This paper involves an gap of a little epicurean hotel, called Lake Zurichs Resort and Spa, in Switzerland, Zurich. The paper will cover a elaborate description of the hotel, including its location, construction, distinctive features and other of import information. The description of the state, including such important features as geographics, resources, population, work force, civilization, economic system, political system, trade, economic system, and foreign policy, will besides be provided. Furthermore, the important factors of an gap of concern in Switzerland will be discussed.

The chief thought of the “ Lake Zurich ‘s Resort and Spa ” hotel is making of a perfect topographic point for people going in Europe from Russia and other states, where they could bask a high quality service, first-class culinary art, superb watering place, and of class the beauty of Zurich. The hotel will be situated on the Lake Zurich near the headstream of river Limmat. As Zurich is a rather large metropolis, the hotel will suit about 200 people and will be wide and not-too-high, four-storey, decorated in English manner with a door-keeper for the front door.

Inside, the “ Lake Zurich ‘s Resort and Spa ” will be structured the undermentioned manner:

Basement floor. All the installations such as an technology system, a cardinal warming system, an electro-technical system, a fix service, a refrigerating subdivision, a wash, a kitchen, Russian and Turkish sweat rooms, and up-to-date gym will be located.

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First floor. This floor is a bosom of the hotel. It will incorporate a response, a front office, a eating house, a keepsake ‘ store, a baggage room, an ambulance room, currency exchange, a sofa saloon, a anteroom and a Wi-Fi zone.

Second floor. This floor is a high spot of the hotel. A epicurean watering place will busy a whole floor. Such beauty plans as cocoa enclosure, algae enclosure, japan manicure and pedicure, hair reclamation, and etc will be offered to hotel ‘s invitees.

Third and 4th floors. These floors will hold non merely suites for invitees but besides service suites for staff. Each invitees ‘ room will hold a perfect design and a comfy bathroom.

Suites are traveling to be classified into 5 classs: Standard ( one-room with all necessary conditions ) , Deluxe ( one-room of bigger size with extra installations ) , Family ( two-room, with the same conditions as in Standard ) , Honeymoon Suite ( one-room with extra installations and gorgeous position from the window ) and Royal suite ( a immense room on the 4th floor with a balcony ) .

Restaurant will dine 100 people. It will offer first-class European and Russian culinary arts, and will besides hold a little Nipponese bill of fare.

Besides, there will be the undermentioned sections in the hotel: security service, providing service, executive section, accounting, HR, and fire safety service.

The chief staff will dwell of decision makers ( 6 individuals ) , receptionists ( 4 individuals ) , cosmeticians ( 8 individuals ) , massage healers ( 8 individuals ) amahs ( 30 ) individuals ) , security ( 18 individuals ) , cooks ( 16 individuals ) , servers ( 25 individuals ) , bartenders ( 5 individuals ) , and front door-keepers ( 6 ) .

Designation and Analysis of Country Variables

Physical and demographic profile.

Switzerland is made up of a great diverseness of landscapes and climes on an country of 41,285A square kilometres. Switzerland consists of three basic topographical countries: the Swiss Alps on the South, the Swiss tableland or “ middleland ” , and the Jura mountains on the North. The great discrepancy of clime from one part to another is caused by the geographics of Switzerland. In different countries and at different clip of the twelvemonth Switzerland autumn under conditions resembling both of Siberia and of the Mediterranean. It means that in some countries it can be every bit warm as, for illustration, in Cyprus in summer, and every bit cold as in Siberia in winter. Switzerland has greater unfastened and hilly landscapes, partially forested, partially unfastened grazing lands, normally with croping herds or veggies and fruit Fieldss, but it is still hilly. There are big lakes found here and the biggest Swiss metropoliss are in this country of the state. The largest lake is Lake Geneva ( in western Switzerland ) .[ 1 ]Switzerland has 6 % of Europe ‘s stock of fresh H2O. The Switzerland ‘s chief resources are hydropower possible, salt, and lumber.

Switzerland has non merely a fantastic environment, nature and landscape, but besides a nice clime, so that ‘s why this state is really attractive to tourers in any season. Therefore, the seasonal prevalence factor has a really small influence on hotel concern.

The population of Switzerland is about 7.8A million, and an mean population denseness is about 190 people per square kilometre ( 485/sqA myocardial infarction ) . The population of Switzerland consists of three groups: Permanent occupants – 7,508,700, Swiss citizens – 5,954,200 ( 79.3 % ) and Foreign occupants – 1,554,500 ( 20.7 % ) .

Zurich is the biggest metropolis in Switzerland and is located in the centre of the state. Population of Zurich is constituted by about 2 million people. Zurich is considered to be a “ prima planetary metropolis among the universe ‘s largest fiscal centres ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, paragraph3 ) and besides a capital of civilization. “ An impressive figure of museums and art galleries can be found in the metropolis, among which the Swiss National Museum and the Kunsthaus. Zurich besides hosts one of the most of import theaters in the German-speaking universe. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, paragraph3 )


Switzerland ‘s instruction system is considered to be one of the best on the universe and produces a well-qualified work force at all degrees. As a consequence of this factor and multicultural society, a big portion of the population knows several different linguistic communications. The work force is by and large characterized by high motive and about absolute absence of work stoppages. There is a common stereotype like in many other states that immature people at the age of 25 – 40 old ages have a repute of being more flexible, dynamic and efficient, but in Switzerland older workers still have plentifulness to offer. It is the fact that the per centum of employed people at the age between 55 and 64 old ages has risen from 63.5 % to 68.4 % in the last 12 old ages[ 2 ]. There is besides still high per centum of immigrant workers, particularly German immigrants. Unfortunately, it has had a negative consequence on Switzerland economic system because the authorities has to put more money to better instruction and preparation. Nevertheless, employers from European Union states find the Swiss employment ordinances less bureaucratic than those at place, and more employer-friendly, every bit far as the right to disregard workers is concerned.

“ Its labour market is characterized by broad statute law, light-touch ordinance and exceeding societal stableness. Labor struggles are solved through the productive relationship between labour and direction. The societal insurance system for workers is based on the rules of solidarity and personal duty. The high rewards attract good qualified workers, and employers benefit from competitory unit labour costs thanks to low societal security tax write-offs. “ ( ) It is interesting that Swiss employees are really loyal to their companies, partially because of the fact that most houses are little or moderate-sized. All in all, the features of labour market are rather impressive. No uncertainty it is easy to employers to happen and engage extremely qualified employees.

Cultural profile.

“ The civilization of Switzerland is influenced by its neighbours but over the old ages a typical civilization with some regional differences and an independent run has developed. In peculiar, French-speaking parts have tended to point themselves somewhat more on Gallic civilization. In general, the Swiss are known for their long standing human-centered tradition as Switzerland is the birth topographic point of the Red Cross Movement and hosts the United Nations Human Rights Council. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # Culture ) There is an interesting fact that Switzerland is like the place of three Europe ‘s major linguistic communications – German, Gallic and Italian, but at the same clip it has no written linguistic communication of its ain. The different Swiss communities have lingual and cultural ties with one of their larger neighbours. The Swiss themselves are sometimes puzzled about what they have in common besides their passport, what it is that makes them Swiss. The Swiss say they are held together by the desire to remain united. The general attitude is summed up in the expression “ integrity, but non uniformity. ”[ 3 ]

There are a strong extremely energetic ski resort civilization in winter and a hiking civilization in summer because of plentifulness of mountains in the state. Many people from all over the universe are basking sing Switzerland peculiarly in winter ; hence, it is really profitable to open concern in Switzerland, particularly a hotel concern.

In Switzerland there are plentifulness of vacations, such as National Day – 1st of August, Easter, Spring festivals – Sechselauten, intending “ chiming six o’clock ” , which is held on the 3rd Sunday and Monday in April, Summer ‘s End, Autumn, Wine festivals, etc.[ 4 ]There is besides “ a world-famous Street Parade, which takes topographic point in August every twelvemonth ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # Nightlife_and_clubbing ) .

All these important events in Switzerland ‘s history are an first-class manner for the hotel “ Lake Zurich ‘s Resort and Spa ” to gain more money. First of all, some particular offers can be introduced, such as curious dinner, or, for illustration, or across-the-board twenty-four hours for clients and tourers go throughing by, and so on.

Political profile.

First of all, Switzerland has three major regulating organic structures of the federal degree: the bicameral parliament ( legislative ) , the Federal Council ( executive ) and the Federal Court ( judicial ) . The Swiss Parliament is represented by of two houses: the Council of States, which has 46 representatives, who are elected under a system determined by each Guangzhou, and the National Council, which consists of 200 members who are elected under a system of relative representation, depending on the population of each Guangzhou. The authorities consists of seven members, elected by the Federal Assembly. The authorities members take it in turns to move as president.

There is a extremely developed system of direct democracy, through which the Swiss people can act upon political personal businesss. Swiss citizens can both propose statute law of their ain, or thwart statute law already approved by parliament. There is an sentiment, that although direct democracy is non alone to Switzerland because Italy, USA and other states besides give electors a right to act upon on of import determination devising, the Switzerland ‘s political system is likely the most far-reaching in the universe.

Federal Councilors are much more available for pass oning than those in most states. It is the common thing that they travel around by ropeway or by train merely like other citizens of the state else. Peoples can easy speak to them without being hustled away by security guards. It surprises non lone occupants of the state, but besides other states ‘ political leaders. In this manner, Switzerland ‘s alone system of authorities represents the democracy barely dreamed of even in most other democratic states.

Legal profile.

The best possible conditions for Swiss concerns are provided by the Swiss Government. Measures include export publicity, support for research and preparation in Switzerland every bit good as the sign language of many-sided and bilateral understandings with other provinces.

Switzerland is considered to be one the most business-friendly states in the universe. “ Puting up a company is an unbureaucratic procedure and rapid blessing processs mean that company premises are available within a short clip. EU citizens are about equal in position to Swiss citizens and can profit from a strong and attractive concern location that is ideally linked to planetary concern. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Switzerland has a modern legal system that regulates the coexistence of its citizens and the rights and duties of both employers and employees. Labor statute law, contract jurisprudence and patent jurisprudence are designed for a operation concern economic system. The reaching of private persons or companies from outside Switzerland is capable to clear ordinances and is based on strong cooperation with the European Union. In other words, Switzerland welcomes any entrance of concern into the state, because it is a country-for-business.

One more pleasant factor for opening concern is low revenue enhancement rates. This factor attracts foreign business communities, who do n’t desire to run a concern in their native states because of high revenue enhancement rates. Low revenue enhancement rates in Switzerland enables companies both indoors and outside it to retain their net incomes and to put them, in such a manner bring forthing ingestion. The low rate of revenue enhancement on income, assets and heritage offers affluent people in the private sector a perfect chance to carry through their dreams of a place in the state. Besides, there are cardinal standards positioning Switzerland as an advantageous European location for set uping a concern. They are top rankings for legal security, long-run stableness, guaranteed protection of free competition and belongings ownership and minimum bureaucratism. Corruptness is perceived as about nonexistent. Switzerland ranks 7th out of 179 states in Transparency International ‘s Corruption Perceptions Index for 2008.[ 5 ]

Economic profile.

Switzerland has a stable, modern and one of the most capitalist economic systems in the universe. As it was already said above, it is based on a extremely qualified labour force executing extremely skilled work. The degree of unemployment is rather low-3.5 % . The chief countries of work include micro-technology, hi-tech, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, every bit good as banking and insurance know-how. The service sector now employs the greatest figure of people. Switzerland ‘s economic freedom mark is 81.1, doing its economic system the 6th freest in the 2010 Index.[ 6 ]By openness to planetary commercialism Switzerland made its little economic system one of the most competitory and flexible in the universe. The mean duty rate is low, and commercial operations are protected under the regulative environment and aided by a flexible labour market. Inflation is low, averaging 0.9 % between 2005 and 2007 and today it is 2,4 % .


Swiss companies are extremely competitory in universe markets. In some subdivisions, more than 90 % of goods and services are exported. Celebrated Swiss tickers, cocoa, and cheese are the best-known export points, but in fact mechanical and electrical technology, and chemicals together account for over half Swiss export grosss. Switzerland ‘s chief trading spouses are European Union members. By far the biggest spouse is Germany.[ 7 ]

“ The countries where Switzerland is a taking provider include looms, paper and printing machinery, blanking tools for metalworking, lifts and escalators, boxing equipment and rack-and-pinion railroads. However, many of the constituents for these points are now manufactured abroad. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // , paragraph 2 )


“ Foreign investings are welcome, and testing applies to merely a few sectors. Both foreign and domestic investors have entree to adequate beginnings of recognition. The national fiscal sector leads the universe and is both protective of privateness and unfastened to foreign establishments. “ ( ) Residents and non-residents are allowed to keep foreign exchange histories. There are no limitations on repatriation of net incomes, payments for unseeable minutess, or current transportations. Real estate purchases by non-residents must be approved by the Guangzhou in which the belongings is located.

“ The private sector enjoys entree to a broad assortment of recognition instruments. The federal authorities is non a stockholder in the cardinal bank but has appointment authorization and approves ordinances. Banks offer a broad scope of services, and recognition is allocated on market footings. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, Financial Freedom ) “ The overall freedom to carry on a concern is good protected under Switzerland ‘s regulative environment. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, Business Freedom ) Normally all the processs needed for opening a concern take 20 yearss, while all over the universe in mean it takes 38 yearss to open a concern.

All the factors listed above indicate that everything in Switzerland is made to make concern. It is the most attractive topographic point for foreign investings. The state offers many advantages and benefits for concern investors. There are rather strong warrants that one ‘s concern will be protected and supported in instance of necessity. Furthermore, touristry is an of import beginning of income in Switzerland.

Foreign policy.

Switzerland maintains diplomatic dealingss with about all states and historically has served as a impersonal mediator and host to major international pact conferences. Switzerland ( chiefly Geneva ) is home to many international governmental and nongovernmental organisations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross ( whose flag is basically the Swiss flag with colourss reversed, the Red Cross historically being a Swiss organisation ) . One of the first international organisations, the Universal Postal Union, is located in Bern.[ 8 ]

On September 10, 2002, Switzerland became a full member of the United Nations. Switzerland has to the full participated within many of the UN ‘s specialised establishments, including the Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations Environment Program, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UN Conference on Trade and Development, UN Industrial Development Organization, and the Universal Postal Union. Switzerland has besides furnished military perceivers and medical squads to several UN operations.

Switzerland besides goes into many other international organisations, such as the World Trade Organization, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, European Free Trade Association, Council of Europe, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, International Atomic Energy Agency, and INTELSAT. The cardinal bank of Switzerland goes into the Bank for International Settlements.


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