The writer of the short narrative Merely Ten hooks the reader in on the first twosome sentences because of the enigma of The Shah and the manner he describes him. He starts off the narrative with demoing how hard it can be for refugees to accommodate and suit in in another state. As it shows in the orientation it is non uncommon for these people to hold a difficult clip adjustment in and opening up in the new topographic point. This can go on to any individual non merely a refugee but it can be particularly difficult for them because of them being different. The writer shows this by depicting The Shah in a certain manner that we use what we know of immigrants and use it to him. Because of refugees being different they could be picked on and even attacked.

The writer uses similes such as “Bruce leaped at The Shah with a wild cry. singing his swayer above his caput as if it was a sword” to demo force. Subsequently on it shows that non all states are every bit fortunate as us in the manner that The Shah was overjoyed that something was really turning which is an illustration of the writer utilizing vocabulary. The writer uses a technique called a metaphor to maintain the readers interested. An illustration of this is when The Shah was playing footy he all of a sudden curled up like a ball to protect himself believing that the ball was something other than a ball. Most likely being a bomb. Showing that he has been around bombs before when they go off or seen the desolation of the wake of the bomb.

The writer of the short narrative Merely Ten is really originative in ways of stating what he wants to state. He leaves obscure intimations and small spot of grounds that throughout the narrative the reader has to patch together. Then the writer offers a large spot of info at the terminal to supply a agency to to the full understand to intimations and grounds scattered throughout the text. The rubric is a good pick as it refers to The Shah’s life as he had to go a child soldier and battle. acquire hurt and even kill people. The rubric refers to the fact that he is merely 10. The scene is good chosen as it does really go on a batch in existent life and it is set up so throughout the narrative it is easy to give spots of grounds off. The chief complication in the narrative is that The Shah is hesitating to uncover any information the writer uses many techniques to demo this one manner is a series of short sentences to construct suspense. prefiguration and a few other techniques.

In my life I have met many people that come from other states to populate in Australia although none of them are refugees they still face some of the same jobs that refugees face such as intimidation and non being able to suit in good. Most of these jobs were overcome by the victims merely being so friendly that people found it difficult to pick on them and still maintain their repute. The narrative is good written and really originative it hooks the reader in the first few sentences through the usage of enigma. The narrative so goes on to construct on that enigma and add suspense and tenseness throughout the narrative.

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The writer writes in a manner that a reader can link to the text on some degree and even understand what the fictional characters are traveling through. Throughout the narrative he drops spots of grounds to maintain the reader interested so right at the terminal drops the information that the readers have been seeking to calculate out taking to a really hearty read.


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