1. 1 Introduction

Samsung India Electronics Ltd is a subordinate of Samsung Electronics Corporation headquartered in Seoul. Korea. The company was incorporated in the twelvemonth 1995. The company is holding their caput office at Delhi and branch office at 16 locations all over the India. Their fabrication installations are located at Noida in Uttar Pradesh and Sriperumbudur in Chennai. The company is holding two R & A ; D centres in India. at Bangalore and Noida. Both the R & A ; D Centres are involved in cutting border research and development.

The company is covering in the concern of IT. Consumer Electronics and Household concerns. They provide high engineering consumer electronics. Their merchandises in India are color telecasting. color proctors. iceboxs. rinsing machines. nomadic phones. micro-cook ovens etc. The company is the first in India to present fuzzed logic based rinsing machines. Ag nano icebox and level screen TVs. Samsung phones support five Indian linguistic communications. viz. Hindi. Marathi. Bangla. Punjabi and Tamil.

1. 2 Organization Strategy

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Strategically the electronics industry was considered suited for states with hapless natural gift and high skilled labors like Korea. This industry required labour strength. cognition strength but low input demands of energy and natural stuffs. Samsung electronics has non merely utilized status-quo resources but besides developed dynamic capablenesss as it rose to the top. Aggressive and risk-taking investing behavior in hunt of entrepreneurial rent and the effectual policy of pull offing engineering development contributed to the extraordinary accomplishment of Samsung Electronics.

The company’s singular transmutation over the last decennary or so can cast visible radiation on how a firm’s dynamic capablenesss. the ability to better its O-advantages by reconfiguration. transmutation and acquisition. contribute to its place country’s idiosyncratic development way. The company transformed itself from a sub-contractor to a maker to a taking Godhead of many electronic constituents by tackling a gifted squad. Samsung took rather a few hazards ab initio to accomplish its ends. it kept its winning squad refreshed by changeless watchfulness and endowment reclamation.

Samsung employees put leading in front of first-class personal development classs and constructions which Samsung Electronics evolved in the 2000s. The same quality could be seen in the company’s Suwon campus. That leading came chiefly from Yun Jong Yong and Lee Kun-hee above him. There was full inter relationship between the Samsung group and Samsung electronics which besides lead to a coordinated and smooth operation of Samsung.

1. 3 Organization Structure

Samsung Electronics organizes its concerns harmonizing to its different features in engineering. markets and consumers as either Digital Media & A ; Communications ( DMC ) or Device Solutions ( DS ) division. beef uping their independent operating construction. DMC is grouped into Consumer Electronics ( CE ) and IT & A ; Mobile Communications ( IM ) divisions. The CE division took charge of the ocular show concern section and place contraptions section. The IM division is in charge of pull offing wireless concerns. IT Solutions. Network concern. digital imagination shows and the Media Solution Center.

This restructuring reflects alterations which were made to the work force with the hiring of soft power experts which has become more of import than of all time in the ‘Smart’ age. They have already announced their purpose to do a paradigm displacement by going a soft driven company and established a ‘Software’ centre in order to increase their package capacity until it’s on a par with their universe renowned fabrication.

Changes in the Device Solutions ( DS ) division besides took topographic point including enlargement of the organisations in charge of package. accountant and solution development to guarantee separate squads for each. The enlargement of the package related organisations was done to recognize Samsung Electronics vision of making new values and experiences by uniting Samsung’s bing strength in hardware design with optimized package and an emotionally appealing user interface.

Samsung Electronics besides expanded the organisation in charge of bio and medical device concern and expanded the Bio Lab at Samsung Technology Research Center into the Bio Research Center. They besides hired bio stuff experts to beef up their research in this country and increased support for bio similar and bio medical research.

Organization Chart

Refer Exhibit 1 for elaborate description of Samsung’s organisational chart with regard to Samsung nomadic division of India.

1. 4 Organization Culture

It has become progressively of import for employees to hold vested interest in the growing potency of its company. Peoples expect a participatory work environment where they can experience a sense of self-respect. pride. and ownership of the organization’s vision. Samsung Electronics strives to construct a originative organisational civilization. and acknowledges that the investing they make in beef uping the nucleus competences of their employees will hold a direct impact on their fight. They actively promote a flexible organisational civilization that allows employees to prosecute a healthy work-life balance. in a dynamic. originative and ambitious work environment that is non risk-averse. As an international company they embrace persons with different background and abilities.

Work and Life Balance through Work Smart:

Establishing a Work Culture that Encourages Learning and Development:

Samsung Electronics has established a Creative Development Research Institute System to supply employees with chances to prosecute originative new thoughts that take full advantage of their endowments and professional passions in a manner that encourages taking hazards. This new inaugural encourages employees to be more entrepreneurial in developing originative thoughts that can go new concerns. Once an employee’s program is accepted. they may concentrate on the undertaking as a member of a undertaking force for up to one twelvemonth. During this period. they will be free from their usual duties and may have a dedicated work infinite. development disbursals and necessary equipment as appropriate. Successful results are encouraged through an incentive plan ; nevertheless they are non capable to punishment if they don’t achieve their ends.

Some of the other key-features of Samsung’s civilization are:
* Talent based recruiting of Software and Design experts
* Diversity Management
* Employees Health and Safety
* Integrity Management
* Increasing Social Contribution

1. 5 Technology Employed:

The organization’s nucleus engineering is fabricating which consists of natural stuff inputs. a transmutation work procedure that alterations and adds value to the natural stuff and produces the ultimate merchandise or service end product that is sold to the consumers in the environment.

Core Technology

On the other manus. Samsung Electronics has besides a section work procedure that is of import to the organisation but is non straight related to its primary mission and that we call as non-core engineering. For Samsung Electronics. that major non-core engineering is Research and Development ( R & A ; D ) which transforms thoughts into new merchandises. Some of the other sections of non-core engineering are Human Resources. Accounting. and Marketing etc.

Refer Exhibit 2 for Samsung’s Mobile division R & A ; D office construction in India.

1. 6 Organization Size:

Samsung Electronics has a sum of 196 subordinates around the universe. As of the terminal of 2011. Samsung Electronics’ entire employment stood at 101. 973 working in Korea and 119. 753 outside of Korea. with the abroad work force exceling the domestic work force for the first clip in the history of Samsung Electronics. Currently. Samsung’s entire employment is more than 344. 000 employees globally.


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