Chapter 11. 12. 13 Questions: Please reply all the inquiries below in complete sentences. In add-on. delight make sure to compose your replies in a font colour other than black. In Chapter 11. page 83 of our text edition. Power Up. A Practical Student’s Guide to Online Learning. the writers discuss Study Skills. 1. In your ain words. delight sum up the three slug points in the subdivision entitled Paying Attention. In order to derive the full apprehension of the readings during category. one must set his or her focal point to the fullest towards the chief topic. 2.

The writers believe that note pickings is dependent on your learning manner. That said. how do they specify effectual note taking in an on-line class? I believe non taking in an on-line class chiefly include: salvage all the assignments. read all the proclamations. and publish out what is necessary. 3. In the subdivision entitled “Testing in the Online Environment. ” the writers make three points. Please sum up in your ain words about the importance of pacing yourself with regard to an on-line trial? Most of online trials are timed. Students must be prepared for any fortunes.

In other words. finish the trials or quizzes early In Chapter 12. the writers discuss germinating scholars and present us with a twenty-first century theoretical account ( See image on page 88 ) . 1. Using the text edition as a usher. delight specify the undermentioned constructs in one sentence: a. Learning and Innovation Skills: Define: these accomplishments include originality. ingeniousness and adaptability. critical thought and job resolution. B. Information. Media. and Technology Skills: Define: the ability to pass on aptly in all media signifiers every bit Wellss as entree. understand. analyze evaluate and take part with the powerful mass media civilization.

c. Life and Career Skills: Define: Command of 21-century Technology must be accompanied by such personal qualities as inaugural and autonomy. societal and cross-cultural consciousness. 2. What do the writers have to state about gambling and simulation? Please sum up below in your ain words. In games. people are bounded to the fact that there are no negative effects of such. In other words. it allowed leaners to take hazard without being punish. 3. Mobile Devices are linking scholars to the acquisition procedure. What are some of the benefits of nomadic devices with regard to online acquisition?

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Quick entree to necessitate resources if you are non near a computing machine Easily maintained wireless connectivity The ability to analyze familiar tools you already on a regular basis The comfortss of downloading talks and other sound to smartphones for usage at your leisure. In Chapter 13. the writers discuss computing machine concerns with regard to online acquisition. 1. In your ain words. delight specify the undermentioned footings: a. Hardware: Define: it’s a term used to depict the parts of your computing machine that are touchable and take up infinite on your desk. B. Proctor:

Define: is the screen on which the computing machine undertakings images of your computeer desktop or different package plans such as word or excel. c. Keyboard: Define: contains the alphabetic. numeral and other button you use to type messages and paperss. d. Memory: Define: Part of your computing machine that retains information for future retrieval e. Operating System: Define: An operating system acts like a span between the user and the CPU 2. What is normally used presentation package in an online environment? The common usage for presentation package is merely to show the lineation of a talk.


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