39 old ages has passed, which creates a absorbing history for one of 100 greatest trade name in the universe – Difficult Rock Cafe. Since its constitution in 1971, Hard Rock Cafe has expanded in over 51 states with 133 Hard Rock Cafes and 15 Hotels / Casinos. The great success relies on many many factors but the nucleus one we can non deny is its altering scheme. Hard Rock Cafe took a displacement of functioning, from functioning nutrient with amusement to functioning nutrient with experience. Based on its way, its operation scheme is defined to supplying experience.

Sing to 10 operation direction scheme determinations like Design of Goods and Services, Managing Quality, Process scheme, Location Strategies, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Scheduling and Maintenance, in the long route of development, Hard Rock Cafe has obtained respected accomplishments in all Fieldss. The universe recoginses its repute and most of us heartly admize it.

I myself can non disregard the narratives of Hard Rock Cafe eventhough it has non opened in HaNoi where I am populating. The narrative of its altering scheme from times, the narrative: of its life museum, of its greatest trade names, of its employees… .step by measure take me to the topographic points of Hard Rock Cafe. Sometimes the topographic point is excessively far and sometimes the topographic point is excessively near me. It is that those topographic points and narratives at that place assist me acquire different positions of Hard Rock Cafe.

Based on my cognition, understanding and research that I am holding now, I take some good points and some non good points to give my ain positions of Hard Rock Cafe. There will be opposite “ points ” that is viewed in the construct of analysing one operation direction determination non merely in theory but besides in world.

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The undermentioned operation direction determinations take my involvements and my ideas.

Design of Goods and Services.

The outstanding point of planing goods and services in Hard Rock Cafe is DIFFERENTATION. Harmonizing to Anthony Henry ( Understanding Strategic Management – 2008 ) , “ A distinction scheme is based on an organisation bring forthing merchandises or services which are perceived by clients as alone or different ” , Hard Rock Cafe has built “ Populating museums of Rock ” experienced by its clients who are in love of Rock. One coffeehouse with its “ distinction ” chiefly is that Rock ‘s aggregation including customes, instruments, piece of music, CDs, souvernirs of the greatest creative persons like Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen & A ; The E Street Band, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrixaˆ¦.That life museums are ever updated and going more and more absorbing to clients with its memorabilia ( more than 70, 000 pieces ) from the hottest musical creative persons of the last 50 old ages.

Besides its distinction, it is recognized that Hard Rock Cafe is a typical symbol of Product construct method – a new tool of selling. Hard Rock Cafe is a combination of experiences, manners, amusement, consciousness of sharing and memories. All “ merchandises ” mentioned above are defined in particular, which creates unforgettable experience for its clients. Hard Rock Cafe ‘s clients, in fact it is so difficult to name them “ clients ” as they are members in Hard Rock household, create the manner for Hard Rock. Once they come to Hard Rock, a genuinely deep feeling would go forth on them.

“ Love all – Serve all ” – A guilding service doctrine creates a particular topographic point where you or anyone would be respected, irrespective of age, sex or category. The topographic point where all show their love for music – one international linguistic communication. The linguistic communication which gives us more understanding and narrows the spread among aliens. Not merely love for music but besides love for worlds, love for functioning worlds. In service industry, Hard Rock Cafe created the “ high connexion point ” between its employees and its clients.

Lay out scheme

Before discoursing Lay out scheme of Hard Rock Cafe, we should look at some images of Hard Rock Shop in Ho Chi Minh City.

hypertext transfer protocol: //rockpassion.vn/files/2009/12/Rock-Shop.JPG

hypertext transfer protocol: //farm3.static.flickr.com/2698/4111182160_50a6c75eb4.jpg

Pha»‘i ca??nh ca»§a Hard Rock Tp.Ha»“ Chi Minh ( Scence of Hard Rock Cafe HCM )

“ About 48 % of a typical coffeehouse ‘s gross revenues are from ware ” – quoted in Page 83 – Principles of Operations Management – 2008 by Jay Heizer and Barry Render, this figure has shown the success of Hard Rock stores.

It has changed its scheme from times, which adapts to the motions of the planetary. The universe has witnessed great accomplishment of Wal – Mart, McDonald ‘s, HSBCaˆ¦.in retail field. Here it gained 48 % of gross through ware, which reveals the growing of retail in Hard Rock.

What creates the success? One portion of the reply you will happen in Layout Strategy of Hard Rock Cafe.

Each Hard Rock Cafe has its ain Rock store designed in Retail layout – an attack that addresses flow, allocates infinite and responds to client behaviour ” – quoted in Page 83 – Principles of Operations Management – 2008 by Jay Heizer and Barry Render. Looking at some images above, you can see that one little infinite show legion of points like chapeaus, T-shirts, places, gifts, images… that attract clients. Customers non merely are fascinated by points in the store but besides are impressed by the visible radiation, the colour Black and Red. The combination between Black and Red or the symbol of luxury and attractive force calls for “ purchasing action ” of clients.

Quality Management

Hard Rock Cafe establishes its quality criterions and takes controls to run into these criterions. We will look at some points of quality direction in Hard Rock Cafe.

Reacting to clients ‘ demands, gustatory sensation and outlooks, Hard Rock Cafe bill of fare are continuously upgraded and service has been changed. To measure the quality of nutrient and service, it on a regular basis conducts studies. In the study, hiting method is used to sort the quality. If the measuring mark of nutrient and service is non up to 7, it will neglect. In my sentiment, choice direction following the method shows stringency, clarity and carnival.

Hard Rock Cafe besides takes advantages of engineering to guarantee the quality of merchandises and services. Chris Tomasso – Vice President of Hard Rock updates monthly Microsoft Project. In a existent instance, to guarantee the public presentation of the stone concert on clip, Chris Tomasso gave clients “ awaited surprise ” . The chopper was used to take the set in, which overcome an unexpected traffic jam. It was the back-up program that Microsoft Project had put Chris Tomasso ‘s thoughts into world. Furthermore, techniques and package support Hard Rock ‘s directors to keep efficient agenda, to gauge budget public presentation, to gauge clip service, to day-to-day prognosis gross revenues, to apportion work force and to give bonusaˆ¦.All the things have been done in professional manner to run into the criterion of the quality direction.

Sing to quality direction, whenever and wheresoever, Hard Rock Cafe opens a new coffeehouse, all of us take chance to bask unrecorded musical public presentations. In opening jubilations in Las Vegas and in Ho Chi Minh City, the shows of Chris Cornell and DMC severally created “ a high energy ambiance ” and overspread the exhilaration non merely for stone lovers but besides for the young person, for the people working in amusement industry. Through it, we deeply understand how great and strong Hard Rock is.

Human Resources

In a company, particularly in a large corporate like Hard Rock Cafe, there is a batch of undertakings for Human Resources Department. Besides the occupation of enlisting, keeping, preparation, making calling development and personal growing, the disputing undertaking Human Resources takes is to supplying a nice working environment for employees. Harmonizing to Hard Rock callings, “ This topographic point is revolutionaryaˆ¦Why? Because you can be who you are – because who you are defines you ” , the employees are extremely respected. Beyond on my apprehension, Hard Rock Cafe is making a working environment in which each of us takes chance to turn out ourselves and to advance our calling way. It is so wise to make that, to pull job-seekers and to make a competitory advantage for Hard Rock Cafe.

In October 2010, harmonizing to BBC News dated on 13 October 2010 “ 50 occupations at hazard as Cardiff Hard Rock Cafe closes ” . If I were one employee of Hard Rock Cafe Cardiff, clearly, I would be in an unexpected state of affairs as “ it has closed all of a sudden as staff prepared to observe its 7th birthday ” . One inquiry here is that whether Hard Rock Cafe ‘s employees in Cardiff location are trully informed seasonably or non? Some employees may happen another occupations, some employees may reassign to other Hard Rock coffeehouse in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester, some employees may be unemployeed. I myself wonder the existent instance would acquire any support from Human Resources of Hard Rock Cafe.

Furthermore, in Human Resource scheme of Hard Rock, “ outstanding wage and benefits are a start ” quoted in “ Principles of Operations Management – 2008 of Jay Heizer and Barry Render – Page 445 ” , is an pulling invitation to employees. Honestly, you and I try our best to work for high income, and it is the same for the others or for the employees of Hard Rock.

However, in one article posted on BBC News “ Hard Rock rewards ‘below lower limit ‘ by Martin Shankleman – Business letter writer ” dated on 18 July, 2008, we should earnestly see Human Resources Strategy and its execution. In this article, the nameless server of Hard Rock said “ It ‘s an maltreatment of clients – they are being misled in that they believe they are giving a tip when they are lessening the existent pay ” . One inquiry raises in my head, in fact, there is a large spread between “ outstanding wage ” and “ the pay ” ?

In the article mentioned above, “ It ‘s about contemptuous, no admiration people leave ” said the server. In my apprehension, “ people leave ” it means the employees of Hard Rock had given up their occupations. The ground for them to go forth is unreasonable wage? I wonder where the point of outstanding wage is. If I read one article in one book, If I saw merely things written on Hard Rock web site, I would take merely one side of the coin or I would see one thing in one way without statements, without feedback, without consideration.

In general, sing to 4 operation direction determinations ( Product and Services Design, Lay out Strategy, Quality Management and Human Resources ) I am taking in consideration, the different positions are discussed and analyzed in some facets. Some give us a perfect theoretical account of Hard Rock Cafe in operation direction. That we extremely respect and admire the accomplishment, the betterment and the invention of the universe taking Corporate. In the other side, we still see some non good points of Hard Rock. In fact, those points may be in statement, may be unresolved, which leads us researching and detecting in world through our ain “ experience ” . Merely taking a existent experience gives us the whole image with light and shade, with colour of black and white, with thoughts and the existent life.


16 Dec 2009 was one twenty-four hours taging the measure of Hard Rock Cafe in VietNam, peculiarly in Ho Chi Minh City. Hard Rock Cafe Ho Chi Minh is run by Viet Thai International ( VTI ) – the proprietor of Highland Cafe. Based on its statement “ The Best of Both Worlds ” , VTI develops Hard Rock trade name following Vietnamese tradition. Based on the information I have got throung cyberspace ( www.toursvietnam.net ) , articles, Hard Rock Cafe is non populated. There are so many people inquiring for raising Hard Rock Cafe Ho Chi Minh ‘s quality criterion. Customers there concern excessively much its monetary value. The jobs may confront Hard Rock Cafe Ho Chi Minh in developing its concern.

Those are some positions of Hard Rock Cafe Ho Chi Minh. And what about the hereafter of Hard Rock Cafe coming to HaNoi? The young person and stone lovers in HaNoi maintain their ears to the land as it is coming in HaNoi in 2011? What are waiting for Hard Rock Cafe HaNoi? What are the chances and challenges for it?

Opportunities are regarded as an attractive call for Hard Rock Cafe spread outing in HaNoi. Hard Rock Cafe will take chance to run into the demand of the immature population in HaNoi. In 2010, harmonizing to General Statistic Office of VietNam, the population in HaNoi is 6.5 million and the figure will increase to 7.7 million in 2015. Furthermore, most of the population is in the age of working and mean personal income is estimated up to USD 4,300 / twelvemonth. All the Numberss creates the great demand for amusement in HaNoi today and tomorrow.

Another point we shoud non lose is that from times, HaNoi young person alterations their life style and consumer behaviour. The dark of 12th November witnessed the young person HaNoi “ burn themselves ” with stone. At the dark, Tiger Translate Metropolis 2010 gave an impressive show to fan stone in HaNoi. It was a insomniac dark of HaNoi young person. We can conceive of how expectable and excited the young person welcome Hard Rock Cafe in HaNoi.

Due to immature population of VietNam and peculiarly in HaNoi, Hard Rock Cafe may take the advantage of labour cost. The mean personal income in HaNoi is around USD 2,000 – 2,500 / twelvemonth, which is a large spread comparison to personal income in London or other metropoliss. The income shows how inexpensive the labour is in HaNoi. Simply, Hard Rock Cafe can equilibrate the cost – the benefit. Locally, in comparing with labour in Ho Chi Minh, labour cost in HaNoi is lower than in Ho Chi Minh. Sing labour cost, HaNoi offers Hard Rock Cafe a really favourable status.

Harmonizing to Smart Travel Aisa – A travel magazine, HaNoi is voted one of 10 attractive tourer finishs in Asia. In 2010, HaNoi has welcomed 1.4 million tourers and the figure will travel up more, particularly in the hope of the universe ‘s economic system recovery. During 39 old ages, Hard Rock Cafe ‘s winning scheme is to spread out to “ finish ” metropoliss. Hard Rock Cafe would non lose the opportunity of making concern in HaNoi – one “ finish ” metropoliss in Aisa. In fact, HaNoi occupants expect more new sorts of amusement to pull domestic tourers from other states in the North of VietNam. Hard Rock Cafe will derive much benefit with new one in HaNoi from its foreign and domestic toursists.

In 2013, harmonizing to the study of PriceWaterhouseCoopers about the Prospect for Entertainment and Communications Industry, VietNam will accomplish USD 2.3 billion of market value. The study estimate the growing of Entertainment and Communication Industry: 16.7 % the highest degree. The growing create opportunities for Hard Rock Cafe and service industry in VietNam. Based on its package and computered plans, it is non hard for Hard Rock Cafe to gauge possible earnings.Both amusement industry in VietNam and service of Hard Rock Cafe take benefits of each other and support themselves for development and growing.

VietNam has strengths of exporting cafe, fabric and agribusiness nutrients. All the things create a strong supply concatenation for Hard Rock Cafe to take. One of supply concatenation schemes Hard Rock Cafe may specify is “ negociating with many providers ” – quoted in Page 457 of Principles of Operations Management by Jay Heizer and Barry Render. Opening a new one in HaNoi, Hard Rock Cafe has in manus legion of ingredient providers. It is so clear that Hard Rock Cafe takes a batch of advantages from them. Cheap and diversified ingredient is one advantage. Another is the long-run committedness of those providers because of ferocious competition among them. One another is updating bill of fares that satisfy customers’tastes and local civilization.

Opportunities and challenges play as two sides of the coin. One side we should look at to take opportunities merely in clip for making advantage of making concern. In concern, we try to seek for chances of increasing net income, chances of spread outing market portion, opportuinities of staying our power, our place… Complying with them, challenges continuously occur and coerce us to be awared of and to get the better of. What CHALLENGES are for Hard Rock Cafe with a new one in HaNoi?

There is a clear difference between civilization of the North and the South, between personality of the Northerners and the Southerners, between life manner in HaNoi and life style in Ho Chi Minh. Peoples in HaNoi is more conservative than those in Ho Chi Minh. For a new one, it takes a little longer clip to accept, experience and like it. It can be said that conservativeness typifies personality of the Northerners. Because of conservativeness, the life manner of HaNoi is non so exciting as it in Ho Chi Minh. Most of people enjoy their lives with household or in a little coffeehouse without much noises. They lead a life in a less quiet and less exciting manner than those in the South. From times, they have changed but the tradition have much influence on their alterations.

The people in the North prefer salvaging money to passing it. Whenever gaining money, their wont of seting money in nest eggs becomes excessively popular. Unlike the people in the South, overspending is normally avoided. Due to moo personally income, when taking any service, they put excessively much concern on the monetary value. The monetary value may restrict their disbursement on amusement. This challenge Hard Rock Cafe should take in consideration.

The monetary value of existent estate in HaNoi is evaluated excessively high eventhough comparing to Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, London… Location plays as critical factor of finding the success of one concern, particularly the concern of Hard Rock Cafe – in which location is on the top of concern, research and investing. It is estimated that approximately 50 % operating disbursals belongs to location investing. The monetary value of location in “ finish metropoliss ” like HaNoi causes concern for investors. This challenge is confronting Hard Rock Cafe for a long period as existent estate market in HaNoi will be “ hotter and hotter ” when the economic system recovers, when the finance activities flow strongly and swimmingly.

From 2010, VietNam Food Administration focuses on the Safety goods. VietNam Food Administration gives Regulations for measuring the quality of nutrient. First, the chief merchandise of Hard Rock Cafe is nutrient and the nutrient quality needs to run into international criterions and Vietnamese criterions. The job may originate if those criterions are defined in different ways and evaluated based on different standards. Second, for providers of Hard Rock Cafe in Viet Nam and in the universe, what accommodation can be made non to go against the Regulations of VietNam Food Administration. Some providers may run into the demands and adapt to the alterations. Some may non run into the demands and alter their ain sort of concern or halt making concern. There will be a deficit of providers, which consequences in monetary value addition. This challenge sometimes do jobs in quality direction.

Making concern agencies seeking and capturing chances seasonably. Besides it, confronting challenges and get the better ofing them dramas as actuating factor for growing and success. It is so of import for us to take concern chances in developing markets. HaNoi attracts investing due to its development, its undiscovered potency, particularly in service and amusement industry. If I were one of selling directors taking the undertaking of opening a new Hard Rock Cafe HaNoi, I would urge one thought as follows.

Based on the theory of “ Differing Selling Tasks. Even if globally sold merchandise varities are similar, the selling undertaking can change geographically ” quoted in Page 285 – Competitive Scheme 1998 by Michael E.Porter, I would transport out one promotional run called “ Love Rock – Shop Rock ” . Why do non I build a “ connexion music ” web of High schools, Universities and Rock lover nines in HaNoi? A recognizing card valued one souvernir or one little gift of Rock Shop should be presented to the young person in HaNoi before the coming of Hard Rock Cafe. By this manner, I would direct one message to the young person, promote them to alter their consumer behaviours and excite themselves with Rock, shopping and gift. HaNoi is looking frontward to welcoming a “ high energy ” of Hard Rock Cafe for tourers, the young person, stone lovers and for the people who have non cognize Hard Rock yet.


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