As basic users. security is one characteristic that most of us overlook when it comes to runing systems until it is excessively late. In this paper we will discourse the security defect within the Windows Operating system. and so discourse countermeasures to repair the system defect. We will first expression at some known defects in Windows 7 and Windows 8. An Information Security Engineer at Google had decided to uncover a defect that affected two of Microsoft’s newest runing systems that allowed aggressors to obtain higher privileges on an unpatched computing machine. The exposure was caused due to an mistake within the ‘win32k. sys’ when it processes certain objects and it can be exploited to do a clang or execute arbitrary codification with meats privilege. A more recent defect in Windows has been identified as the Zero-Day Vulnerability ; the Microsoft Windows Object Linking and Embedding ( OLE ) bundle director remote codification executing exposure ( CVE-2014-4114 ) permits aggressors to implant OLE files from external locations. CVE-2014-4114 defect can be exploited to download and put in malware on to the target’s computing machine.

This exposure affects all versions of Windows to include ; Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Windows 8. 1 and Windows Server versions 2008 and 2012. The Microsoft engineering allows rich informations from one papers to be embedded in another papers or nexus to a papers. The OLE is normally used for implanting locally stored content but this defect allows the impulsive download and executing of external files. The aggressors send the targeted persons or corporations a spear-phishing electronic mail that contains a malicious PowerPoint ( PPT ) file fond regard ; this electronic mail is detected by Symantec as Trojan. Mdropper. The sent file contains two embedded OLE paperss incorporating URLs. If the targeted single opens the PPT file. the URLs are contacted and two files are downloaded which in bend will put in the malware on the computing machine. When the malware is installed on the victim’s computing machine. this creates a back door that allows the aggressors to download and put in other malware ; the malware can besides download updates for itself to include an information stealing constituent.

Microsoft is reding clients that there is no spot presently available for this exposure ; they have supplied a fixit tool that decreases the onslaughts. While the present feats are utilizing PowerPoint files to present the malware. given the type of defect. they may get down utilizing different office files such as word paperss or excel spreadsheets. The 2nd zero-day exposure is CVE-2014-4113. which is a local lift of privilege exposure ; this defect has been seen in onslaughts against Windows Server 2003/R2. 2008/R2. Windows 2000. Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3. This defect can non be used on its ain to compromise a victim’s security. The aggressor would necessitate to derive entree to a distant system running any of the above lists runing systems before they could put to death codification within the context of the Windows Kernel. ( “Sandworm Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability Being Actively Exploited In Targeted Attacks” . 2014 ) .

Microsoft’s security advisory states the company is smartly working to supply broader protections to their clients ; the company states that the declaration of the issue may include supplying a security update through a monthly spot update or supplying an unscheduled security update. As stated above Microsoft issued a impermanent fixit tool that can be applied to 32-64 spot versions of PowerPoint 2007. 2010 and 2013. This can be used until an official spot is released.

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Besides another countermeasure to avoid downloading malware on to your operating system is non unfastened any PowerPoint Presentations or paperss from unknown parties. even mail from known references should be avoided unless you can corroborate with the transmitter that the electronic mail was deliberately sent. Many electronic mails are compromised because some persons make their watchwords to easy or they have downloaded spyware and the aggressor gets that information and uses their electronic mail to direct out their virus to other users. I have received electronic mails from my female parent when I didn’t anticipate them and I would inform her that her electronic mail had been hacked. Many are non cognizant that this has happened unless they are told.

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