like giving them opportunities to develop their endowments. For illustration. school can supply more Extra-curriculum activities for them afterschool. They should besides assist the adolescents to place their dreams and marks. guaranting them that nil is impossible and promote them to contend for their dreams through negotiations and lessons.

Then they would non lodge to the computing machine screens. alternatively. they would work really hard on their dreams. On their ways towards their ends. parents and instructors should give supports and advice to them. Third. authorities should put up clinics to assist the gamers overcome their cyberspace dependences. merely like what China and South Korea did. The clinics should supply guidance and information about on-line game dependence. this could assist those people who had already addicted to online games. Last. instruction is ever the last resort of most jobs.

Schools and parents have the duty in learning the teens about the harmful effects of on-line game dependence. They should educate the pupils or their kids get downing from their childhood. Schools can keep more negotiations on the issue in order to do certain that they receive related information. If we do non get by with the job every bit shortly as possible. the state of affairs would go more complicated and serious. The solutions I suggested supra would decidedly assist covering with the job. and I hope the state of affairs would be improved shortly.


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