Boots PLC has a hierarchal construction, in a hierarchal organisational chart ; the Chief executive officer is the top rectangle fundamentally the most powerful figure in the organisation/firm. The flat underneath the main officer contains high-ranking directors or managers, and each wining degree includes the lower of the line above. Boots PLC besides have a centralized construction. The Executive president has a span of control of five people – the managers.

Some of the subsidiaries of Boots are: Some of the line directors include:

Ornella Barra – Tony de Nunzio ( Director )

George Lumb – Chris Britton ( Director )

Alex Gourlay – Nick Land ( Director )

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Marco Pagni – Dominic Murphy ( Director )

Steve Duncan – Mattia Caprioli ( Director )

Organizational Chart of London Heathrow Marriott

( Beginning: Interview with the HR Manager 2010 )

The London Heathrow Marriott has a tall hierarchal pyramid construction ; this peculiar construction helps the concern to run swimmingly and expeditiously. Hierarchical organizational constructions are usually used in big and complex concerns. London Heathrow Marriott besides operates within a centralized construction which means the house consists of a caput office that will hold the most power and retain major duties. The General Manager has a span of control of five people – members of the executive commission. It has a superimposed employment ; to boot the chart besides consists of a 4th bed of adjunct caputs of section and a 5th bed for the associates. There are besides about 20 beds above the General Manager these include ( Cluster General Manager for London, Regional Vice President, etc ) . The line director of London Heathrow Marriott is Jayne Hillner the general director and the subsidiaries include:

David Thomas

Dawn Packham

Elaine Hudson

Jim Shields

Mike Taylor

Comparison of the Organisational Chart of London Heathrow Marriott and Boots PLC

Both the concerns have a hierarchal construction which helps London Heathrow Marriott and Boots PLC to be organised and run expeditiously. They are besides both centralised therefore the concerns can profit from the determination doing through an experient caput office or senior director. Similarly, both the concerns have a span of control of five people- the managers in Boots PLC and the members of the executive commission in London Heathrow Marriott. The London Heathrow Marriott has about 20 beds above the general director whereas Boots PLC have a complete construction with the Chief executive officer at the top.

Functional Areas

Functional country is a section or country which carries out specific concern activity. Efficaciously, functional countries are used in concerns because it helps the concern to be more productive, organized and efficient. In add-on, functional countries are critical in concerns as it helps the concern achieve its purposes and aims this is because specific sections are in charge or responsible for a peculiar purpose or nonsubjective which makes it more easy, for case: the gross revenues and marketing country trade with purposes linked to increase in gross revenues or developing new markets, etc. Mostly concerns are organised in the undermentioned sections: Finance, Administration, ICT, Production, Administration, Human Resources, Selling and Gross saless. ( Beginning: Carysforth, R Dransfield, M Neild and C Richard: Edexcel GCSE Applied Business, 2009 )

However, London Heathrow Marriott has the undermentioned functional countries:

Front Office

Food & A ; Beverage – Allies Restaurant, Tuscany Restaurant, Room Service, Bar Conference and Banqueting, Executive Lounge.


Leisure Club

House Keeping

Human Resources


Selling, Gross saless & A ; Events

Engineering – Care.

Administration ( General Manager & A ; Director of Operations ) .

( Beginning: Interview with the HR Manager 2010 )

Front Office

The front office section is divided and split into a response, concierge, darks and At Your Service. Within the response, London Heathrow Marriott makes certain that the client has checked in without any troubles. At the concierge, clients can inquire for waies, engagements for taxis and yearss out, they would recognize the clients and take their bags up to the suites. The Nights is fundamentally the service provided at dark. Another manner in which London Heathrow Marriott indicates that they are supportive is the At Your Service section, it gives general aid and trades with clients questions. By making all of this they are taking attention of their clients while they are suiting, therefore they have a pleasant ambiance. The Front Office helps London Heathrow Marriott to run into their purpose of guest satisfaction high quality because they would welcome and recognize the clients this will maintain them pleased and give them a sense of belonging with the service as a consequence the invitees are more likely to see London Heathrow Marriott once more. Finally, due to the service provided by the front office will let London Heathrow Marriott to run into their nonsubjective of- Gross saless turnover ?20m because the clients would be satisfied by the service provided and as mentioned before they would either see once more or inform about London Heathrow Marriott to their friends or household, this would besides increase their net income levels- another purpose of London Heathrow Marriott. Without the forepart office invitees would n’t be served, hence they are more likely to lose their clients to rival hotels ; this would diminish the turnover and net incomes, therefore the associates wo n’t be paid on time- high labor turnover and would make an overall negative consequence on London Heathrow Marriott. Although, the forepart office allows London Heathrow Marriott to run into their purpose of maximizing net income but the most important purpose it meets is the guest satisfaction high quality because accomplishing this purpose will so let London Heathrow Marriott to accomplish their purpose of maximizing net income as the more clients it has the more net income it will do therefore by maintaining the invitees satisfied London Heathrow Marriott is likely to derive more clients. ( Beginning: Teachers Notes 2010 )

Food and Beverage

The Food and drink section develops and manages nutrient and statements to make up one’s mind how the Food and Beverage section is making in footings of net incomes or budgets. London Heathrow Marriott has several eating houses to run into its client ‘s outlook and do them satisfied. The Food and Beverage country helps London Heathrow Marriott to accomplish their purpose of guest satisfaction high quality as they are run intoing the client specification and fulfilling their demands. The eating houses besides are a beginning of income which helps London Heathrow Marriott to run into their aim of ?20m in gross revenues. London Heathrow Marriott has a broad scope of eating houses where the invitees can hold their repasts such as:

Allies American Grille – this eating house provides an American culinary art where they provide counter, breakfast, tiffin and dinner. This eating house opens at 6 am and stopping points at about 11 autopsy

Bar Hemia – this is a saloon where they provide different types of intoxicant and bites. Guests can besides pass clip watching athleticss programmes on broad screen Television ‘s.

Tuscany Ristorante – this is an Italian eating house, it besides has a seeable kitchen where the invitees can see the chef fixing the nutrient.

Costa Coffee – it is a java store that serves java, tea, etc with a light repast as a side eg: sandwich.

Room Service- this is where the invitees or clients can take their repast from a bill of fare and it will so be sent directly to the room.

Executive sofa – in this country the invitees can loosen up and interact with other people, etc.

( Beginning: Phoned Marriott on 24/01/11 )


In the Kitchen section the chefs prepare the nutrient for events, nuptialss, conferences, etc. They are besides responsible for nutrient stock, in other words they have to purchase the exact sum of what they need this would assist Marriott to cut down costs. London Heathrow Marriott can understate costs by bulk purchasing from the provider and benefitting from economic systems of graduated table. The Kitchen section helps Marriott to run into their purpose of maximizing net income as the costs are reduced from majority purchasing therefore it allows them to increase their net income degrees. ( Beginning: Interview with the HR Manager 2010 )

Leisure Club


The Housekeeping section is responsible for public country cleansing, wash and lost belongings. In order to maintain the clients satisfied amahs have been employed to clean the suites at high criterions. They clean about 15-16 suites a twenty-four hours, London Heathrow Marriott cares about the wellness and safety of their clients therefore cleanliness is one of their chief precedences towards guest satisfaction. ( Beginning: Phoned Marriott on 24/01/11 ) . This peculiar country keeps the clients pleased as they fulfil the demands of their clients before any ailments therefore this helps London Heathrow Marriott to run into their purpose of guest satisfaction high quality. London Heathrow Marriott is relentless in maintaining their repute at high criterions so that they could run into their purpose of maximizing net income ; the Housekeeping section helps Marriott to make so.

Human Resources

This functional country works with enlisting and choice, dismissal, paysheet, employment Torahs, wellness and safety, preparation and statute law. This is a important section for London Heathrow Marriott as one of their purposes involves developing and development, enlisting, wage and benefits and publicities to guarantee associate satisfaction. Hence, by supplying installations such as preparation and recruiting experient and adept associates the London Heathrow Marriott is likely to run into this purpose. The procedure of enlisting costs Marriott ?4000 so if they recruit the right associates suited for the occupation they are likely to run into their objective of low labor turnover and besides do more net incomes by cutting down the enlisting costs. Besides, the HR section is responsible for IT and paysheet. The IT functional country focal points on pull offing the concerns IT systems, puting up histories for employees, updating package and hardware programmes, manage and updating the web site and besides endorsing up files. Furthermore, the London Heathrow Marriott does non hold an ICT subdivision ; the human resources section controls the bulk of the ICT facets. Besides, the chief office in U.S manages any jobs and is besides responsible to update the London Heathrow Marriott web site. Additionally, the Marriott International had researched and found that holding specialised employees working in America has a far more effectual consequence in maintaining information safe and covering with proficient issues. This reduces the London Heathrow Marriott costs and allows them in run intoing their purpose of maximising net income because they do non hold to use and pay IT specializer. The usage of ICT such as cyberspace in the hotel would maintain the invitee pleased because London Heathrow Marriott ‘s mark audience are business communities or adult females therefore many of them would necessitate cyberspace, therefore this would maintain the guest satisfied which is an purpose of London Heathrow Marriott. The guest satisfaction study can besides be filled on-line and analysed by computing machines, this is cost effectual and besides environmentally friendly as non much paper is used. This helps the concern to cut down paper cost and increases net incomes. All the information is sent to a centralised ICT section in U.S where the central offices are based. However, this may take a batch of clip but the costs are lowered through the usage of less equipment, this besides helps the concern to run into its purpose of maximising net income because the disbursement costs are reduced. ( Beginning: Interview with the HR Manager 2010 )


The finance section trades with the hard currency influxs ( gross made from gross revenues ) and escapes ( paying for equipments, stuffs and rewards ) . It is besides about budgeting, calculating gross revenues and costs, supervising productiveness and banking ( Beginning: Student presentations 2010 ) . The London Heathrow Marriott sets budgets and purposes to take down the costs. This section makes it easy for London Heathrow Marriott to run into their purpose of maximising net incomes, as the set budgets plan to take down the costs. The sector controls hard currency flow and ensures there ‘s adequate within the concern to pay the associates and providers on clip. Furthermore, Finance has a critical function when clients make a engagement for a map or event at the Marriott. Quotes need to be accurate and delivered fast so that clients can do fleet determinations about their demands from the Marriott. Suppliers need to be informed and the finance section demand to show the information to its clients. One of the purposes of London Heathrow Marriott is: Marriott Profitability and Owner Return on Investment- To run into this aim the Finance section must do certain they are invariably look intoing their budget and maintaining checks on the outgo.

Selling and Gross saless

The selling and gross revenues section trades with the consumer demands ( Carysforth, R Dransfield, M Neild and C Richard: Edexcel GCSE Applied Business, 2009 ) . The Selling and Gross saless section are besides responsible for advertisement and publicities, ecommerce, reacting to gross revenues questions and maintaining client records, research about client demands through market research and studies. It is of import to happen out what the demands of the clients are before establishing a new merchandise or service. The selling and gross revenues section besides responds to sale questions and maintain client records. In the London Heathrow Marriott the selling and gross revenues section present powerful advertisement and competitory pricing. Furthermore, they besides do spy look into where an associate visits one of the rivals of London Heathrow Marriott to happen out more informations and besides proctors ‘Trip Advisor ‘ . London Heathrow Marriott has a strong nexus with many air hoses, particularly Emirates. Many Emirates employees stay at London Heathrow Marriott. Additionally, 95 % of the air hose employees stay at London Heathrow Marriott hence if any cancellations or holds occur the London Heathrow Marriott is their first precedence ; Emirates take an equivalent of 120 suites a twenty-four hours. ( Beginning: Teachers Notes 2010 ) . This allows London Heathrow Marriott to derive more clients and run into their aim of guest satisfaction and maximising net incomes as they are likely to acquire more clients therefore doing a greater net income. Last, the section trades with trueness programmes such as enhanced installations, long stay price reductions, warm welcomes and spirit to function. The offers might impact short term benefits but there are besides long term benefits such as the offers will let more clients to remain at London Heathrow Marriott through the trueness programmes, price reduction strategy, etc. The more clients London Heathrow Marriott gets the more net income they will gain which means they will accomplish their purpose of doing a net income. London Heathrow Marriott besides aims to be profitable and in order to make this they must run into their gross revenues target nonsubjective of ?20m- which the gross revenues section is responsible for.




Though the London Heathrow Marriott does non sell a merchandise, the merchandise does offer a service therefore it has an operations section. This consists of kitchen and wellness nine staff, cleaners and amahs. They besides guarantee that the service is provided- this includes recognizing clients, demoing them their room. In add-on, the section helps to run into their purpose of fulfilling invitees ; if the operations section satisfies the clients so they are likely to revisit London Heathrow Marriott hence this section helps to run into their purpose of increasing net incomes. Marriott ‘s ‘Spirit to Serve’- operations section trade with clients as they do non hold a client service section. The Spirit to Serve the clients is apparent in the proverb, “ the client is ever right ” . ( Beginning: Interview with the HR Manager 2010 )

Customer Service

By and large, concerns include a client service section but the London Heathrow Marriott does non dwell of a client service section. They make certain that the hotel is presentable and that services such as the mini saloon, towels in suites, etc are replaced before clients can kick about anything. However, the client service section does non be, London Heathrow Marriott maintain their clients satisfied throughout by functioning the clients with all their demands beforehand. Alternatively the Front Office trades with any client questions, etc it acts more like the client service section. ( Beginning: Teachers Notes 2011 )


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