The hallways during a switching period in our school are brainsick! Teachers try to set order in the hallways and seek to maintain them safe. while pupils are wild and create pandemonium in the hallways. The hallways in my school are helter-skelter but have order. Likewise. Gotham metropolis besides has order and pandemonium. In Gotham metropolis. the Joker creates pandemonium. while batman attempts to set order in Gotham City.

The camera motions can stand for pandemonium. In the movie. the camera went cockamamie when the Joker interrupts the dinner where he tells Rachel how he got his panics. I think the helter-skelter camera motions make Rachael and the people at the dinner. every bit good as the audience watching the film feel scared about what he’s traveling to make next. The Joker besides makes menaces to harm the people of Gotham City. In the Movie. the Joker Tells on unrecorded telecasting that he will blow up a local infirmary unless Coleman Reese is dead within 60 proceedingss. I can deduce that this menace made Reese feel scared. nervous and afraid of his safety. I could besides understand how his menace besides affected the constabulary. because they had to unclutter everyone out of the infirmaries as fast as possible.

On the other manus. Batman tries to set order in Gotham City. Batman’s chief mission is to halt the Joker from terrorising the citizens of Gotham. In the movie. Batman tries to halt the jokester in the scene where Harvey Dent is acquiring transported to the county gaol. At one point. the jokester shriek. “Hit me” to batman. I thought batman wouldn’t hit the Joker because he knew that would make pandemonium and Batman wanted halt the pandemonium. At the terminal of the film. Batman finds Harvey Dent keeping Gordon and his household surety. Then Dent flips a coin to find if he should kill Gordans boy and Batman tackles Dent and kills him. I could deduce that even though Batman believed in no violent death. He knew he had to protect Gordon and his household.

In Gotham City. there is both pandemonium and order. Throughout the film. the Joker created pandemonium by holding cockamamie camera motions in certain scenes and by doing helter-skelter menaces to the citizens of Gotham. On the other manus. Batman tries to halt the pandemonium and set order into Gotham City. He does that by non hitting the Joker when he says. “hit me” and by killing Dent to protect Gordon’s household.

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